Iron Girl go time

Sunday’s the day I get to see if doing a triathlon is just like riding a bike. My Iron Girl sprint is finally here and I’m pretty excited to do a tri again.

This race is a particularly fun one: It’s in my backyard, I know the course, and I know many of the other women who will be doing it. I’ll have my family out there cheering me on. And while I love running and run training, I do think triathlons have the edge on fun when it comes to the actual event.

Some fun facts about this race–it has 2,500 women doing it, making it the largest Iron Girl event in the country. There are 650 women registered in the 40-44 age group alone, meaning that that age group will have three waves (mine has two). Distances: 3/4-mile swim, 17.5-mile bike, and 3.5-mile run.

What are my goals? I honestly don’t know. It’s been five years since my last tri–can I do the same kind of times? I really feel clueless on the answer to that. I told my friend Janelle, who is a super stud of a triathlete and will win our age group, that my only goal is to not see her out there. We are in the same wave and the bike and run courses are both loops–if I see Janelle, it will be as she comes back in as I head out. And that wouldn’t spell a good day for me!

This kit times 400!

As part of Team Fight, I’ll be one of 400 women raising money for the Ulman Cancer Fund–there’s gonna be a lot of yellow out there on Sunday, which I think is fantastic. On that note, this is your last chance to donate and be entered in my raffle; I’ll pick a name on Sunday after the race. I know I’ve hit you over the head with the fundraising, but it’s a great cause and there are some great prizes to be won!

So wish me luck–I can’t wait to get this show on the road!



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    I was so planning to go down there and cheer everyone on today, but, uh, I didn’t. I finally got a long run in yesterday and it wiped me out. I hope you had a great race though!! :)
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