Speed kills

IMG 1353 300x224 Speed kills

The gang's all here--arriving at Logan

At least that’s what the B.A.A. had to say yesterday in the email they sent out to everyone running tomorrow. They’ve actually taken the unprecedented step of offering deferrals to anyone who opts not to start tomorrow because of the predicted heat. They’re recommending that anyone but the “very fit” not run. Is that me? I don’t know. They’re also recommending that anyone who hasn’t had at least 10 days to acclimate to the heat not run. I do fall into that category.  And of course, they are urging anyone with any sort of health conditions stay off the course.

Last I checked, the high is supposed to be 88 at 2 p.m. in Copley Square. I’m not thumbing my nose at the B.A.A.’s email, but I’m still going to toe the line tomorrow, as is everyone in my group. My plan–run at a much slower pace than planned. My goal–to avoid the medical tent. To hopefully not walk (even though the B.A.A. recommends that, too).

I know they B.A.A. has to do a little bit of CYA here. Remember what happened in Chicago a few years back? The B.A.A.certainly does. One big concern here is the bandit runners–an accepted tradition here. But this is one year where having extra feet on the course, and bodies to take needed hydration away, is a real danger.

I’ll admit I’m a bit scared to try this. If it weren’t for the money invested to get here, the time spent to train, etc., etc., I’d probably bag it. But I’m here, I came to run, and so run I will.

Good luck to everyone starting tomorrow. Be safe, be smart.

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  1. I think you are a smart enough runner that you know your body well enough and will take precautions. I wonder if this would start a trend of marathons starting the deferral system (I doubt it though!)
    Michel@Babyweightmyfatass recently posted..Anchors aweigh!My Profile

  2. OH GOOD LUCK!!!!
    Michel@Babyweightmyfatass recently posted..Anchors aweigh!My Profile

  3. I am anxious about running but not scared. It is going to suck but be hopefully pretty amazing at the same time. I am running, but like you taking it as easy as possible. Lots of slow running and taking it all in. I don’t even have as much money as most people into this race, but my heart is in it. I would be incredibly upset if I didn’t run because I have been waiting so long. Good luck and be safe tomorrow!
    Robin recently posted..Boston Marathon DeferralMy Profile

  4. I think you will be fine. You are smart enough to know to hydrate and listen to your body. Good luck & most of all have fun and just enjoy the experience! You’ve earned it!
    Tracy@theunexpectedrunner recently posted..In case you thought I fell off the face of the earth…My Profile

  5. you are a smart and experienced runner, you will be fine!!! listen to your body and use every water station! Do not doubt yourself!
    Kristy (@KrisRunTri) recently posted..A Picky Bar Omen? And PICKY BARS CONTEST!!!!My Profile

  6. You’re a smart woman, and adjusting your race day game plan is the best way to go. Wish we could control the weather, but sadly we cannot. I actually ran Chicago in 2007 when it was shut down because of all the race day chaos, and man oh man I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone. I was a stubborn idiot who refused to adjust my race plan and nearly killed myself by mile 9 where I had to drop out.

    PR’s and speedy times are all great, but sometimes just being able to be in that crowd taking in the day is a far more valuable experience. I for one feel that this is what the entire purpose of training is, to work as hard as you can to be able to overcome whatever adversity may come your way on race day. But that’s just my opinion…

    Safe and well wishes to you!
    Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl recently posted..Just a wee bit of growthMy Profile

  7. Be smart and safe- I’m heading into the city today and can honestly say that I’m glad to be on the sidelines! Best of luck to you despite these less than ideal conditions- take it easy, hydrate and try to have fun!
    Middleaged Runner recently posted..In which many running questions are answered…My Profile

  8. i’m running too. i’m here, i trained, it’s my first boston, the heat won’t stop me! but it will cause me to run MUCH slower and my goal is to avoid the medical tent too. be safe tomorrow and have fun! i hope i run into you :)
    Kristy@RunTheLongRoad recently posted..Boston, Boston, Boston!My Profile

  9. This is crazy. Reminds me of the last time I ran Boston when it was 87 at the start (noon). Not sure my plan yet. I think plan is to stick to original plan and slow down as necessary. White hat, fuel belt probably and paying attention to my body.

  10. Isn’t Boston supposed to be elite? I can’t believe they offered defferals, I have run marathons in 90+ conditions, just took it easier. I guess they don’t want lawsuits from type A die hards that refuse to modify their pace, but stll, Boston is becoming such a joke. So many better marathons out there!

