Let’s see…the season started off on a bad foot with Boston and it apparently is going to continue that way. I ran the Cleveland half marathon yesterday and added a new personal worst to my resume. As I told you earlier in the week, my legs just haven’t been working for me, and yesterday they really went into shut down mode. It’s depressing. So now it’s time to get this thing figured out and do something about it.

Here are all the gory details:

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  1. I am so sorry that it did not go well. If you can’t figure it out maybe think about having your iron/ferritan levels checked. Maybe after training and running Boston they are low. That could explain why your legs felt so tough during the race. Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon!!
    Kris Lawrence recently posted..How do you log?My Profile

  2. Im so sorry it wasnt the race you wanted.
    and yet conflicted.
    I loved the vlog and your joining me for coffee.

    Miz recently posted..If mama aint healthy–aint nobody healthy.My Profile

  3. So sorry that it was a rough day Amanda. Running is so humbling, one day you are flying and then for no reason you have an off day. You have such a great attitude and I know you will figure this all out, in the mean time, feel it.. the disappointment, the frustration.. you will be back to your badass self in no time, I know it, that’s just you, pick yourself up and dust yourself off and come back even faster. xo
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..When Life is no Fun…go for runMy Profile

  4. LOVE the vlog, sorry it wasn’t the race you wanted :(
    but your attitude rocks!!! <3
    Tara Burner recently posted..Turning my back on…My Profile

  5. Sorry you had such a heartbreaking day. Hang in there. As my gma used to always tell me, “This too shall pass.” (((HUGS)))
    TriMOEngr (Christina) recently posted..Breezy BrickMy Profile

  6. Sorry you had SUCH a rough day out there. Frustrating and demoralizing. :( I hope you get things figured out. Good luck with the LASIK!
    Kate recently posted..Life…and Dirty Kanza trainingMy Profile

  7. Don’t sell yourself short! That heat was brutal and played a role in everyone’s race. I think even the top guy should have been a 2:10 marathon and instead ran a 2:19. Most everyone I talked to ran anywhere from 10-20 minutes slower than they anticipated.

    We survived. That’s what counts!
    Holly recently posted..Local Photo Blog Showcases Lorain CountyMy Profile

  8. Sorry you didn’t have the day you wanted but sounds like you have a pretty good attitude about it. Hopefully you can figure out what is going on with some rest.
    abbi recently posted..Capon Valley 50KMy Profile

  9. Happy to see your beautiful face and voice on the vlog but…OH NO! So frustrating for you :-(
    You’ll figure it out!
    Julie recently posted..Vancouver Mock TriMy Profile

  10. Sorry to hear the race wasn’t what you had hoped for :( You have a great attitude, love the vlog! Keep moving forward, you rock! :)
    Kierston recently posted..Just When I Thought I Was Done…My Profile

  11. AWW bummer!! Could it be just overtraining? Coming back and being so excited I think it’s easy for all of us to fall in to that trap…

    Sorry for a bum day, but umm Cleveland sounds like a nice course
    Amanda @RunToTheFinish recently posted..Workouts and Gear: Running With JoyMy Profile

  12. On a positive note, these lows inevitably precede the highs!
    Kovas recently posted..Week 3: The North Face Endurance 50K TrainingMy Profile

  13. Ugh…sorry! I know that must be very frustrating. Sounds like you have a smart approach going forward. Once you get on top of the anemia situation and rest up, hopefully things will look A LOT different for you.

    And congrats on making it through 13.1. Even if it wasn’t your best race, it’s still 13.1 miles under your belt.
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..One Track MindMy Profile

  14. thanks for the update vlog. I’m sorry the day didn’t go as planned. Super attitude, so quickly after the race. I usually get to that positive place, but it takes me a day or 2 to get there. :)

    I’m sure some recovery time will get you right back on track. The heat this year has not been ideal for racing, and extends the recovery time. (boo!)

    the up side of a bad race…… MOTIVATION !

