I need a 2nd mortgage

IMG 1391 224x300 I need a 2nd mortgage

Merrells and Vivos, and Kigos, oh my!

I’m not a clothes horse–I go nowhere, people, but on runs, walking kids to school, errands, and the occasional night out. So I don’t spend a ton on looking trendy. A few key pieces and I’m good to go.

But it hit me yesterday, I DO have a bit of a minimalist shoe addiction. In fact, I’m pretty sure I could be called the Imelda of minimalism. Now, when you look at this collection of nine (and a new one added today that is on order) pairs of shoes, keep in mind that several of them were gifts from the shoe companies to review on this blog. But still, 10 total pairs of minimalist shoes?

Let me justify: I have a couple of pairs for road running, a couple of pairs for trails (the new ones I just ordered fit this category), and several pairs for just living. There are Merrells, Vibram Five Fingers (which I’ve never liked), and New Balance in that crop. The cute Merrell barefoot Mary Janes in the tan color (second from top), I bought this week because I have a conference coming up where I need to look somewhat professional. When I started thinking about wearing heels or stiff-souled shoes for two full days, I just couldn’t do it. So I found these.

My days of “real” shoes are pretty much over, I’ve decided. I live in my bare feet as much as possible, and when I can’t, well, you know what IS on my feet. Still, I am officially putting myself in shoe buying jail for the near future. The good news for you all is that I’ll soon have a review of the Altra Instinct Delilahs (in the picture) up, along with a giveaway. So I do serve a purpose with all this excess, clearly.

Anyone else go a little crazy with shoes, either running or street?  

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I have two pairs of the Merrell mary janes. They are so comfortable so I wear them all the time. Pretty much the best shoe ever. The pink is great, but I have gotten tons of compliments on the guava pair. Oh, and I just ordered a third pair in black, so I guess that makes three pairs!

  2. I’ve definitely been a bit a of running shoe freak over the past two years. Luckily, I seem to finally be reigning it in, it can get out of control!
    abbi recently posted..Hungry?My Profile

  3. Yes! I rarely throw out old running shoes. In our guest bathroom hidden under the cabinets I have a huge basket full of running trainers and flats. Sometimes I wear old racing flats out with jeans and a t-shirt. They are comfy! I’ll never five up my running shoe addiction.
    Kris Lawrence recently posted..You’re My Favorite MistakeMy Profile

  4. I’m only laughing because my collection is similar. I really want a pair of the mary janes by Merrell (since I live in the other two Merrells I have), but I’m also hanging out in shoe jail right now. I really want to try the Altra’s too…
    MCM Mama recently posted..DiscombobulatedMy Profile

  5. I’ve been wanting a new ‘street’ shoe as my old Merrills are wintery and beat. Those Mary Janes may fit the bill…
    Teamarcia recently posted..Bengay Zero Degrees Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  6. I dream of the day someone would GIVE me running shoes as my husband looks at my crossways every time I buy a pair even though he understands they have to be replaced. The good news is that for “work” (which some days, now that I am self-employed, includes slippers), I go with the “man shoe” philosophy: brown or black. I have one pair of black heels, one pair of brown heels, one pair of brown Eastlands that go with Docker style pants and one pair of black knock off brand loafer style like that. Good enough. But in general, I find triathlon does require more financial investment than I would like.
    Christina recently posted..Life nearly got in the wayMy Profile

  7. Right now I only have two pairs of shoes in rotation plus 2 pairs waiting in the wings (purchased on sale). For running, that is. I have about 50 other pairs of shoes – flip flops, heels, wedges, nice sandals, boots, work clogs, flats, Tom’s, you name it. I kind of love shoes!
    Gracie recently posted..Crazy things that happened to me in Boston.My Profile

  8. Yes definitely.. Can never have enough..I use the excuse that I am looking for the perfect running shoe..which I am…
    Darlene recently posted..Running on the TreadmillMy Profile

  9. I just started wearing minimalist shoes and love them. Bought a pair of New Balance Minimus and ordered another pair (different color) within the same week. But I am loving those Mary Jane’s! Must buy immediately!
    Pamela recently posted..Tick TockMy Profile

  10. I am getting to be the same way… the thought of heels makes me cringe!! I am a moccasin wearer… have quite the collection of Minnetonkas!
    Kristy recently posted..The Bottom LineMy Profile

  11. I’m drooling… do you have the insoles of your aqua Pure Connects in the Altras? I love those Mary Jane’s.
    Carrie recently posted..Running After My MojoMy Profile

