How’s your balance? (and a MOTOACTV winner)

Can you stand on one leg for 30 seconds? Go try it…..

How’d you do? Maybe not so hot, huh? I was like that not too long ago, but after some concerted effort, I’m much improved. Check out my video below to learn why balance is key to running, and how to improve it. I forgot to mention it in the video, but do this easy drill in your bare feet–shoes help you cheat and they won’t help you develop the key muscles you need for good balance.

If you were among the many, many people jonesing for the Motorola MOTOACTV watch, the winner (selected by is #23, Michel from BabyWeightMyFatAss! Congrats Michel–I’m excited for you!

And speaking of excited, I have a run tomorrow with a living legend, just the two of us for six miles. I am beyond giddy and will give all the details and pics on Monday. Hint–her initials are J.B.S. 

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  1. my balance was HORRIBLE until I added that routine into my daily, uh, routine :-)
    it is far better now—though Im still working on it.

    HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND. we love me because I have no clue who youre running with :)
    Miz recently posted..Seeing the world through the Tornado’s eyes.My Profile

  2. Oooo six miles with a living legend? I am curious… let’s you and I go for a six mile run so I can write the same blog post. xo :)
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..Gluten Free Crostini with Gorgonzola, Pecans, Cranberries and HoneyMy Profile

  3. It all looks fantastically simple and straight-forward, I’ll be trying it out real soon. Loving your work Miss Zippy :-)
    Andy recently posted..Systems are go for marathon attemptMy Profile

  4. I have pretty good balance, most of the time. This is an easy routine to add into your day, thanks! Hope you have a great weekend and run! Can’t wait to find out who u r running with!
    Toni recently posted..“Finding Balance” A DailyFeats 30 Day Challenge plus a #FHBC12 Twitter Chat 4/26 @ 9pm ESTMy Profile

  5. I have pretty good balance now compliments of yoga…few years ago not so much!
    enjoy your legendary run!!! :) Have a fab weekend!
    Tara Burner recently posted..Fitspo Friday Feature – Laura Williams a/k/a @girlsgonesportyMy Profile

  6. Joan! Enjoy!
    Mara @Big Happy Family recently posted..Note to fileMy Profile

  7. So glad you posted this. I just started working on my balance a few weeks ago. I have terribly weak hips and to stand on only my left foot aggravates them. I know I need to strengthen that area. Any other advice?

  8. Funny – this was one of my PT exercises but since I do that all the time in yoga I found it easy…until the PT told me to do it with my eyes closed! Much harder!

    Hmmm, JBS….I think I know who that is and if so, that is MEGA cool! Just the two of you?! Even better! What are you going to ask her? Are you worried you won’t be able to keep up? (I would be!)
    Alison Gittelman recently posted..(Almost) FamousMy Profile

  9. This kind of balance is no problemo for me. Its the other life kind that becomes a challenge sometimes. Yay for JBS! Love her!
    Teamarcia recently posted..Heed the WhistleMy Profile

  10. Have a great run! Balance is actually something I seem to be OK with most of the time. Congrats to the winner of the watch too, that looks like a really great one to try!
    abbi recently posted..Hungry?My Profile

  11. How awesome to run with Joan! Will somebody stalk you guys to get a pic? Hope so!

    Are you running Iron Girl on Sunday?

  12. Laura at TRT convinced me to stand on one leg almost everywhere I go. So now I’m now that weird lady who stands in line at Walmart, the grocery store, the gas station, the library, etc on one leg!

    And hooray for you! Running with Joan! woot!!
    Tracy recently posted..Wilderness Wednesday [on Thurs]My Profile

  13. I always plan on standing on my Bosu ball while watching TV, but usually forget – easy way to work on balance.
    Kovas – Midwest Multisport Life recently posted..What Kind Of Runner Are You? (A Flowchart)My Profile

  14. ohhh have fun with your running buddy, i have to go stand on one leg now
    Amanda @RunToTheFinish recently posted..Giveaway: 1 Year MyYogaOnlineMy Profile

  15. Obviously, I had to go try this out. I can do it, but only using the old high school soccer trick of holding onto my opposite ear. It works!
    Kari @ Running Ricig recently posted..Should you run?My Profile

  16. I assume JBS stands for Joan Benoit Samuelson – have fun running with her! When she came to run the Masters nationals 5k last fall it was amazing to run with her. her little legs just go so fast and she runs so fast too!

    I need to do more balance exercises – We do a lot in the yoga class I go to but thats about it.
    J recently posted..WIAW: Mac ‘n Cheese TacosMy Profile

  17. Have fun with Joan! That is beyond cool! Though I don’t know her personally, tell her hi from her Maine peeps!!!
    Carrie recently posted..Running After My MojoMy Profile

  18. Great reminder to work on balance more often…thanks!
    Abby @ Change of Pace recently posted..Knock on wood…My Profile

  19. I think I know who it is and it’s not James Spader.
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..Is That Map Happy To See Me?My Profile

  20. You’re running with Joan! I love her – cannot wait to hear about your run!!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Two Years and CountingMy Profile

  21. I LOVE balance work!
    Starting yoga last fall taught me that I needed to work on m balance too. At first, tree post was hard for me, but now I can hold it while doing the dishes!

    In the gym, I’ve started using a balance board as part of my warm up. Just trying to stand on the thing wakes up just about every muscle in my body!