    Looking forward to your regrouping thoughts after some much deserved R&R.
    ginny recently posted..How Cool is this?My Profile

  15. Rough race, sorry. I hope you can quickly figure out what seems to be the problem. Definitely keep an eye on the anemia!
    Could heat have at least partially been the culprit?
    Gracie recently posted..Saturday artMy Profile

  16. Ugh!! I was really hoping things would come together for you on this race!! I’m sorry! I hope you can figure out soon what is giving you those heavy legs!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Monday MotivationMy Profile

  17. My internet on vacay is SO slow so I can’t hear all your vlog. I’m sorry it was such a crappy race and you wanted a better time. But 1:51….I’d take. That’s still not shabby. Hope you can rest up today.

  18. These experiences just plain suck and sometimes they are totally unexpected. I too have had the experience of being passed by pacers:

    Recharge, refresh, and press on!
    Adrienne recently posted..What does it take?My Profile

  19. So sorry to hear that you had a rough race. I also had a PW yesterday, which I give two thumbs up. Take care of yourself lady, there is only one you!
    Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl recently it was a hot oneMy Profile

  20. Maybe you just need a little R&R … I’ve had a pretty awful start to my 2012 race year also and plan on taking about a month off before I start training for NYC. Going to rethink my training plan etc. I hope you come back next year and we both (and everyone else) kill it!!!
    Kristy (@KrisRunTri) recently posted..My Fuel Plan For The Rite Aid Cleveland MarathonMy Profile

  21. I’m sorry to hear that the race didn’t go as you had hoped. I’m happy to hear you have some rest planned, as your legs could use it. I just can’t help thinking that the heat at Boston took a lot more out of you than anticipated. And it was hot early in Cleveland, which whether you felt it or not had to be a factor. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Personal worsts are no fun, but they provide pretty good motivation for next time. Cheers!
    Viper recently posted..Flashback Friday: Hipster Baseball FansMy Profile

  22. I’m really sorry it was not the race you were hoping for – I know you’ll be able to figure it out and get a game plan for the fall!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Decisions, Decisions – To Race or NotMy Profile

  23. Oh man. Sorry to hear about this! I hope you figure out what the heck is going on with your legs and can get back to it.

    It sounds like Boston did a number on a LOT of people.
    Allison Johnson recently posted..Mixed BagMy Profile

  24. So sorry you had a rough day out there. I’ll be following your recovery process to get some ideas for my tired legs too.
    Yo Momma Runs recently posted..Trail racing on the fly and last day to enter giveawayMy Profile

  25. Sorry to hear it was awful.

    I’ve been there and yes it’s not fun but you know what: it will pass too and before you know it you will have a great race. Just hang in there and don’t give up but knowing you, you won’t.
    Fran recently posted..Friday May 18, 2012: The Food EditionMy Profile

  26. I’m so sorry it didn’t go better for you….I was thinking of you out there and hoping for the best. I’m soooo far off from my pre-injury race times, SOOOOO far off…..I’m just starting from scratch pretty much. I know what my problems are and unfortunately age is one of them. It’s not THE biggest issue, but I know it’s an issue. Sucks. But you’ll get this thing figured out and will come back fighting, I know you will.
    Jill recently posted..Two times the 5k funMy Profile

  27. I’m sorry it didn’t go better, but I think bad races make us stronger – they can’t all be PRs :) Way to stick it out!!!!
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..Speedy Skunk 10K recap & Altra winner!!!My Profile

  28. Rough day :(. Rest up, lady!
    Heather recently posted..Fair point well madeMy Profile

  29. Oh, dear. Please don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re smoking fast. Sure, it may not have been your fastest, but many people would call a 1:51 a PR! Just be healthy and feel well. There will be other races. There will always be other races. :)
    Rachelle recently posted..Grateful (Dead) LegosMy Profile

  30. Fire your coach, dump the blog, get a new nutritionist and smack the kids around just for good measure! Stop – don’t do any of those things. Take some time off and let your body recover.

