Who moved my speed?


As much as I am enjoying my training and racing right now, I do have one little complaint. I'm allowed that, no? Here it is: I can't seem to get up to speed this year. It has been really frustrating to me, I'll admit. And humbling. And confounding. I've been back from injury since last November. It would seem that nine months is enough … [Read more...]

My new post-race approach

My last tri, two years ago

If there's one thing I'm good at when it comes to running, it's mixing things up and taking chances. It's funny, too, because I am not a risk taker by nature. Then again, how risky is it to chance things with running? So my latest experiment was to give myself permission to do whatever amount of swimming, biking and running I felt … [Read more...]

Race bag oddities

Starting to be over-run with reusable bags

Used to be when you did a race you'd get a cotton tee, if you were lucky. And really, for me, that was just fine. These days, however, there's a lot more swag going into race bags. You're going to get any number of things. Lately I've noticed a trend toward the race bag itself being a reusable grocery bag. I like this (better than the … [Read more...]

HIIT/CrossFit vs. endurance athletes: Can’t we call a truce?

I've done Cross Fit, and yes, liked it!

Am I the only one who's noticed all the bashing going 'round lately? I'm not talking about Obama vs. Romney, either. I'm talking about the negative campaigns from one fitness camp to another. Neither party is guilt free here--both are voicing some strong opinions about the other. Both are espousing their superiority. And really, I think … [Read more...]

Running style

That left had refuses to relax

After Sunday's race, someone sent me a picture they had snapped as I was heading toward the finishing chute. A quick glance at it and I saw what I always see in racing pictures of me--my left hand was clenched. Not my right, though. This is something I do in races, during speed work, and toward the end of long runs. I've been aware of it … [Read more...]

Three times the fun (IronGirl)

The transition area from a local CTA event.

Like I said last week, I really do think triathlons are more fun than running races. That doesn't mean I'm going back to them, other than the occasional sprint, because running is how I'd rather spend my training time, but I have so much fun at tris. An Iron Girl event, being all women, being incredibly supported by the crowds, and being … [Read more...]

Iron Girl go time

This kit times 400!

Sunday's the day I get to see if doing a triathlon is just like riding a bike. My Iron Girl sprint is finally here and I'm pretty excited to do a tri again. This race is a particularly fun one: It's in my backyard, I know the course, and I know many of the other women who will be doing it. I'll have my family out there cheering me on. … [Read more...]

So far, so OK, with glycogen depletion runs

As I told you here, I am experimenting with glycogen depletion on my long runs. Why? Well, as Laura explained here, the theory goes that when you fuel during your long runs, you deprive your body of the ability to tap into fat stores for energy. And even the leanest of the lean have lots of fat stores from which to draw energy. Glycogen, … [Read more...]

My surprise 10k

Medal for third overall (see? a small race!)

As we headed up to the Adirondacks last Saturday, we passed through one last little "town" about 15 miles outside of Timberlock. I happened to notice a sign for a 10k the next morning. Hmmm, I always love to race on vacations--the new locale, the new faces, the whole experience. Should I do it? I quickly plugged in the URL to my phone … [Read more...]

1 week, 100% unplugged

The main lodge at Timberlock

I told you last week that I was going to unplug for a week. It wasn't some noble attempt to step away from technology, but rather, the type of vacation my family chose (and has several times in the past few years). We went to the Adirondack Mountains, to one of our very favorite spots on the planet, Timberlock, which is a "family … [Read more...]

Swimming and running–a match made in heaven? (guest post)

swim cap and goggles

Finishing off the week of guest posts here, I'm really thrilled to have Christine of Love Life Surf posting. She's an all-around athlete (she surfs!) and always has inspiring posts on her site. For her post here today, she's going to enlighten us on how runners can benefit from swimming:  Hi! I'm Christine and I live in New York City … [Read more...]

Guilty as charged? (guest post)

Continuing my unplugged week with more great guest posts, this one comes to you from PavementRunner.com, one of the nicest guys you'll come across in the blogosphere. He's also quite funny, which is always a bonus. Enjoy:  Hello there MissZippy readers. My name is Brian and I blog over at PavementRunner.com. I, like you, enjoy … [Read more...]