  12. You and I are like Imelda Marcos shoe twins :)
    Heather@Just a Colorado Gal recently posted..Why I Love the Long RunMy Profile

  13. With running shoes, I’m definitely over the edge – happily pretty much all are review samples, so my expenditures are minimal.
    Kovas recently posted..Clean Bottle Product ReviewMy Profile

  14. Mike is slowly switching all of his shoes over to minimalist, too. He, too, hates vibrams!
    Kari @ Running Ricig recently posted..hope I haven’t gotten all weird in seclusionMy Profile

  15. I am a confessed addict, as well as a shoe girl (I’m a co-owner of kigo footwear). I feel your pain, so I’d like to offer you a treat.

    If you use the code GOZIPPY at checkout, you’ll get 25% off any kigo footwear purchase (http://www.kigofootwear.com). It’s good thru May 4.

    In a nutshell, kigos are super light (+/- 4oz per), anatomically shaped (like those great minimalist running shoes), totally flexible and eco-friendly. They come in cute mary janes or slip ons that are styled for everyday but strong enough for the gym.

    Something from me to you, because I love me some Miss Zippy, and feel the pain of shoe addiction. (Just ask my husband.)

    Rock on. Rachelle
    Rachelle recently posted..Run. Inspire.My Profile

  16. I used to think my wife has a shoe problem – then I looked into my closet where the running shoes are kept and no longer think she has a problem!

    I should take an inventory as it is rather large!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Time in the Saddle ….My Profile

  17. I have worn the same model of shoes since 2002 (Brooks Adrenaline) and have never tried minimalist shoes before. They intrigue me, however, I have always required more support for my bad knees. I am not sure if I could ever wear something that didn’t support them. I tried Nike Frees and they totally ruined me, worst decision ever. Maybe someday I will be brave and try a a minimalist shoe.
    Tasha @ Healthy Diva recently posted..Taper CraziesMy Profile

  18. Is it bad that I am literally drooling over that picture?

  19. I have a serious shoe collecting problem. Mine starts with convincing myself that I need new shoes before I actually do :) My husband just loves it! NOT! :) HAHAHA!

    Any opinion on that new Merrell Glove Dash shoe!? I’ve been checking it out and thinking about a pair. The Nike Free’s were a super easy transition but I think I could scale back even more.
    Coy recently posted..NYC Marathon. I’m spreading the news.My Profile

  20. Funny when I started running I said this is something I can do for free…..until I started running….I have lots of everything, too much of most things.
    Robin Brunet recently posted..IRun MagazineMy Profile

  21. I was never a big shoes gal, until I started running. Now, I buy new ones to add to the rotation before giving up one of the old ones. :)
    Mandy recently posted..Going all the wayMy Profile

  22. O buys lots of shoes too. I sort of tell myself that I need a new pair, but in reality I just want to try something else. And then I ge t a new model, and you know what? I don;t really like them all that much, so I move on to something else. If I just stuck to what I know and like I would have/need like 3 pairs.

    And I am not into the minimalist thing. Have you tried Brooks Pure line? They look cool. I have a pair of Nike LunarEclipse (not minimalist I know, but related) and love them on the treadmill.
    NY Wolve recently posted..Random thoughts…My Profile

  23. Plain and simple – I LOVE shoes! And yes, particularly running shoes. Periodically I will spy out a cute, comfy boot or sandal for work but definitely running shoes – more so TRAIL running shoes! :-)
    Kathleen recently posted..Hooray for a performance enhancing drug!!!My Profile

  24. I have a serious running shoe addiction, too. And working for a running company certainly doesn’t help :) I love the Merrell mary-jane’s – so cute. My mom has a pair, too and LOVES them!!
    melody recently posted..{one week later}My Profile

  25. I get it. I wear running shoes to work, meetings, you name it :)

    If my feet aren’t happy, you bet your booty I am not happy.

    I will say though, winter is BRUTAL w/ minimalist shoes… I am sorry, I want warm dry footsies!!!!
    Matt Oravec recently posted..This shit only happens to me…My Profile

  26. I love ya, and I love that you came to dinner in Boston in your VIbrams, since Pam had given my grief about wearing “ugly” shoes with my dress, and mine were dressier than yours. :)

    I only wear one type of running shoe and have a few totally flat pairs of shoes that I wear when I am not running, although most of the time I am home and am completely barefoot because I hate wearing shoes.