    My guess is it’s just one of those things that happens. Remember, Boston was hotter than most marathons you have done and like with any other running activity we can never be sure of the impact on our bodies.
    Jamoosh recently posted..The Heat is OnMy Profile

  31. So sorry your legs are not cooperating. For a while there I thought you had it all figured out. This is a total bummer because I know there is nothing really out there, as far as exercise goes, that will satisfy a runner. I not nearly in your leagues as far as passion for running goes and I get totally miserable when I don’t get some miles in.
    Right now I could probably use some rest too. Lasik, you say? Hmm… maybe that would make me feel better about resting. ;-)
    Hope it all works out for you. You know, you have this marathon in Dec to train for.
    Huge hugs.
    Ewa recently posted..Bay to Breakers race report you don’t want to missMy Profile

  32. Ughh. I’m so sorry you had a not so great race this weekend. I’ve had a few races that sound exactly like you described – i would be pushing with everything I had – but my legs just did not want to move. Could it be that it was too soon / not enough recovery after Boston? I know Boston was a month ago but that was a pretty exhausting experience for anyone who ran it…And maybe the run with Joan didn’t help – too much too soon?
    I think not putting a race on the calendar for a little bit makes sense – there’s no reason to try to race again to beat this time. Let your body rest for a bit. Maybe that’s all it needs.
    Hope you had a good rest of your weekend!!!
    PS. Loved that you blogged immediately post-race. So down to earth and real!
    Michele @ nycrunningmama recently posted..Founder’s Award and a DNSMy Profile

  33. Ah boo! Oh I’m sorry! Just sucks ass sometimes I’m really sorry but wow, thanks for sharing and making me feel a bit normal for my ugly times. Your not alone! Rest up Miss Zippy try not over think about too much right now (tiring to worry) and I hear LASIK is magic!
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..Cross trainMy Profile

  34. Sorry it was so rough:( If it makes you feel any better, your time was still faster than my PR of 1:53 :) I hope you get everything worked out and you feel 100% ASAP!
    hikermom recently posted..Monday Motivation and Race Recap!My Profile

  35. I’m sorry you had a rough time at Cleveland! this weekend seemed to take its toll on several runners :(
    Charlotte recently posted..Warrior Dash Maryland – Revenge of the MudMy Profile

  36. UGH. So sorry your legs didn’t perform, and that the race wasn’t the best. GREAT vlog though, felt like I was sitting there with you post race : ) Rest those legs, hope you’re feeling better today….
    Molly recently posted..My Dad Rocked The Columbia TriathlonMy Profile

  37. I heard the heat was pretty brutal out there yesterday. Maybe that was a factor?

    Either way, I’m sure you’ll get your speed back, and it sound like you already have some good ideas on how to recover.
    Beth (i run like a girl) recently posted..InertiaMy Profile

  38. I knew a lot of runners in this race, and I’m with the others saying don’t discount the heat too much. Everyone I knew running it had one of their worst races ever!

    Sounds like your attitude is amazing – enjoy the well-earned rest!
    Mandy recently posted..Rainier Training: 50 LBS!My Profile

  39. Rest up and get well. Sounds like you need a little extended recovery. No doubt you will be back up to speed soon!
    Dianna on Maui recently posted..Na Holo Wahine 5K Race ReportMy Profile

  40. Oh no, I’m sorry you had such a rough race! I hope some rest will help your legs bounce back and you’ll back to your speedy self in no time.
    Kristen (The Running Mom) recently posted..It’s like riding a bikeMy Profile

  41. It sounds like you already have things figured out. Now it’s just a matter of actually doing the resting. Sometimes that’s harder than going out there and training hard everyday. I’m sure you’ll be back to your speedy self in no time. And though it’s not much consolation, I’d take your worst time as my PR any day! Chin up, sweetie!
    Jen recently posted..Fly With the Flock 5KMy Profile

  42. As frustrating as it is, (glass half full kind of moment coming) you got out here and ran 13.1 miles. That alone is worth being happy about! I hope you find the solution that leads you towards those results you are looking for. You will find it! In the meantime, enjoy the success of still being able to get out there.
    shelly recently posted..Capon Valley 50k ~ 2012 Race ReportMy Profile

  43. Oh, how frustrating! I’m so sorry your legs weren’t responding for you… it’s frustrating when you know you’re capable of more, and your body isn’t following through. Hope you get some answers soon!
    Laura recently posted..About that “I” word…My Profile

