Orange Up

Orange Up

We all know childhood obesity is an ever growing problem in our nation. And as a health-minded population, we are in a unique position to put a dent in the problem. There are so many ways to go about this–serving as good role models to our kids and community’s kids; encouraging more activity and healthier lunches in our schools; and supporting organizations and activities that […]

Garmin racing–not my thing

running GPS watch

At the Runner’s World Half Marathon last week, I used my Garmin for the first time ever during a race. You may recall that I’m the one person on the planet that is not a big fan of the gadgets, but because I’ll be pacing a group at an upcoming Metric Marathon, I’ve had to suck it up and get used to it. I thought […]

Feeling a bit like Lance Armstrong

U.S. Postal cycling team

Last spring, I went to see a hematologist for my chronically low iron counts. I was feeling run down, my training was lackluster, and I wanted a fix for my anemia. The doc put me on iron supplements with vitamin C for absorption and I faithfully took them on a daily basis. I finally went back for a follow up visit on Wednesday and guess […]

ING New York City Marathon class of 2012

Class of 2012

You may have heard that there’s this little race called the ING New York City Marathon coming up next weekend on Nov. 4. Maybe you’re even running it–I personally have four friends who are venturing up there to race it. Whatever the case, there’s no question that New York is one of the most famous marathons out there, for many reasons. Among all the cool […]

Runner’s World half–the race itself

Blonde Ponytail, MissZippy, Westford Mommy

Alrighty–so how to you top off an incredibly fantastic, run centric weekend? You run a race, of course! Many of the participants in the Runner’s World Half Marathon Festival went for what the magazine dubbed the hat trick: A 5k and 10k on Saturday, followed up by a half marathon on Sunday. Impressive, no? I was NOT among them, I assure you. Cool as the […]

Runner’s World Half Marathon–my surreal weekend

Shalane Flanagan

The Runner’s World Half Marathon weekend–how to fit it all in to one post? I’m not a fan of long, wordy posts. Or of posts meted out over three and four different days for one event. But honestly, this is one time that I’ve got to break some of my own rules. This was a weekend that exceeded expectations. Thursday night involved dinner at Runner’s […]

Road tripping to Runner’s World Half!

I’m hitting the road today, wild and crazy, mini-van driving, runner style. Thanks to FitFluential and Runner’s World, I’m headed up to Bethlehem, Pa., for a weekend of activities surrounding the Runner’s World half marathon. And I am beyond excited. I get to have dinner tonight with a group of bloggers and some of the Runner’s World staff, at Rodale headquarters no less. Mecca for […]


Throw-away gloves

Not buried alive, but I apparently have become a hoarder of throw-away gloves. When I went to the expo for the Baltimore Marathon last week, I picked up a pair of $1 throw-away gloves to use the next day. That’s normal, right? Then I got home and went to add them to my bin where I keep all things running accessories–headlamp, hats, gloves, the works. […]

The Baltimore Marathon in flip-flops

Keith Levasseur looking fresh after his 2:46 Baltimore Marathon in flip-flops

So–we know there are plenty of minimalist runners out there, and we also know there’s a legion of bare footers out there, some of whom complete marathons that way. But what about a guy running a marathon in flip-flops? What if I told you he did it at Baltimore this past weekend and he did it in 2:46? The runner is Keith Levasseur, who happens […]

Our day at the Baltimore Marathon


Eventually all great streaks must come to an end, right? This year it was time for the Run4Chocolate ladies to see our top three streak end at the Baltimore Marathon relay. We still pulled out fourth and fifth out of the hundreds of all-female teams, but it was a bummer not to be podium finishers for the first time. It wasn’t without a good effort […]