  11. Have fun, be safe & stay smart! Looking forward to your recap!
    AmyC recently posted..Running BFFsMy Profile

  12. My husband ran the 2004 hot race and quickly adjust his race plan within the first few miles. He dubbed that race “the high five race” – taking the time to high five the kids and thus preserving his energy for the full 26.2.

    I’m lucky he’ll be by my side tomorrow :) And I’m lucky he’s got 19/I’ve got 9 marathons under our belts. We’ve adjusted before and though we definitely respect the course, mother nature, and the BAA’s warnings, we too will be toeing the line in Hopkinton.

    Not optimal, but it doesn’t have to be a debacle. If we listen to our bodies, we’ll be OK.

    Good luck to everyone w/ your decisions for tomorrow and for getting to the finish for those who start.
    Lisa recently posted..So sweetMy Profile

  13. good luck and be careful! That does sound really hot for a marathon, or a run at all. I am not a heat runner!
    Christy@My Dirt Road Anthem recently posted..Hello SpingMy Profile

  14. Yeesh. Be careful, hun! I will be thinking about all of you guys out on the course tomorrow.
    Pam recently posted..Wipeout!My Profile

  15. I don’t think they are going to get many deferrals. Everyone should just slow down and pay attention, like you are planning to do. Good luck and enjoy, Amanda! I think you will have a great time, heat or not.
    Terzah recently posted..California Dreamin’My Profile

  16. Safety first! That’s the only rule… It will be a fabulous story however it plays out – hugs!
    Kris @Krazy_Kris recently posted..My GAWD He Eats a Lot!My Profile

  17. Hey good luck and be careful!

  18. I’d be thinking the same thing, “I’m here. Why not?!” Good luck. Have a good time. Be safe =)
    Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb recently posted..Cause I Keep It RealMy Profile

  19. Yes, slowing down will be necessary, but it is do-able. Might just take awhile to get through the miles. Take care of yourself, best of luck tomorrow.
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..Time for the Nursing Home?My Profile

  20. I would run to just for the joy of it.
    Enjoy the race.

  21. Isn’t everyone running Boston “very fit”? Have a great time! Be safe and drink lots of water:)
    Hikermom recently posted..I Am Sweating PinkMy Profile

  22. Everyone talks about the heat of Chicago, but no one talks of the heat at the CMM in Nashville 2009. I ran that marathon in 96 degrees. It was terrible. Pacers finished 20-30 minutes off. They didn’t call the race even after someone died doing the half. There was a point when I decided it wasn’t worth killing myself over. I walked the last two miles. I did do salt packets at the race – never done them before. One at the beginning and another at mile 7. Ran under sprinklers every chance I could. I hope you and everyone else there tomorrow plays it safe and has a good race. Look forward to reading about your finish. Happy miles!
    Lynne recently posted..My Running PartnerMy Profile

  23. eek! it’s gonna be a hot one!! Good luck and have fun!! Stay hydrated!! :)
    Zaneta recently posted..Diamonds are a Girl’s Best FriendMy Profile

  24. You know your body, so I know you’ll listen to it well. Drink more water than usual, and drink more gatorade/electrolyte/salt things. You’ll be fine, you’ve run in hottttt weather before, you can do this :) Good luck!!! I’ll be thinking of you!!! Have fun out there!
    Erin recently posted..FaceliftMy Profile

  25. Stay safe and have fun!
    Raquelita recently posted..Gearing up for MadridMy Profile

  26. Lynda @ Hit The Road Jane says:

    Please be careful.Good luck to you and all the runners braving the weather. You worked hard to get to Boston and that attitude of perseverance doesn’t go away once you BQed so its understandable that many of you are choosing to forge ahead. Rock the course like the strong athletes you are! I know you’ll all support each other out there.
    Lynda @ Hit The Road Jane recently posted..Mimosa Beach Run & Marathon DecisionMy Profile

  27. Wishing you tons of luck! Stay safe!! We’re heading to the Sox game now & I wish I could stay for the marathon to cheer you all on! Have a great race!
    Stephanie Anne recently posted..Dream DayMy Profile

  28. You are going to have a great race! You are smart to adjust your goals but either way, it is STILL BOSTON!!! I ran in Twin Cities in 2007 where the temp at start was 67 and finish was 89, it stunk but it acclimatized me for Chicago in 2008 where it was 82 when I finished and I PR’d.

    Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the day Miss Zippy! We’ll be cheering for you and the Chocolate Ladies in the RunSingTeach house!

    Sarah @ RunSingTeach recently posted..The Running Leash ConundrumMy Profile

  29. I can’t imagine training for months, spending a boat load of money to travel to Boston, and then choosing to defer until next year. No thank you! If I was there, I’d be running too. It’s going to be tough…but you’re tough, so it will be just fine. Can’t wait for your recap!

  30. Great decision! I’m sure you’ll take every needed precaution to make sure you are safe. Have a great time!
    jess recently posted..The “Take a Day Off Dilemma”My Profile

  31. You should all train with me in Miami and you’d be fine :) I think a defferal would be hard to emotionally accept after the months of with to get there, but I suppose if it was not only your a race but a major dream to pr there it would maybe be with the extra wait

  32. If I were running, I’d say the same thing. I did all the work and I’m here. Be smart and you’ll be fine.

    Good luck to all! And most importantly enjoy the spirit of the marathon!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..2012 Boston Marathon – Who’s Running?My Profile

  33. Will keep you and all the others running tomorrow in Boston in my prayers. Definitely not the time to be stupid. I can totally understand the BAA doing the ole’ CYA, but seems like folks should be able to adjust for the conditions. If they are “fit” enough to BQ, seems like they should be able to manage.
    Christina recently posted..Ava Brown Memorial 5KMy Profile

  34. Be careful out there — and have a good race!
    Felice @ The Happy Runner recently posted..Five things Friday.My Profile

  35. Good luck! Be careful! (And I’d run too).
    MCM Mama recently posted..God is laughing…My Profile

  36. You can do this! You’re a smart, experienced runner – you’ll listen to your body and adjust as needed.

    I’ll be out there tomorrow cheering my head off for all of you tomorrow. Be safe and I wish you the best possible race!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Thursday Thoughts plus a WinnerMy Profile

  37. Thinking of you and all the other runners tomorrow! I’m nervous for you but I know you’ll be smart about it, just hope everyone else will be too! Have fun and enjoy the tour through Boston! Good luck!
    lisa @ early morning run recently posted..Five for FridayMy Profile

  38. I’m so proud of you for QUALIFYING for Boston and I’m so proud of you for making the decision to run! I feel badly for y’all and yes, it’s going to be extra tough, but so are BQers!
    We run in the heat a lot here in Texas. Heck, we PLAN races around the heat and I’ve got a “secret” for you. You know to drink, you know to pour water on your head but let me tell you. ICE IN YOUR JOG BRA. If you can find it, cram it I there. Ideally wrapped in a paper towel or a cold sponge but in Galveston I just threw it I there free. Helps keep your core cool and it’s a breezy surprise!

    I’ll be praying for your safety on Marathon Monday – hope you have an incredible race!
    That Pink Girl recently posted..I’m a Cheap DateMy Profile

  39. You have so much experience behind you, I know you’ll listen to your body and pay close attention to the signs it’s telling you. Definitely not a PR day, but any day you can stand at the start line of Boston and finish with a big smile, is a good day in my book. Enjoy the experience….no one cares what your time is! :)

    Jill recently posted..For you, ladies – Ahnu Shoe Giveaway from Onlineshoes.comMy Profile

  40. I can’t believe that! I’m with you though, you have to run it!!! Wishing you such good luck and cool breezes :)
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..Five for FridayMy Profile

  41. Be safe! Those are like the running conditions here in the desert in July (sans humidity though-yikes!). Not fun, but you can do it with a slow pace and lots of hydration. Hey, there has to be a little relief in how the pressure is off to race a particular time, huh? ;-) Soak it in and have fun with your friends! Have a great race!
    Allison Johnson recently posted..RUTMy Profile

  42. Best of luck tomorrow!!! The hubby isn’t deferring either.
    Jen recently posted..Who Wears Short Shorts?My Profile

  43. I think you will do great. You are smart, you know your body and you will listen if it is trying to tell ya something.
    Easing up the pace and keeping your electrolytes in check is the key.
    Have a great race and be safe.
    Missy recently posted..Bonding is different for everybodyMy Profile

  44. The heat was a big factor on the trails yesterday for me. Going from our hail/snow to 80+ temps so my biggest challenge. You have been at this long enough to know to just be careful so that you have a fun and successful day.
    shelly recently posted..6000 Miles ~ BelieveMy Profile

