I can’t hang…

IMG 1695 224x300 I cant hang...

Getting away with a great friend

…in the real world. So I discovered this weekend while on a short getaway with Mr. Zippy and some old friends. Before I get to that, however, let me tell you about the beginning of my weekend.

IMG 1685 300x300 I cant hang...

The forever line that greeted me at the IronGirl practice swim

I got to do the practice swim for IronGirl first thing Saturday morning. I arrived around 6:20 to a HUGE line of women waiting to get chipped before entering the water. The RD was sending people off by age group and before I knew it, they were calling my wave. Still unchipped at this point, I moved up in line, checked in, and hit the water.

How was it being back in open water? With the exception of the fact that the course goes directly east as the sun rises, pretty good. But sighting was really, really frustrating to me because the sun just plain old blinded me on the way out. The way back in was easy peasy with the sun at my back and I feel like I swam fairly well. Still, I’m hoping for big time cloud cover on Aug. 19.

After the swim, I drove back home, hopped on my bike and headed out for a brick of about 16 miles/3 miles. It was great to try out my race kit both in the water and out. I did learn that I need to tighten up the bottoms for the swim, or I’ll be IMG 1688 300x224 I cant hang...losing my shorts!

When all was said and done, I packed a quick bag, dropped the kids with some friends, and headed off to Deep Creek Lake with Mr. Zippy to meet some old friends of ours. I’ve been friends with Cherie since childhood and with about four hours between us, we don’t see each other nearly enough. Having two days together was fantastic–a chance to catch up and maybe drink a few too many beers. Which is where the “I can’t hang” part comes in.

The other three in our little party can party. There was a time, way back in college, when I could too, but now? I’m a lightweight. It killed me to both try to hang with them on a beer consumption level, and stay up late. I am officially old. Or maybe just a tired runner trying to be a triathlete. Probably both.

But it was fun and Sunday morning, I got a chance to sweat it all out. We headed over to the nearby state park and I got in a trail run. It was beautiful, albeit very rocky–it made my wimpy descending skills seem all the wimpier. Gotta work on that if I’m ever going to do a 50k.

All in all, I had a fantastic weekend–now it’s time to catch up on sleep and get back to normal.

Do you find you can’t hang with your (non-athlete)  friends like you used to? Do you ever try? 

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  1. Yes – totally. I’m thinking that all the time at the moment actually… Is it age or is it priorities shifting? It’s a toughie, socially…
    Petra recently posted..Thought for the dayMy Profile

  2. oh same here. I can’t hang with my friends at all. After 2 beers I want to go to bed. And it’s shocking if I make it past 10pm. I’m pretty ok with that though. Would rather be getting up at 5am to workout then staying up until 2am any day. :)
    Kristy (@KrisRunTri) recently posted..Weekly Log & Other StuffMy Profile

  3. Fun weekend! I’ve never been able to ‘hang’ with non-running friends in that way, nor have I even tried. I’m a total lightweight/earlybird and proud of it.
    Teamarcia recently posted..Olympic-Caliber RandomsMy Profile

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! Most of my not being able to party with the friends I think has to do with my age vs my athletics lol….I can still do it now and again, but not nearly as much as I used to :)
    Robin recently posted..So Far So GoodMy Profile

  5. I am still hung up on this whole can’t swim in lakes thing. If you want to go swimming with your kids do you have to go to a pool or the ocean? Aren’t there beaches at lakes? When I read this I realized the sun was not in my eyes for my triathlon on Saturday. I have no idea if it was just not in the sun or cloudy. That’s how nervous I was but I’m glad it wasn’t in my eyes. I guess I better go look at the pictures.

  6. You got this! It is all about balance! PS you are looking very HARDCORE all decked out in your racing gear :) Woo hoo!
    Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail) recently posted..Muddy Monday @MetConBlue Giveaway!My Profile

  7. There is a tri my husband likes to do where the swim has them heading directly into the sun like that. He complains every year. And no, I cannot hang at all. I want to be in bed by 9, 10 is a late night.
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..Fun Facts Friday – Running QuirksMy Profile

  8. If I plan on staying up past 9:00pm I must use duct tape to keep my eyes open, you mix alcohol in there and it lowers that time to about 8:00. Glad you were able to catch up with old friends, it looks like it was a good time!
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..Product Review: Pocket FuelMy Profile

  9. If I’ve put any decent mileage in that day, my tolerance goes all wonky. Instead of not being able to hang, I simply prefer to think I’m just a cheap date :)
    Sheila recently posted..I Came, I Tried, I Won – Huh?My Profile

  10. OMG I totally cannot hang out with normal people anymore! I get so sleepy and then basically I can’t function or hold a conversation. Makes for good company, no? But it sounds like you had a great time with some great friends which is what matters. That is frustrating that the swim heads right into the sun but sounds like a great trial run with your kit and all!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Scenes from my weekend – MusicMy Profile

  11. Definitely can’t hang with that crowd much anymore! Luckily, the majority of friends in my circles these days are also athletes. A round of waters and 9pm bed time all around. HA!

