How’s a free pair of Mizunos sound?

Not long ago I received a mysterious email from Mizuno asking for a mailing address for a special project. Being the cynic that I am, I gave them a P.O. box number. What arrived was an invitation to be a part of the Mezamashii Project. What’s that, you ask? I did too.

The Mezamashii Project, according to Mizuno, is a grassroots effort by Mizuno to get its products into the hands of runners. Rather than putting money into advertising, the company is giving bloggers and other runners pairs of its shoes to try out and review. Mezamashii means “brilliant” in Japanese. Mizuno, the company claims, wants to deliver “more mezamashii–more ecstatic, electric, wind-in-your heart running.”

I’ve never worn Mizunos before, so I had to educate myself on their product offerings. You know I don’t wear any running shoes with more than a 4 mm heel-to-toe drop, so that was the first challenge. After looking through the offerings, I found a racing flat, the Wave Universe 4, that fit the bill. It has a 4 mm drop, is flexible, and is one of the lightest weight shoes on the market, coming in at under 4 ounces.

One problem, however, is that this shoe only comes in men’s sizes. Mizuno helped me convert the size to one that would fit my foot and I pushed order. So what do I think? It’s a nice shoe and does fit all my picky parameters when it comes to my running shoes. I liked the narrow heel fit, the flexibility, and the easy ride when wearing them. Ultimately, however, I passed the shoes onto my son. Why? I am pretty much hell-bent on keeping my kids in as little shoe as possible too. At 11 years old, however, my son tends to fall into a gap in minimalist shoe sizing–too big for the kids models and too small for adult sizes. These filled that gap and he loves the design, so there you have it. Happy son, happy mama!

Now I’d like to give one of you a chance to try some Mizunos. The company is offering me another pair to give away (any model). Want to enter? Just tell me in a comment below. Giveaway will end next Friday, June 29. Good luck!

Disclaimer: Mizuno gave me these shoes to try for free. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. says

    I’m sorry they didn’t work out for you…but yay for being able to pass them onto your son! I’d love to try some Mizuno’s out. I’ve never worn that brand before but I’m always open to anything!

  2. says

    I would love, love, love to try some Mizunos! I use to wear them years ago before moving to minimalist shoes, but same as you, I stay away from anything with too big of a heel-toe drop. Co-incidentally, I’m ‘between shoes’ at the moment, I need a new pair for road running!

    Great blog you have, I’ve been ‘lurking’ reading your stuff for a while and finally started my own blog last week!

    Have a good day!
    Jo recently posted..Morning Motivation and Some Awesome News!My Profile

  3. MJ says

    I’d love a pair!

    At one point I tried Mizunos (bought and returned after trial run) – they were SO amazingly light, made me feel fast. But my knees seemed to complain. Now I think perhaps I didn’t give them enough of a try or break-in.

    I’m a 10EE in womens (& custom orthotics), so I’d probably need a men’s shoe with my wide flat foot! Is there a size conversion chart? I run in Brooks Ariel super motion control w/ custom orthotics, prior to that loved my Saucony Hurricanes w/ custom orthotics – somewhere around v12 they made their wides too narrow for me. I wear black Brooks Adrenaline walkers 10EE as my “work” shoes w/orthotics.

    I don’t think I could do minimalist shoes w/ my overpronation and injury history, but I do wonder about less of a heel drop – seems so many of the shoes are doing it, but do wonder if it’s a good idea for everyone. Be nice to be able to try it out!


  4. Renata says

    My running shoes are thread-bare so it’s definitely time for me to upgrade! These look and sound fantastic – would love to give them a try!

  5. Christina D says

    Been wanting to try the coveted Wave Rider 15’s for some time now! I appreciate that Mizuno has fun colors, never thought I’d admit to that haha 😀

  6. Landi says

    Ive been seriously considering a more minimalist show. I wear Mizunos now, but they are a stability model. Would love to try a new one!

  7. Kristin W says

    I would love a free pair of Mizuno’s I would like to try out the Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 15, or the Mizuno Women’s Wave Ascend 6 Trail Running Shoes. Probably would try out the trail shoes first, never done any trail running (yet)

  8. JW says

    I would love a pair. I’m training for my first marathon and I think those brightly colored shoes will wake me up on my early morning runs!

  9. says

    I shouldn’t enter, but how can I resist! I don’t take care of my feet as much as I should, the family needs always take over. Free sneaker giveaway? YES, Please!

  10. Todd Grady says

    I like my Mizuno’s. I have about 6 pair and only 2 in rotation. The other ones are shoes for going to Wal-Mart and my really old ones are used to cut the grass. I still have a new pair in the box. I would like to always have more. I love some of the bright colors.

  11. Michelle says

    Love the look! I need to try a new pair – my doctor told me that the Sauconys I wear are the worst for my feet :(

  12. says

    Great giveaway! I would love to try a pair of Mizunos! I have been looking to change shoes and have not found a brand or pair that me feet love yet!

  13. says

    There is power in “free”. Cudos to Mizuno for realizing this. Today is the first day I years that I have given their shoe selections a thought. Count me in.