  44. Oh man!!! I am so sorry it was such a tough race and so discouraging. I was cheering you on and really hoping you were having a great day. Big hugs! I have struggled with anemia on and off since I was a teen (even need a transfusion after two of my babies) and it makes a big difference to have that taken care of. You are strong, tough, and fast and you will bounce back from this. Take care of that body and figure out what it needs and don’t feel too badly. Hugs!
    Erin Henderson recently posted..Final PushMy Profile

  45. Sometimes those bad runs/races make you appreciate the beauty in the good ones! Keep it up.
    Mara @Big Happy Family recently posted..Warrior Dash, 2012My Profile

  46. Oh no! I love your attitude though. It’s really inspiring. Back to the drawing board! You are the best.
    Jessica Karazsia (@irun26at8) recently posted..Do the KIND thing – Want a free snack?My Profile

  47. Total freakin’ bummer. I would be pretty annoyed but I think you have a good outlook on the whole thing. Stupid hot races! Miami did this to me too. UGH!

  48. As my high school xcountry coach said many years ago – running is a fickle sport. So simple, and so dead-on. You’ll get back into the swing of things in time, hopefully sooner than later. ;)
    Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers recently posted..Belated BlogiversaryMy Profile

  49. Ugh. I’m so sorry. Races like that are no fun. I should know as I’ve had more than my share. Rest up, take care of the anemia and hopefully you’ll be back to your speedy self soon.
    Teamarcia recently posted..Race Report: GOTR 5kMy Profile

  50. You are my good attitude role model, that’s for sure! You sounded very composed and mature in that video. I know you will get to the bottom of it and it sounds like rest and putting off your next race to the fall will be just the ticket. Here’s to redemption runs in the cool crisp autumn!
    Terzah recently posted..JugglingMy Profile

  51. I’m brand new here – just popped over from SUAR’s blog today.

    Was intrigued by the vlog, and took a look/listen, then read back through some of your entries. I’m not an MD, but I’m a runner, a running coach, and a Biochemistry PhD, and I went through a bout with anemia a few years back – and let me tell you, it was *exactly* as you described. My legs wouldn’t move, I was winded when I shouldn’t have been, and what had been an “easy” workout pace or a “manageable” race pace just…wasn’t easy. It sneaks up slowly, with some tough workouts, a few “off” races, then worse workouts, worse races, etc…downward spiral, physical AND mental.

    Finally, I relented and went to the doc. My hemoglobin (basically, useable oxygen in the blood) was only borderline low, but my ferritin (protein that stores iron) was basically non-existent. “Theoretically” I shouldn’t have been feeling significant effects, since the iron levels in my blood was technically high enough – and low stores shouldn’t have affected performance (although there is sparse and contradictory research on this point).

    Regardless, my doctor put me on an iron supplement, I upped my spinach intake, and bought myself a cast iron skillet. Recovery took a few months (iron replacement is rather slow, and can be tricky with supplements, I’m sure your doc has explained), but the best part was when my workouts started feeling good again, and I registered for a race. I ran a time close to what I’d been running before the whole iron-debacle began – easiest minutes I’ve ever taken off!!!

    I relate this entire story to a stranger because I spend a lot of my time educating female athletes about anemia and iron deficiencies – remember that you are WAY less alone than you might feel right now! Take care of yourself, work out a plan to boost your iron, and have faith – you won’t be stuck here forever. Good luck!!

  52. I’m sorry to hear about this rough race, Amanda. I appreciate that you made mention that you ran it hard the entire time, and didn’t just sit back ’cause you knew it was a slow/rough day. Figure those legs out, and you’ll be flying at your next race. Still so proud of you!
    Erin recently posted..Race Recap: 2012 Dash ‘n Dine 5K (May)My Profile

  53. Sorry to hear this. Hope things turn around for you soon.

  54. Races like that are so demoralising. But at least you know that you have a medical condition – a very treatable medical condition – that is contributing. You’ve got to get that anaemia under control and I’m sure you’ll be running like your normal self again. Your plan is sensible so I have no doubt that your next race will be 100% on this one.
    Char recently posted..A Couple of Reasons To CheerMy Profile