  45. GOOD LUCK!! Hope you have a great time and stay safe in the heat!
    J recently posted..RunmuteMy Profile

  46. Good luck tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll do great. You’re smart enough to know to listen to your body and slow down when needed, etc. I’ll be thinking of you.
    Ara recently posted..Meat HeadsMy Profile

  47. A little ol’ 88 degrees! Pshaw! If I can survive a marathon in the 90s without additonal water stations and warm water after Mile 20, then you are smart enough to run Boston in a safe manner. I have faith.
    Jamoosh recently posted..Free For All FridayMy Profile

  48. It sounds like you have a sensible plan and will stay safe. You have a good point about the bandits. I hope they monitor that closely.

    But wow! Those emails are pretty something. Have you heard many talk about waiting to next year?

  49. Good luck! Run smart…and walk if you have to. :)
    Kate recently posted..Getting soaked and giving backMy Profile

  50. Those sorts of warnings are enough to really screw with your mind. I’m not surprised that you’ve had to think and I’m not surprised about your decision. Good luck for tomorrow and I’d have said God Speed but I think God Slow might be more appropriate.
    Char recently posted..The Problem With EasterMy Profile

  51. You’re a wise person with loads of experience. Whether you’re the fittest of the fit, doesn’t matter. You know how to listen to your body. You know how to play it smart. You’ll have a GREAT time and a super run :)
    XLMIC recently posted..X = 10 …My Profile

  52. Take it slow, drink a ton, take walk breaks, high five little kids, just have fun!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Random Observations and Stuff …My Profile

  53. you have enough experience to know what to do to stay well and safe..trust that. I hope this will be a good experience for you..enjoy the race and go slow!
    Caroline recently posted..Caro and Terzah!My Profile

  54. Enjoy the experience. No PR’s … just great memories.
    Mara @Big Happy Family recently posted..She shoots !!My Profile

  55. enjoy boston! you’re a smart, experienced runner…you’ll do what’s right for your body and the hot temps!
    cindy recently posted..Running…and Hockey?My Profile

  56. I don’t think any of those I know going to Boston are taking them up on the deferrals.
    Best of luck tomorrow!

  57. Best of luck tomorrow, run safe!
    abbi recently posted..North Face Endurance Challenge – WinnerMy Profile

  58. Just want to add my good wishes to all the rest. I hope you have a wonderful time and great event.
    Elle recently posted..A Year Later….My Profile

  59. Good Luck, my advice, run fast and beat the heat… 80+ isn’t really that heat, we had a marathon here last year run in 100+ weather!!! so if you keep yourself wet and drink a bit you will be fine.
    Coach Dion recently posted..CAN’T WIN THEM ALLMy Profile

  60. Good luck and be safe! It sounds like you have a good plan and willbe smart about the race.

  61. Good luck – be safe and smart:)
    Laima recently posted..Motivation MondayMy Profile

  62. Good luck today Zippy. I’ll be thinking of you. Just saw the weather forecast in Celcius and man it’s hot. This weather had me DNF twice last year but not you: you are going to finish strong!

    Don’t forget to have fun.
    Fran recently posted..Wednesday April 11 – 2012, The workout editionMy Profile

  63. Good luck. Stay cool! Cheers!
    Viper recently posted..Confession of Thirtysomething "Runner"My Profile

  64. I’ve never been joining a marathon. Congrats to you and good luck. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
    Liz recently posted..Hcg diet reviewsMy Profile

  65. Good luck and be safe!!
    SassyModernMom recently posted..How Cheerleaders Can Give You A Migraine from HellMy Profile

  66. I am sure you did great, it was hot but I don’t think it was as hot as predicted.
    Toni Church recently posted..Running Technology Free and Pinterest Inspiration #HAWMCMy Profile

  67. you are a healthy, smart athlete, I’m sure it went VERY well. Our local, Texas news was urging people that weren’t “very fit”, as you said, not to run the race too…I thought, Hmm…how will they decide whether they are “very fit” or just “fit” LOL. hope every one listened to their bodies and it was a safe race?
    marissa recently posted..excuses.My Profile

  68. So happy to read your blog. Good luck to you. Hope I can join the marathon to.
    lariane recently posted..How to Make a Solar PanelMy Profile

  69. A very nice gang all smiles!
    Black Knight recently posted..Rome – Vivicittà 12.2 kmMy Profile

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