  14. Laurel C says

    I love the campaign that Mizuno is running, and it makes me love them and their shoes even more! My Wave Riders are awesome, but I’d love to try out and wear their minimal shoes!

  15. Holly says

    I’ve never tried Mizunos but I’m up always up for a demo! And my son wears the same size as me so I could follow in your Mizuno footsteps and pass them on to him if they don’t work for me!

  16. says

    I’ve been dying to try a pair of Mizuno’s, but trying new shoes is always such a pricey risk!! Hope I can get these and LOVE them!

  17. Tracey says

    I would love a pair of Mizuno’s! I recently switched to them after many many years with Brooks. I love them :)

  18. says

    My friend recently got Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 15 Limited Edition in hot pink. I am very jealous! I would love an opportunity to show her up with a free pair :)

  19. Amanda Naro says

    I’m sure your son loves them! I think the whole project is such a cool idea (I work in marketing so I get excited about creative things like this). I would LOVE to be a part of it!

  20. says

    I would love love love a new pair of shoes. Can I get bonus points for being Japanese AND only wearing mens shoes? “happy son, happy mama” can also be “happy chicken, happy miss zippy”!!!
    Chicken recently posted..I’m Exhausted!My Profile

  21. Natalie K. says

    I currently own a couple pairs of mizunos. Love the brand and would love to try the newest version.

  22. Erin O says

    I’ve never worn Mizunos but I’m on the hunt for the perfect running shoe. I’d love to try them out.

  23. Casey Divane says

    I’d love to be able to try them out! I’m in love with my Merrells and the New Balance Minimus, but I love trying out new minimalist shoes whenever I get a chance!

  24. says

    Oh man! I’d love a pair of Mizunos! I have Wave Riders right now, but I’m looking for something a big lighter. :) Those would fit the need.
    Jen recently posted..Spicy SlawMy Profile

  25. says

    I wear a men’s shoe! I so wanted to be a part of this mix! I want my run to be BRILLIANT! I’ve been looking for a lighter shoe to get my speedwork and short runs in… I’m really open to the possibilities and looking to shop outside of my typical (insert shoe name here) that I use for my long runs. Good luck to me!
    PavementRunner recently posted..10 Photos That Made Me Love #RnRSEAMy Profile

  26. Georgiana says

    My pair of sneakers just got ruined in a downpour of rain so a new pair is definitely needed! Thanks so much as these look terrific

  27. says

    I’m on a quest to find the shoe of my dreams. With wide feet and a minimalist approach, this has proved more difficult than I originally imagined. I would love to try out Mizuno’s Wave Universe 4.
    shebajc recently posted..MRI: Day 1My Profile

  28. Natasha D. Harrison says

    Mizuno’s are my FAVORITE running shoe! A new pair would be awesome as I prepare for my second half marathon in the fall!

  29. Sue says

    I LOVE my Mizunos! The Wave Inspire took me through my first (and not last!) marathon! Unfortunately the Inspire 8s gave me blisters so I switched to the Brooks Ravena… BAD MOVE! I’m back in Mizunos…but the Wave Rider this time!

  30. says

    I’ve been wearing Mizunos from the beginning. Every Single time I’ve strayed (Brooks, Asics, Sacouny) I always return to Mizunos.

    I just finished my second half and I’m in week #4 training for my first marathon.
    I could use a new pair and would love to try the wave riders since I’ve only been in the Inspires.

    That’s all. Great giveaway!
    Melissa van der Ceelen recently posted..a mashUPMy Profile

  31. Annie says

    Mizunos are the only brand of shoes that have a wide enough toe box to not aggravate my bunion too much – I love running in them!

  32. says

    Those are some sweet looking shoes! I’m definitely getting close to that time when I need to get a new pair. And because of the lingering plantar fasciitis in my right foot, I and starting to learn towards going more minimalist. These would be perfect!
    Kait – @runkaitrun recently posted..Outside of the Comfort ZoneMy Profile

  33. Kim R says

    I would like to try a pair, but I know my daughter would love a pair. She hates anything on her feet, but needs something when she runs.

  34. says

    I was a huge mizuno fan for years but once I went minimalist I transitioned to NB (the only one available outside of Vibram at the time). I’d love to try a pair of their new minimalist line to see if they give my NB’s a run for their money – pun intended.

  35. Denise P. says

    Mizunos were my first running shoes when I recommitted to health and fitness in 2010. I bought them because they were on clearance and not because they were the right shoe for me. After having lots of knee pain during my first half, I went and got “fitted” and was told they were wrong for me.

    I’d like to try them again in a shoe better suited for my form.

  36. Adam Miller says

    I’d love to try the Mizuno Wave Rider 15 or a trail shoe in a men’s 10EE. Thanks for sharing! I was looking for a Wave Rider 14 on sale and found your site, then started reading and saw this give-away – how timely!
    Thank you, happy running,

  37. Allison says

    I too am sorry the shoes didn’t work for you. I am on my third pair of Mizunos since I started running last year. My new pair is the Wave Rider 15. Perhaps I’ll get a fourth pair in the near future?!?