Glasses and working out don’t mix

I don't know why I am smiling here--I am not liking the glasses!

I’m six days away from my LASIk appointment and five days into wearing glasses full time in preparation. Let me just say–I am NOT cut out for glasses! I’ve been a contact wearer since I was 15 (that’s a long time ago, trust me) and I just don’t know anything different. I am learning that glasses are a major PITA when it comes to working out.


  • In the pool I obviously must go without. I can’t see the clock, can barely see the lines on the bottom of the pool (kidding) and have no idea who is in the lane next to me, which I hate!
  • On the bike trainer–as soon as I start to sweat, they just start sliding off. So I take them off. I hate sitting there blind as a bat. I know it shouldn’t matter, I’m not going anywhere on a trainer, but still…
  • Riding on the road–it’s hot, it’s sunny, and I need to wear sunglasses. On top of my glasses. This does not make for a good combination.
  • Yoga–every down dog and forward fold results in my glasses falling off my face. Good things there’s a mat under me.
  • Running–well, I haven’t run since ditching my contacts, so I don’t know. But I can’t imagine running with glasses on is even remotely pleasant.

My conclusion–glasses and exercising don’t mix. Next Thursday can’t come soon enough.

Do you/have you worn glasses during workouts? How does it work for you? ย 

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  1. says

    Haha. I have thought the same thing. I have also had contact since about age 14 and I remember it pretty much revolutionized my life. I could finally get my haircut and see what the stylist was doing!!

    I mean I’m sure back in the 1970s a lot more runners had glasses. Today you only see a few and it’s usually those older hardcore runner guys in their 50s or 60s.

    Funny how wearing sunglasses while running isn’t as much of a burden.
    Holly recently posted..Why Iโ€™m Enjoying Not RunningMy Profile

  2. says

    If its any consultation, they look awesome on you!
    I can imagine how frustrating they’d be to wear when trying to get in a good workout. Thankfully I’ve never had to wear glasses. I think it’s only a matter of time though.
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted..Three months to go!My Profile

  3. says

    This is one of those things where I didn’t realize how blessed I’ve been in not needing glasses until the readers came a couple of years ago. I got contacts last year at age 48. This not seeing thing is new to me. All the best with the Lasik!
    Teamarcia recently posted..Gone For a Run GiveawayMy Profile

  4. says

    I have a bootcamper that wears glasses and it’s a constant struggle to keep her glasses from getting fogged up and keep them from sliding off her face during things like burpees or high intensity jumping. I can’t imagine trying to deal with keeping them on and visible while trying to do the hard workouts she does. What a pain!
    Julie recently posted..Raffle Prizes – Sweet Deal!!My Profile

  5. says

    I haven’t worn contacts in years and have to wear glasses if I want to see too much. Running in the rain, snow or high humidity, makes it so that you have to take them off, because you see better without the (which is scary), when sweating while working with a chainsaw isn’t real fun.

    Trail running in glasses can be a real adventure, there are so many negatives to wearing glasses. However, when comes down to seeing or not, I prefer to see ;-).

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t a candidate for Lasik surgery, so I just bungle along with the lenses. Good luck with your surgery and hope it turns out great for you.
    Harold recently posted..Almost Got 10.0 Today 5-24-12My Profile

  6. says

    I wear Rx sunglasses outdoors (regular glasses if cloudy or indoors), but have good enough vision in one eye that I don’t wear correction when I swim (though I often have to close my bad eye to read the clock). Glasses are a PITA – I need to look for something to minimize the sliding when I sweat. But I’ve never been able to really wear contacts.
    TriMOEngr (Christina) recently posted..Last Run of School YearMy Profile

  7. says

    Yes, glasses are a major PITA. I do think your glasses look good on you. I’ve had contacts since I was 15 or 16. That first season of high school cross country I’d run blind through the woods and swear that I was going to go the wrong way, luckily my eyesight wasn’t as bad back then. I did run with my glasses just recently and I was pushing them up every 5 seconds. I do wear them on non-run days because it’s easier and I need to reorder more contacts. Good luck with your surgery!
    Carrie recently posted..Um…I’m a little afraid.My Profile

  8. says

    I’m the same way. I’ve been a contact wearer forever and hate wearing my glasses for an extended period of time, especially if it involved exercising. I don’t like not being able to see clearly. I do wear contacts in the pool with my goggles and when I surf. I know that it’s not the best for my eyes but I can’t see! I’ve been contemplating lasik for a while so I’m curious to hear about your experience.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Bloggy Boot Camp PhillyMy Profile

  9. says

    I wear reading glasses and have gotten used to not being able to read my Garmin most of the time when running since I can’t wear them when running. My sunglasses stay on when I am running just fine though. However when I am in the studio, throwing pottery and need to be close and bent over the wheel I have had a few disasters with glasses falling off my face and into the fast spinning clay, they usually end up flying across the room. LOL. My sister had the surgery and it worked really well for her. Good luck!
    Jen recently posted..Early Summer FunMy Profile

  10. says

    …and I have no idea why that posted before I was done!
    What I was going to say that glasses and running don’t mix either. Whenever I have worn mine on a run the always slide down my nose. Super annoying!
    Glasses and exercise do not mix.
    Tasha @ Healthy Diva recently posted..#RnRPDX: Race RecapMy Profile

  11. says

    I wear contacts most of the time and glasses some of the time. Regardless I don’t wear either at the pool, so I am always blind there (no fun). When I wear my glasses to the gym I experience all of the same issues and you did! It is a pain! They are also a pain on a run!! They almost sweat off of my face sometimes. I started wearing contacts when I was younger because I sort of had to so I could play soccer! Soccer + glasses = disaster. Good luck with your surgery, please tell us how it goes, I have always been too chicken to even look into it for myself!
    Dawn recently posted..A Thursday Weigh In, Run and VLOG!My Profile

