Wardrobe malfunctions

Ok, not on par with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson, but...Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time nailing the right combo of clothes for fall and spring weather? On Tuesday, I put on a long-sleeved shirt for my 10 miles and half-way in, I was dying of heat. By Thursday's run, I was in a tank (and thankful for it) because … [Read more...]

I’ve got myself a pacing gig!

metric marathon

Over the years I have done hundreds of races, from 5ks to marathons, from sprint tris to an Ironman distance event. Running has taken me so many places I never imagined when I began--from a 35k bush run in Australia to running with Joan Benoit, from blogger meet-ups in other states to the upcoming Runner's World half marathon weekend. I … [Read more...]

I love my rest day

athletes need a day off

For as long as I have been doing endurance sports (and that's a pretty long time now!) I have held Monday as my rest day. And while I know lots of you folks out there dread or avoid taking rest days, I do not. In fact, I love my rest days as much as my training days. Why? So many reasons. Starting with the obvious, my body needs that … [Read more...]

Fabulous Fitbloggin

blogger meetups

Next to talking about ourselves, we bloggers probably like meet ups about as much as anything. Oh, and free swag. But those weren't the real reasons so many of us flocked to Fitbloggin in Baltimore this year. Truly. Fitbloggin did have awesome swag (see below video for my haul), and it did provide a great chance to meet up with other … [Read more...]

Then and now

Back in my stretching, stability shoe wearing, ice bathing days

I was reading this article the other day from the Sock Doc on stretching (an article with which I concur) when I realized how much some of my beliefs about running have changed over the years. It's bound to happen in a 15-yr. period--new research emerges to change viewpoints and you are exposed to new and different ways of training. The … [Read more...]

I’ve got my fall half picked out!

I've been trying and trying to figure out which fall half would fit into my insanely busy fall schedule (let's make that my entire family's insanely busy fall schedule) when the answer fell nicely into my lap! Thanks to FitFluential and Runner's World, I'm going to be heading up to Pennsylvania to run the Runner's World half on Oct. … [Read more...]

I’m alive…

Before and after the race

But that's no thanks to the insane ocean swim I did as part of my sprint tri on Saturday. I have been doing triathlons for 15 years now, and let me tell you, I've never been scared in the water before. Saturday was a different story. The race was held in Dewey Beach, Delaware. Each year they check which direction the current is running … [Read more...]

Time to tri again

The last time I raced this triathlon, my middle schooler looked like this

Tomorrow is my second (and final!!) triathlon this season. I'm excited to do it, and to have it behind me. Like I said here, running is where my heart is. I've enjoyed the crosstraining, and will continue some of it, but look forward to more concentrated run training for the remainder of 2012. The race is in Dewey Beach, Delaware, and … [Read more...]

Have you planned your spring marathon yet?

Blue Ridge Marathon logo

No? You're still concentrating on your fall marathon? That's all good and well, but it doesn't hurt to get out the 2013 calendar and look ahead at race possibilities. Before you know it, the holidays are going to be steamrolling you, so why not take care of some spring plans now? Here's what I suggest: consider adding the Foot … [Read more...]

Lies race directors tell us

Not everything a race director tells you is true

Let me preface this by saying that this is all tongue in cheek--I love what race directors do for us. They take on a thankless job, spend countless hours putting together quality events, and rarely make much of a dime off the event (unless they are directors of the RocknRoll series, of course!). That said, every once in a while, the race … [Read more...]

Glycogen depletion run update

I've done four long runs now in a glycogen depleted state and I'm starting to feel encouraged about how they are going. Here's an update: Suffice it to say, I'm happy that I have gone down this path. Will it all be worth it? I won't know until marathon day (Dec. 2) but I'm glad I've given it a try. Anyone else tried glycogen … [Read more...]

Running always wins

Swim, bike or run? Which do you think I'll always choose?

I'm about one week out from my second triathlon of the season, the Dewey Beach sprint. And let me tell you, my motivation to get in the swimming and cycling miles is majorly lagging. I've known for years now that my heart is really in running and not triathlon. It's the reason I quit doing them five years ago. This summer, for whatever … [Read more...]

What I’m loving right now

Love these dresses from SpunkWear

I don't know why the change of seasons seems like a good time to wrap up what products I've been digging lately, but it does. And so with the advent of September and school, here are a couple of things that have been high on my "like" list of late: 1. SpunkWear dresses--I first saw these dresses at the Iron Girl half marathon expo … [Read more...]