Friday Five

Consider lining up for something other than a marathon or half marathon

1. I did my first brick workout in about five years, a 17-mile bike ride followed immediately by about a 5 1/2-mile run. Let's just say that I need more bricks in my life before my August triathlon. I think it took me about four miles before my legs finally felt like running! 2. This picture is from a local Tuesday night fun run … [Read more...]

It’s never the right time

Finding time for it all is never going to be easy

You may have surmised from the age of me (46) and the age of my kids (11 and 7) that I had kids later in life. This wasn't due to fertility issues or anything along those lines. Rather it was me waiting "for the right time." There was always something that seemed to need to get done before I could clear my schedule out enough to make … [Read more...]

Let’s talk whistles and cat calls

Why are they called cat calls any way?

Yes, this is more a female issue, but guys, I'd like your opinion, too. I'm betting there's not a female runner out there who hasn't been whistled at, stared at, or otherwise given uninvited attention at some point while out on a run. And from what I hear around the blogosphere, this is often not welcome attention. Some find it … [Read more...]

Naked Foot 5k!

The fun race tee

The fun race tee Ever since concentrating on changing my form, one of my bucket list items has been to run a 5k in bare feet. So when I won an entry to the DC version of the Naked Foot 5k a couple of weeks ago, how could I not go? Let's be clear--my goal was to run a bare foot 5k, not race one. I haven't done enough miles completely … [Read more...]

How’s a free pair of Mizunos sound?

Not long ago I received a mysterious email from Mizuno asking for a mailing address for a special project. Being the cynic that I am, I gave them a P.O. box number. What arrived was an invitation to be a part of the Mezamashii Project. What's that, you ask? I did too. The Mezamashii Project, according to Mizuno, is a grassroots effort … [Read more...]

Back to the future

If I have one piece of advice for a new endurance athlete, it's never say never. If I had a dime for everyone I've ever heard say "I'll never run a marathon" just after finishing their first 5k, or "I'll never do an Ironman" after finishing up a sprint triathlon, just to see them turn around and do just that--you can finish the rest. I've … [Read more...]

Late night racing

You may have gathered by now that I am an early riser--part of it is that by nature, part of it by design. I've learned over the years that I'm going to greatly increase my odds of getting my workouts in if I do them early. And so with the exception of a few runs in summer designed to acclimate me to the heat, and during marathon training … [Read more...]

What’s a marathon race director to do (with the heat)?

This spring has brought unprecedented heat to many marathons. Starting with Boston and the 89-degreee temperatures and rolling right into spring, many marathon race directors have been faced with a tough dilemma--how to approach it. Runners too have to think about whether or not to toe the line if temperatures start approaching not only … [Read more...]

What I’m loving right now

Just a sampling of the patterns available through Chickbands

My friend Beth over at SUAR kicked this idea off this week and since it has been ages since I've done a post like this I wanted to jump on board. So without further ado, here's some of the #fitgear I'm digging right now: 1. Chickbands--There are a few companies out there doing versions of these headbands, but I think my local girl Kara … [Read more...]

Trick of the (summer) trade

Running in the heat is tough, but you can be tougher

I'm seeing it all over the blogosphere right now--complaints about the heat and how it is affecting workouts. I feel your pain, trust me. In Maryland, we get heat and humidity like nobody's business. I haven't been to many parts of the country (barring the deep south) that can rival the muggy haze we get here in the summer. And no, … [Read more...]

Even kids have bad runs

Normally we're the happiest of running partners

Friday night I'm pretty sure I earned my parent of the year award. I took my daughter to a cross-country race that turned into more than a half hour of misery. Let's back up--I have run three 5ks with her now, all of which she has enjoyed and managed to do with nary of step of walking. I told her about this cross country series and we … [Read more...]

Yes or no to soy?

Just a couple of the soy staples at my house

If you've been reading long enough, you know that for a short period of time, I experimented with a vegan diet. I tried it, but for a variety of reasons, decided that it wasn't right for me or my family. However, I did get exposure to alternative forms of protein during this spurt, soy being one of them. Over time I've adopted a … [Read more...]