  12. says

    This is funny, as I just started wearing glasses full time. I got glasses about eight years ago to see better in those big lecture halls in college, but then haven’t really worn them nor updated them since. Until a couple weeks ago, when I finally bit the bullet and got new glasses. Hey, this vision stuff is nice! I’ve gotten used the glasses, but I agree that wearing them to exercise (or even do yard work) don’t work. Luckily, I can see well enough without them to manage. Cheers!
    Viper recently posted..Flashback Friday: Bring on the JamooshMy Profile

  13. says

    Ug. I hate wearing my glasses! I only wear them if my contacts are bugging me, or right before bed if I have already taken my contacts out. The whole sunglasses/glasses thing is such a pain, as is rain, or humidity or sweat or movement or… yeah. Good luck with the lasic. I think you are going to love it!
    Travel Spot recently posted..Running Related Tidbits (2)My Profile

  14. says

    Yeah, contact-wearer since 1978. I’ve contemplated LASIK, but you supposedly need to not be breastfeeding/lactating and well, sheesh, I can’t even remember when I wasn’t ๐Ÿ˜› And also, they say that your reading vision goes to crap when you get LASIK and you’re older so I figured that I would still need vision correction so screw it. So eager to hear about your experience with it! Be sure to tell us everything!
    XLMIC recently posted..The Idiot and the LabyrinthMy Profile

  15. says

    I just got lasik done six weeks ago… the 10ish days in glasses was heck! Heck I say… but it did pass…

    post lasik was a couple of weeks of adjustment… but now… I’m eagle eye!

  16. says

    I have wondered the same thing… I am a contact wearer, and can’t remember the last time I updated my glasses… or wore them for that matter. Contacts occasionally have their issues, too. It will be nice to have the surgery done!
    Laura recently posted..Do you ignore your core?My Profile

  17. Mica says

    I have been there… I wore contacts forever then decided to get LASIK and my appt ended up being a month and a half out from the day I started wearing my glasses, I hated wearing them too. LASIK will change your life it is the most amazing thing and you will be shocked at how fast and well you can see within hours of your surgery. The only thing I have noticed is that I do have to wear sunglasses if I am outside and the sun it out at all. Good luck you will love it!

  18. says

    I am with you…. I hate glasses. Hate them! I went “blind” until my parents gave in and got me contacts as a teen. I hope the laser surgery works well and you don’t have to put up with the glasses for long.

    You look super cute in them though! :)
    Erin Henderson recently posted..20 miler and video clips!My Profile

  19. says

    I’ve worn glasses since early grade school. They can’t make contacts for my prescriptions (6 of them between the two lenses) and there’s no kind of surgery that will do any good.

    The word you were looking for is lanyard. My workout glasses have an adjustable lanyard, and there’s a little crimp in the cord so that even in T1 I pop them on and snug up the cord it goes to the right place and nothing moves. Plus there are some cool sunglasses that go over the prescription frames.
    Keith recently posted..One sided yogaMy Profile

  20. says

    The first time I went lane swimming as an adult, I was going all over the place since I could barely see the dark line at the bottom of the pool. I ordered myself an $8 pair of “prescription” swim goggles, and life was much better. Of course, I had to wear my goggles to/from the locker room too, just to make sure I didn’t accidentally end up in the women’s room.

    Glasses do suck working out, but I’ve only recently gone back to having some contact lenses around the house. I definitely prefer them when I’m working out, but I don’t wear them too often besides that.

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    Hehehe. This brings back so many memories for me. I have been wearing glasses since I was in the first grade but thankfully switched to contacts full time at age 12. So although my time recently has been spent with contacts, I did have to go through Boot Camp (first summer at West Point) and Airborne school with glasses (strict no contact policy for both). Let me tell you. Running at 6am in Atlanta, GA in August with glasses = NOT fun. Honestly, it was one of the worst experiences of my life. The sweat, fogginess, slipping, etc was unbearable – not to mention that I was constantly getting dizzy b/c I’m used to 360 degrees of clear vision as opposed to having blind spots with glasses. So I definitely feel your pain!! I hope the next few days go by quickly and painlessly for you! It’ll all be worth it in the end!!
    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
    Michele @ NYC Running Mama recently posted..Women’s Running: Blogger on the Run + a Great Week of Pregnant Running (23 weeks)My Profile

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    I totally get this!! I’m practically blind…well eyes are really bad. If I had to wear these things all the time, I’d go crazy. I want this surgery. I also wouldn’t mind a new pair of boobs. TEasing. I’d do the eyes. Let me know how it goes. :)

  23. says

    I’ve worn contacts since 1998. I only wear glasses at night when I’m getting ready for bed or winding down for the night. I can’t imagine working out and wearing glasses.
    Ara recently posted..Long DriveMy Profile

  24. says

    I wear glasses all the time exercising except swimming and they don’t bother me a bit.
    They do the whole change in the sun thing so work as sunglasses too.

  25. says

    I wear glasses when I run and don’t have too much issue. My last ones used to slide down my face all the time but the current ones just hold on somehow. I don’t swim or cycle so I have no issues there. And yoga isn’t a problem either.
    Char recently posted..Greedy, Impatient and ShallowMy Profile

  26. says

    I had to wear glasses last june and I ran in them and actually it wasn’t too bad. I hated it but it was better than not being able to see and I cant run without contacts or glasses. I wish I could have lasik but I dont have enough cornea.
    J recently posted..Marathoner!My Profile