    That said, I have many pairs of my Pureflows… I usually have 3 pairs in rotation and several “in the wings” and then a few under the bed that have too many miles to run in but are good for other stuff. And running 300 miles a month I go through them QUICKLY. It is a good thing I am a “cheap date” and low maintenance otherwise. :)
    Erin Henderson recently posted..Three yearsMy Profile

  27. Combine a love for shoes, the constant search for the best shoe for my broken foot, and part-time work in a runner store and you get a crazy closet. I wish I was at home to take a picture…but I’ll try to list them.

    Regular Running
    Brooks Ghost
    Brooks Glycerin
    2 pairs of Brooks Cascadia (actually used for running)
    Zoot Slip On tri shoe
    Mizuno Creation (actually used for running)
    Mizuno Nirvana
    Ascis Cumulus (actually used for running)
    Newton Gravitas (actually used for running)

    Minimalist Running/Fashion (regular wear only)
    2 pr. Merrell Fashion shoes (like the tan ones in your picture)
    1 Dash Glove
    1 Pace Glove
    1 Pace Mary Jane
    NB Minimus
    NB 105
    Saucony A4

    I might need an intervention or someone to steal my credit card and cut it up. :-)
    Sarah @ RunSingTeach recently posted..7 Day Veg ChallengeMy Profile

  28. That’s a lot of shoes! I hope you actually like them all …

    Viper recently posted..Puzzling Over TrailsMy Profile

  29. I’m drooling over your collection. I get the stink eye whenever I even mention shoes! Some people just don’t understand. :D
    Tracy recently posted..Race for the Birds RecapMy Profile

  30. I am currently running in my Altra intuitions and I’m finding the transition nice :) I am already running “normal” and so I’ve been super focused on strength and rhythm – I don’t think I’ll go back either!
    Ali Mc recently posted..Races….is it too early?My Profile

  31. I could look at running shoes all day long, I’m with you :)
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..Runner’s feet & corn, tomato, & avocado saladMy Profile

  32. Shoes for street = yes!! LOL. I am a huge fan of cute flats and have them in every color and design possible. Running shoes are different b/c I basically wear one brand/type and don’t feel the need to deviate from there. I guess b/c I’ve had no injuries I feel that I want to stick with what is working…you know? =)
    Michele @ nycrunningmama recently posted..ING NYC Marathon Opening DayMy Profile

  33. Ha! That’s awesome. I just ordered Altra Instincts also! I cant wait till they arrive :)
    Erin recently posted..Seeing Obama Speak at the Univ of COMy Profile

  34. I love the photo! I definitely have a running shoe addiction, which I think is better (and cheaper) than a couture shoe addiction!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted..Change the pace – On the runMy Profile

  35. First time reader! I am loving your shoe selection. I am on my way to doing the same. :)
    Jessie recently posted..Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

  36. I love shoes… all shoes, any shoes… and especially running shoes. I don’t have a single pair from your picture, need to get to making my collection more complete. :)
    Laurie recently posted..Oh happy morning…My Profile

  37. A little crazy?!
    Who?! Me?!
    Next you’ll ask if I like Costco. ;)

    I freaking love the shoe line up.
    Awesome job msZ. Keep it up!
    There’s a sale at Nordstrom!!
    Anddddd go!
    Emz recently posted.."One Thing" – One DirectionMy Profile

  38. I want some Merrell MJ’s! It’s a functional necessity right? This is the perfect post for me right now!!!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..You Must Walk Before You Can RunMy Profile

  39. I do love the irony of excessive minimalism :)
    Beth recently posted..Cleared to Run!My Profile

  40. Nice collection. Is it just me, or do they all look kind of new? ;-)
    My collection is not so shabby either but I am getting more and more into BAREfoot running so I don’t see me buying new running shoes in the near future (or ever???)
    Ewa recently posted..Old traditionsMy Profile

  41. Where have you been all my life?! haha

    I’ve been searching for a comfortable cute sneaker like flat!
    Jocelyn @ Peace Love Nutrition recently posted..The Healing Power of FoodMy Profile

  42. My husband tells me all of the time that I have a shoe problem. Yep. I guess it comes with running!
    Jen recently posted..Yay Pepper!My Profile

  43. Wow impressive collection. I am usually not a fan of shoes either. I tried to do my assessment sans shoes today for a fitness test and they were like “you need to wear those” ugg.

