Oh, you thought I might have a post about something other than Boston this week? I’m such a one-track mind right now, I don’t think I can pull that off. My current Boston fixation? The stupid weather forecast. Some meteorologists are even calling for potential record-breaking heat on Monday. No one marathons well in heat, but I think I don’t even manage to marathon remotely respectably in heat. C’mon, Boston, let’s find a cold front!

Screen Shot 2012 04 10 at 3.10.47 PM copy copy 300x156 Sigh


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  1. LOL, you can always count on the weather changing! I’m impressed you’re only looking a week out – I’m already checking out the Monterey weather and my run is almost 3 weeks away!
    I’ll do a perfect race weather dance for you if you do the same for me!! ;)
    Kathy R recently posted..Taper Time (Again) – 3 Weeks to Big Sur!My Profile

  2. I would be happy to blow some of the colder weather we’re having right now to Boston.
    I run terrible in the heat, even had to DNF twice because of the heat. Keep my fingers crossed you have perfect weather conditions on Monday.
    Fran recently posted..Monday April 9, 2012: The mishmash editionMy Profile

  3. I used to live in New England, actually in Hopkinton. People were always saying that if you did not like the weather, you just needed to wait 5 minutes. I am not sure about that, but I do know that forecasters don’t know a thing. Their predictions depend only on the kind of tea they happen to drink.
    You wouldn’t be obsessing over Boston, would you? :)

  4. Lets hope it all turns out just perfect. We are awaiting our first cold front of the winter this week. My race for Sunday is set to be cold. I’ve got a feeling your weather will be just right.
    Johann recently posted..Body for LifeMy Profile

  5. The forecast will probably change, it usually does! I’ll be crossing my fingers that you have perfect weather. I’m so excited for you!
    Kara recently posted..Sweat-Filled Weekend RecapMy Profile

  6. No doubt that trying to run a marathon in weather much warmer than maybe the low 50′s would not be a pretty sight. I’ll be praying for good weather for you! Despite going into it last year with not so good training (due to an injury a month prior), it was still an amazing and unforgettable experience!!! Best of luck!! :)

  7. Oh gross. Let’s hope the forecast changes! Either way, it’ll be so much fun, right? I promise to stand out in the rain and cheer for you no matter what.
    Kari @ Running Ricig recently when I’m boredMy Profile

  8. ohhhh, it wouldn’t be as exciting if you weren’t stalking every weather app available! hopefully it cools down a bit!!!
    Kristy recently posted..A Picky Bar Omen? And PICKY BARS CONTEST!!!!My Profile

  9. Hang in there!!! :)
    Mamarunsbarefoot recently posted..Yes, the coffee is hot. Where does the line get drawn?My Profile

  10. Good news – the forecast has cooled right down! (maybe too much for those of us who will be cheering from the sidelines…)
    Kristen recently posted..don’t get me startedMy Profile

  11. Rene' Whiteley says:

    Don’t fret, I just saw the weather and they are bringing the temps down. I have a lot of faith that you are going to have a good day!!!!

  12. when i saw a high of 80 degrees on monday, i nearly dropped my phone in disbelief!
    Kristy recently posted..I Have Boston FeverMy Profile

  13. I’ve been checking the weather as well. When I started checking, it was going to be perfect running weather. As of late yesterday, it forecast 70 deg. and rain. Booooo!
    70 is still too warm for me and rain… that goes without saying. :(
    Joanne recently posted..Relax and Mushroom Rosemary Tart with Polenta CrustMy Profile

  14. Our first track meet is Sunday and they’re calling for insane temps. The kids are not thrilled. I hope there’s a freak cold front all over the mid-atlantic so we can enjoy some epic running Sunday and very especially on Monday!
    Tracy recently posted..Easter at DeeDee’sMy Profile

  15. Being in the 3rd wave, the “high” temperature can be a concern for me since I’ll still be on course….wasn’t liking the 80F forecast they had a couple of days ago, at least it’s improving!
    Robin Brunet recently posted..Almost TimeMy Profile

  16. It is looking better/cooler again! Don’t stress too much! :)
    Erin Henderson recently posted..SIXMy Profile

  17. I bet this record heat prediction doesn’t happen. Mostly because things we worry about usually don’t happen, so it’s good to worry about everything. Huh?
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..My New LoveMy Profile

  18. I feel your pain. supposed to be 80 and humid for my half this weekend! good luck!
    Heather Montgomery recently posted..Race Week WorkoutsMy Profile

  19. I’m gonna wish a cold front your way!! No one likes running in the heat…well, I take that back…some people like it but I still haven’t figured out why? :)
    Coy recently posted..I’m sorry, did you say you were tired???My Profile

  20. First time I ran Boston, it was freezing. Next year, it was ungodly hot. Not as hot as my 50k, though….I’m pretty sure I’ll never complain about heat again after that fiasco!