  55. I think some downtime will help you. Yesterday was brutal with the heat and you shouldn’t discount that too much. I had that feeling yesterday of putting forth effort, but not producing anything. It got hot quick in that first hour. From what I’ve seen others post, it seems many people were off 30-60 seconds per mile in the half; when one of the pace groups past me 7 or 8 miles, the leader said to the group they were about 45 seconds off per mile.
    David H. recently posted..Missing the “it” factorMy Profile

  56. So sorry you had a tough race, that must be rough for sure. I think the rest is a good idea. I’m sure it’ll do wonders. Anemia is a big deal as well,can really throw you off…take care.
    Robin Brunet recently posted..5 Peaks Trail Race #2My Profile

  57. ah crap…so sorry …what can we say….right….I know how it feels…we all do I is no fun…I agree with Terzah about your attitude towards this race..see me I had that in Surf city and my solution was to race another half 2 weeks later…it worked for this one time but not sure it was the smartest choice. On a positive note it is nice to hear your voice! hang in there..I know you will figure this out..!
    Caroline recently posted..ELEVEN!My Profile

  58. So sorry the race wasn’t good for you. I have definitely felt how you felt during a half. I just could not get my legs to go. I was planning to run a 1:45 and I ran a 1:52. It was tough but i think it did make me stronger. I am sure the rest will do you good and you’ll be back and better than ever! And I can’t believe you ran a 1:42 when you were pregnant! SO inspiring!
    J recently posted..Profoot Review + GiveawayMy Profile

  59. Oh Girl, I can relate!! I had my PW yesterday as well, though I know that the heat was a factor, started strong and just died mid race. I am sorry you had a rough time, but it WILL get better! Take care!!

  60. Sorry you had a bad race, but even at your worst you are impressive. My HM PR is still 8 minutes slower than your worse HM. Good luck in recovery and looking forward to following you back to super speedy!
    Ama_Runs recently posted..Rockstar WeekendMy Profile

  61. Tough, one! But your hard race beats my PR hands down.
    Cleveland may not rock, but you do!
    Kathy R recently posted..Why Did I Run A Marathon Today? Well, Why Not??My Profile

  62. I am very sorry. Good luck in recovery and in coming back to be as fast as you are.
    Black Knight recently posted..Mother’s DayMy Profile

  63. I’m so sorry to hear you had a rough race, I’ve been so inspired by your attitude, have learned a lot about running, and have even given thought to some life/running-style changes because of your blog. I was really hoping you’d somehow feel great on race-day!

    Anyway, do not underestimate how low iron levels will make you feel! Dead legs, sluggish feeling, long recovery… all of it can easily be attributed to low iron levels. I think I remember seeing that you are a vegetarian or vegan? -I’m sure you know that you have to be extra careful to eat high iron foods (black beans and spinach are my favs. and I always cook in an iron pan), -Oh yeah, also I eat 1 cup of high iron cereal every day for extra iron and you can also buy vitatops for extra iron. Once your iron level gets low enough to be anemia it is a long process to bring it back up (few months maybe).

    -Oh, also, have you had your potassium level tested? -I struggle with potassium all the time. A low level can cause muscle weakness and lots of other things.

    Give yourself a chance to rest and relax, hope you feel better soon!

  64. So sorry :( I hope your legs recover soon and your “forced” week off will hopefully be a good thing!! Rest up!!
    Toni Church recently posted..Running in the Rain plus Runner’s World Summer Running Streak #RWRunStreakMy Profile

  65. Sorry your race did not go as you planned, but it’s good to see you trying to figure it out and make a game plan. Thanks for sharing a sensitive aspect with all of us, I think it’s important for everyone to see the good and bad days. Good luck with everything.

  66. I am so sorry your race didn’t go as well as planned but thank you for sharing this. Many people, including myself, look up to you and your running and it is good for us to see that it is OK, to have a bad race and it is OK to be upset about it. Rest up and I look forward to hearing how you change things up. I may be following some of your methods. Hugs to you!!!
    Robin recently posted..Marathon RewardsMy Profile


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