    What is it about the 5fingers you don’t like? I just won a pair and am curious about feedback. I’ve heard people say they’re not good for running, just for walking…are you against them all together?
    Julie (@ROJRunning) recently posted..CVNP Fun Run and Initial Salomon Speedcross ReviewMy Profile

  44. I’m the opposite – I’ll stubbornly run a pair of shoes into the ground, ignoring the fact that the soles are falling off and the tread has worn down to nothing until I’m slipping sliding my way along the trails. There’s gotta be a healthy balance between the two, right? :)
    Abby @ Have Dental Floss, WIll Travel recently posted..Of Roses and ThornsMy Profile

  45. cool, your shoes form a nice line. Mine just get lost under the bed. I need to train them like yours. “Line Up, so I can put you on.” I’m guessing that is how you do it.
    PavementRunner recently posted..Playlist Thursday: Pop-tastic!My Profile

  46. I love the Merrell barefoot Mary Janes they are so nice looking, I might have to get myself a pair!!!
    Toni Church recently posted..“Finding Balance” A DailyFeats 30 Day Challenge plus a #FHBC12 Twitter Chat 4/26 @ 9pm ESTMy Profile

  47. Ha! This is awesome… I am well on my way to more running shoes than “normal” shoes– although I just donated a bunch of older shoes for recycling, so my collection isn’t as big as yours. But I definitely pay attention to my other shoes and definitely avoid heels or extreme unnatural options.
    Laura recently posted..Practice makes perfect and wiawMy Profile

  48. I have an unhealthy addiction to all shoes. I have tons of boots and work shoes and running shoes and walking shoes and flip flop and sandals. Too many shoes.
    J recently posted..WIAW: Mac ‘n Cheese TacosMy Profile

  49. Love all of the shoes! I don’t have that many pairs of exercise shoes, but the amount of shoes I have in general is a bit overboard haha
    Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..Exercise ComparisonsMy Profile

  50. Great collection! I really want a pair of those Merrell Mary Janes – so cute!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Midday Gym CraziesMy Profile

  51. Amanda,

    Thanks for sharing. When the cash gets tight just go barefoot. i own a running store and have way fewer shoes than my family members and almost any runner….and they last a really long time.

    Mark Cucuzzella

  52. You have a nice collection going! I worked at Nordstrom in the shoe department for 8 years. I have a “few” pairs of shoes. Just a few. Dozen. And maybe some boots.

    As for running shoes, I tend to keep one new pair and one older pair until the older pair goes kaput, in which I retire said older pair and the new(er) pair becomes the old pair and I buy a new pair. Therefore, I usually have two pairs. Right now I have three, because I kept the really old pair for muddy trails, of which there are many these days!
    Kyria recently posted..Use This: The LibraryMy Profile

  53. Just got directed here by Jess/Blonde Ponytail’s post. 5 weeks into my PF & no running and not knowing when I’ll ever get back has led me to the decision to ditch all my “regular” shoes too. Today, I wore my new Merrell glove delight’s to work. Super cute & comfy! I’ve been trying to figure out which brands besides Merrell offer a work-appropriate shoe. I’ll have to check those Vivos & Kigos too?!
    alma recently posted..Denied again – phew!My Profile

  54. I do have a few running shoes that I rotate and a few that our shot but I keep for running errands and such.
    If you look at my closet you would know I workout……a lot and dress up……never.
    I think I need to stop buying running cloths. That’s my real downfall.
    Missy recently posted..Running in the rain…..or notMy Profile

  55. And I thought my four pairs were a little self-indulgent. You are the Imelda Marcos of minimalist footwear. Well done!
    Char recently posted..Running, First World Problems and Stealth PoopersMy Profile

  56. I am the same way! I work from home so I don’t really need a huge stylish wardrobe and don’t buy all that much in clothing (although running has completely changed my physiology so I do need new clothing pieces now). But, shoes is my one splurge. My money goes to the love of shoes and I have so many. Well, we are women, aren’t we? ;-)
    Christina recently posted..Touring parts of Northern Italy with a young childMy Profile

  57. I probably have too many regular shoes, but I try to remember that I have limited space and money before I buy so that it’s kept semi-in-check.
    Raquelita recently posted..Foto Friday: Last ClassMy Profile

  58. I guess having a shoe problem is a common thing among us runners. :) I guess we were reading each other’s blogs at the same time. I really want to love minimalist running shoes. If only my legs would behave so that I could run in them. I am going to work on it this summer.
    Robin recently posted..When to Retire Running ShoesMy Profile

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