    Still time for the weather to change – I’ll keep praying for you!!
    Jill recently posted..A small glimpse into summer…..maybeMy Profile

  21. Freeze warnings for us – maybe it will get to Boston before you!
    Kovas recently posted..TIMEX Multisport TeamMy Profile

  22. This is what you get for stressing about the weather more than two days out.
    Jamoosh recently posted..Wimpy, Wimpy, WimpyMy Profile

  23. Sending you cooling breezes from Oregon :-)
    …and a few refreshing raindrops, too.
    Julie recently posted..My Sweet LIttle Future Weapons DealerMy Profile

  24. Yikes!! Hot is totally like kryptonite!! Thinking cool down thoughts!
    Heather recently posted..20 Mile AftermathMy Profile

  25. I just heard the weather report and freaked out a little for you guys!
    Then I checked the extended forecast and saw that the high is only supposed to be 67? HUH, can’t figure that out.
    Fingers crossed that it stays COLD!
    Middleaged Runner recently posted..In which I show you how to master the recovery run… And fashion?My Profile

  26. EEK! I run terribly in the heat! I am crossing my fingers for a (semi) cold front!!

  27. Ugh, the heat would not be fun, especially with the later start time. Here’s hoping that cool front blows in!
    Laura recently posted..Green dip, rice crackers and wiawMy Profile

  28. I’m not loving this potential hot marathon day and I’m sure Dave McGillvrey and the BAA isn’t either. If we do get stuck with that high temp, I think the only thing worse than running in it will be the medical personnel having an onslaught of over heated runners.

    Oh boy…..
    Lisa recently posted..Rolling out the “runner” carpetMy Profile

  29. The cold front is here in my part of the country. Will switch with you. I love the heat!

  30. Warm? Those temps look rather chilly to us Texans? We’ve been in the low 90′s a couple of times already!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Random Observations and Stuff …My Profile

  31. Here’s hoping the weather takes a turn for the worse…which would be better ;-)
    XLMIC recently posted..I’m Too Sexy for my blogMy Profile

  32. I called my peeps in Quebec
    they are sending the cold air Boston way!
    Caroline recently posted..The Boston postMy Profile

  33. i think momma nature heard you. predicted high dropped 10 degrees between when i checked this morning and when i just checked again (now 64)!
    rachel recently posted..angry footMy Profile

  34. You know this is my fault, right? I always bring hot weather for marathons.
    Gracie recently posted..Publix Georgia Marathon Race ReviewMy Profile

  35. I wouldn’t hold your breath about the heat. The forecast for this week was supposed to be rain every day all day. Everyday has been sunny except it did actually rain for 5 minutes today. Things can change fast. Don’t worry and have fun!!!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..How to Prep For Headstand in YogaMy Profile

  36. Meteorologists are not always right. Fingers crossed that they’re embarrassingly wrong this time.
    Char recently posted..More On Perspective And Chicken-ChasingMy Profile

  37. You can’t control the weather, but I totally get obsessing about what it’s going to be like on race day. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get some cool temps that are perfect for running.
    Raquelita recently posted..Gearing up for MadridMy Profile

  38. I hope the weather cooperates… but be careful what you wish for! :)
    Elle recently posted..NeoCell Collagen Sport Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  39. I hope the weather cooperates with you!!!
    Toni Church recently posted..Theme Song #HAWMCMy Profile

  40. Ow, ick heat! I hate heat more than anything, especially when not mentally ready for it after winter. But it’s New England and things can change unexpectedly. I won’t be there (this year) but so excited for you!! And ps…I love your race outfit. Hope you need to pick a throw away to wear tho. Go kill it Miss Zip!
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..20My Profile

  41. Hot!!! you want hot, last year there was a marathon here in Cape Town, I didn’t run, but it was hot, and I talking about real heat, like 40+ (that’s over 100 )…
    Coach Dion recently posted..TAPER TIMEMy Profile

  42. The heat isn’t looking any better. Go figure that we had a nice cold snap and then the weather gods have completely cursed the first part of next week. Remember, though, have fun!
    David H. recently posted..Blue Ridge previewMy Profile

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