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There are definite advantages to living in the same town where you’re going to be racing. You get to ride or run the course you’ll be racing whenever you want, making friends with all the hills, turns, ins and outs that you’ll be facing. In just three weeks from Sunday, I’ve got the IronGirl sprint tri a mere couple of miles from my house. I’ve been riding the course regularly over the past several weeks, and running it a couple of times, which gives me a comfort level I might not have if racing somewhere else.

Even better, tomorrow the race director is offering everyone a chance to swim the course. Like many triathlons, IronGirl is held in a lake that isn’t normally open to swimming, so having the opportunity to get in the water and swim the course is a bonus. I might not normally do this, but since I haven’t done any open water swims in five years, I think it will help to practice some navigation.

After the swim, I plan to ride and run the course too (although there’s rumor they won’t be permitting people to ride the course). I’m going to do all of it in my Team Fight race kit, which I just picked up the other day. Why is this important? Well, ’cause I’m old school and have never raced a tri in anything but a swim suit! I guess it’s time to get with the program and move into 2012, not to mention that I’m excited to wear the Team Fight colors.

And I know I’ve mentioned it a few thousand times before, but I’m raising money for Team Fight and welcome your donations. For every $10 you donate, you get a chance to win a fantastic pile of running related gear. Thanks to all who have already donated!

Do you ever get to train on local race courses? 


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    Running a local 35km trail race this weekend and it should take just over 4 hours… and yes over the last 6 weeks we have been on the mountain training on the different legs, but that is more that we don’t get lost!!! And they are some of the best trails on the mountains!!!
    Coach Dion recently posted..67 Min for Mandela…My Profile

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    Nice kit! I love the bright yellow.
    That’s awesome you’ll get to swim in the lake.
    I go into most races blind. Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss! In my IM in August I have an 11km climb at a fairly steep %. I think I’d rather go into that one not knowing how tough it’ll be!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted..Wednesday’s web linksMy Profile

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    I run the course for one of my favorite halves here all of the time and feel so much more comfortable on the course. I’m doing my first tri tomorrow (*gulp* luckily it’s a sprint!) and wish I had a chance to test out the course as it’s just far enough away to make it inconvenient!
    Sheila recently posted..Back to RealityMy Profile

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    I’ve put so little thought into the tri I am doing next weekend…but that’s okay, I’m not doing it for anything other than some experience. I’m fortunate that the race is practically in my backyard and I run 90% of my runs there so know every inch of the courses. It’s also the site of the swim races I’ve been doing so I’m good for this tri :). I just didn’t train specifically for it.

    I love your tri suit, the yellow is great! Have a great time in the ows :).
    Jill recently posted..Let’s SwimMy Profile

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    That’s rad, that they’re opening the swim course for you guys!

    I train for PCRF on much of the course, with the training group. It’s nice, because it’s literally outside my house, and I don’t have to drive there, and I know the course so well by the time race day comes around. It’s tough, though, to mentally push myself when I’m so accustomed to running easy long runs on the trail.

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    I have never had the opportunity to go and run, ride or swim a race before hand, but I know it’s to your advantage! You’re going to do do sooo awesome in this tri!!
    Once a Runner recently posted..Only HumanMy Profile

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    I actually have a few races planned for the next couple of months that are local. The 10-miler I’m running is the same route I ran my first 10-miler, and the half is mainly the same route I run all the time anyway, with some of downtown. I’m kind of scared of the half, simply because I just ran my first one in a city I didn’t know…and it was the most amazing experience! I’m afraid I might be bored with the local race!

    Good luck girl!!!!
    Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run recently posted..First Fridays: The Half Marathon Edition – Yours TrulyMy Profile

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    There was a run through on the local course of the swim the weekend before that I wanted to do, but it ended up raining and thunderstorming that whole weekend so it didn’t happen. I’m surprised you were able to do tris in a swimsuit, did you throw on shorts for the bike or do the whole thing in a suit?
    Laura recently posted..Treadmill Interval WorkoutsMy Profile

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    I have been lacking race motivation, but after reading all of your race recaps and experiences, it pushes me and I WILL find a race for the fall! I sometimes think, our area of Texas doesn’t have enough FUN races around here…no color runs, foam runs…the ones that’ll get you through the heat of the summer! ugh, what a bummer!

    good luck raising money for a great cause!!!
    marissa recently posted..Zumba recap…hilarious!My Profile