    Awesome job on the big brick day. Sounds like some great workouts. Your race kit looks great, too.
    Marlene recently posted..Insta-FridayMy Profile

  12. Unfortunately, I can still drink plenty of wine, kills all my weight loss attempts!
    Kovas – Midwest Mutisport Life recently posted..Week 13: The North Face Endurance 50K TrainingMy Profile

  13. We had a couple of late nights this weekend, too, watching opening ceremonies with friends, etc and I am dragging today! I definitely can’t do late nights and bounce back like I used to.
    Hope you get some cloud cover for the race! I have a hard enough time looking ahead in open water, sun makes it brutal.
    Laura recently posted..Labor Day 5 or 10 Mile Virtual Run – Registration open!My Profile

  14. Wow, you really are a busy busy girl! Good for you for squeezing a big work out in before meeting up with friends. But I can’t blame you for feeling tired!
    Mom’ s Home Run recently posted..Prepaid cell phone and GPS?My Profile

  15. I’ve never really been able to “hang” with the drinkers. Now that I rarely drink, I am such a terrible lightweight that I don’t even try.
    TriMOEngr (Christina) recently posted..Ride w/ Friends & "Nexts"My Profile

  16. Ha. A lot has changed for me in the last year. Even though I’ve been running for 8 years I’ve ALWAYS been a bit of a partier. But, since my first marathon things have most certaintly changed. A very good friend of mine who is not a runner or exerciser has even given me grief for not drinking with them like I used too. Frankly that highly annoyed me. Not only can I not hang like I used to but I’d rather goto bed and not consume extra calories! I’m not perfect and maybe backslide everyone once in a while but it’s getting less and less. Funny, I’m way more productive.
    Ps you look awesome on the bike! Hardcore ;)
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..Get Skinny?My Profile

  17. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you got to hang. You always love a good challenge, right? But that’s one that I’m glad you fell behind in. ;-)
    shelly recently posted..Everyone Eats a Little Dirt aka A County FairMy Profile

  18. Hehe, I hope it’s not just an age thing ’cause then, I’m roughly 87 years old. I certainly can’t ‘keep up’ with my nonrunner friends either, and my bedtime is usually between 9-10PM. I’m perfectly happy acting like a grandma :) I’d rather go to bed at 9PM and wake up at 5AM any day!

  19. tighten up those shorts, woman! this isn’t a XXX-athletic event. ((eyeroll))
    Yum Yucky recently posted..New Snapshot Of My 7-Day Food & Workout Schedule (updated calendar)My Profile

  20. Sounds like a great weekend!

    Occasionally I can hang but I pay for it dearly the next day in the form of no energy/desperately need a nap kind of way!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Monday Motivation – Week 5My Profile

  21. I’ve never been a partier or drinker – not even in college – so never was ever in the “in” crowd. I’ll have an occasional beer or margarita, but I don’t like wine or hard drinks. I have a hard enough time getting out of bed when I haven’t drank. Ha!

    Going down on rocky trails is really painful for me. I trip constantly. A guy told me on Leadville to pick up my toes vs. my whole foot and that really did seem to help the stumbling part…but I’m still slow.
    Jill recently posted..Let’s SwimMy Profile

  22. I’ve given up trying to “hang” with my old friends. Honestly, my life is a lot different than that anyhow. :) I can’t say that I don’t still try sometimes… but I always end up kicking myself the next day. Hard lesson to learn over and over! :)

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  23. I can not hang with my old friends at all. I’m buzzed from smelling a beer and will feel hungover just from being next to someone who is drinking. My college self is rolling on the floor laughing at me right now. :)
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Marathon Training Week 10My Profile

  24. Sounds like an awesome time!!! I think as we get older it gets harder to “party”. I have friends that still do it but they don’t have families or kids.
    Toni Church recently posted..Recaps: Week 4 Marathon Training and Week 1 #BestBodyBootcampMy Profile

  25. The business about sighting in open water got me thinking. How did you manage to do it before you had the eye surgery? I don’t swim much at all because basically I’m close to blind without my glasses.
    Char recently posted..I SpyMy Profile

  26. I really have to pace myself these days! And now that I think of it, the good old days were pretty unhealthy! :)
    Elle recently posted..My Monday RunMy Profile

  27. Ha! I can’t hang either. I’m fairly small and haven’t drank since before I got pregnant. I’m supposed to attend a bachelorette party in December and I’m already nervous!
    Laura recently posted..Pleasantly uneventfulMy Profile

  28. What the hell is a non-athlete friend? If they don’t smell like sweat, pea, snot, GU/Gel or something related to sports they aren’t friends of mine….haha!

    BTW – you look like you could do an IM right now. Go MissZ!
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Top Cities To Eat…..according to who?My Profile

  29. That doesn’t sound “old” to me at all — it sounds like the words of a runner/triathlete. (Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself when I say that 10pm is waaaaay past my bedtime.) ;-)
    Beth (i run like a girl) recently posted..Postcards from St. AugustineMy Profile

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