    Thanks for the tips!
    Tamara recently posted..Fitness and nutrition challenges: you tell me yours and I’ll tell you mineMy Profile

  22. I do work on my balance. I know it is not great!

    Congrats to Michelle.
    Elle recently posted..GNC Beyond Raw Products ReviewMy Profile

  23. JBS ?! No way! I mean what’s the bug deal about that!? ;) Very cool.
    I’ll have to try the balance thing…in more ways than one.
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..1315My Profile

  24. That was pretty fun but I need to improve on that by far. Thanks for sharing. Excited to find out who that run is with. have a good week end.
    Kenley Jones recently posted..Fall Marathon Training Week 1 of 30 W/E 4/21/2012My Profile

  25. I’ve been working on my balance a lot. I need to be working on my balance a lot. I can’t believe how fast it deteriorates after I stop my balance training. Love Bosu ball squats.
    Ewa recently posted..Old traditionsMy Profile

  26. lucky duck! enjoy – can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Kristy@RunTheLongRoad recently posted..RecoveryMy Profile

  27. Yay Michel!!!

    Enjoy your 6 miles – can’t WAIT to hear about it!
    bobbi recently posted..Three Things Thursday: Feeling BetterMy Profile

  28. My balance is good but I have been working on it for quite a while. :)

    I can’t wait to hear about your run with JBS!!!!!! How awesome and amazing is that? I am crazy excited for you.
    Erin Henderson recently posted..Three yearsMy Profile

  29. Did we have a 6 mile run scheduled tomorrow? Damn I got to book me a flight ASAP!


    Paul recently posted..Detailed analysis of CIM vs Eugene buildupMy Profile

  30. To me, running is all about balance and posture. Good on you for spreading the word on the importance of the former. Cheers!
    Viper recently posted..Flashback Friday: Hill ChallengeMy Profile

  31. Great video, of course I kicked off my Birkenstocks right after I watched it to see how my balance is! Have a great time on your run!
    Molly recently posted..Friday FavesMy Profile

  32. how cool !!! have fun with jbs !! amazing for you
    feener recently posted..hookyMy Profile

  33. You are NOT running with Joan Benoit Samuelson are you? If so how, why, where, when, tell all!

  34. This is awesome! I did this with you on video! Great reminder! Thanks for being so great!!!!!!!!
    Harmony recently posted..All GOOD!My Profile

  35. When you write about this tomorrow please write about how it happened. I am dying of curiosity. How will you sleep tonight? Have fun!!!

  36. I’m guessing Joan! Awesome…enjoy…can’t wait to hear about it and see some pics!
    Robin Brunet recently posted..IRun MagazineMy Profile

  37. Oh, I would LOVE to run with Joan!!! A girl in my run club ran the Hyannis 1/2 Marathon alongside her almost the whole time. I can’t imagine, I would be totally starstruck! Enjoy!
    Robin recently posted..When to Retire Running ShoesMy Profile

  38. Congrats to Michele! Lucky you! :)

    As for balance, I have no problem standing on one leg. Usually my balance is pretty good (guess the fear of falling off the horses forced it on me), but there are those days when my feet can best be described as “round” and two feet are required to stay vertical. :)

    Have a great run this weekend. Good to hear you’re feeling 100%.
    Joanne recently posted..Friday MusingsMy Profile

  39. That looks fun. Going to have to try it… i wonder what the effects are outside… on grass, gravle, street. etc. Although that might include some “cleaning” afterwards. Watch out for doggie poo!

    I’m going to have to give this a try…
    PavementRunner recently posted..Playlist Thursday: Pop-tastic!My Profile

  40. Nice video! i was horrible at balance till I tried some yoga. I still think that tipping over a time or two is in my future but hey, something to work on :) Have a great weekend!
    Coy recently posted..A new bodily function??My Profile

  41. do you ever practice blind flamingo? those are great for balance too! can’t wait to hear about your run!
    lindsay recently posted..Cotter Combo LocosMy Profile

  42. JBS???? WOW!! I can’t wait to hear your report.

    Going to go try that balance thing….
    Terzah recently posted..Coming in May: Sleep ChallengeMy Profile

  43. I have the balance of a ninja and trapeze artist all rolled into one!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..I am jumping off a boat into shark infested waters on SundayMy Profile

  44. Balance, balance, balance! It’s very important! I do all my form/ strength stuff barefoot (or in NM minimalist trail if its freaking coooold!) to help build my foot muscles, too. Congrats to Michel as well!!
    Erik recently posted..More prizes for the Virtual 5k to beat CF!My Profile

  45. Ok, so after my last marathon, I was with friends playing Wii Fit. Part of the Wii Fit assessment is to balance on one leg. I have a bum right knee, so I balance on my left leg. That, and about 14 beers, meant I stood like 5 seconds. My Wii Fit age: 72. No joke.

  46. My balance is pretty poor. Could be the whole not running much and NOT doing all the strength and stability exercises that my number 1 son gave me. Eventually I will get back into it and I know the improvements happen pretty quickly.
    Char recently posted..Riding the Roller CoasterMy Profile

  47. eeee! Have a great run this weekend!!! :) TAKE PICTURES!
    Erin recently posted..Random Friday PhotosMy Profile

  48. my “tree pose” in yoga, is often blowing in the wind ( lol ) but I’m usually better if I haven’t been for a run just before class. I can always use more balance work.

    Pretty kitty! :-)
    ginny recently posted..Oh What A Day @ the Blue Ridge MarathonMy Profile

  49. Running with Joanie??? That’s too cool. I used to have major balance issues and didn’t realize how important it was until I was having issues. That seems to be my pattern…
    Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl recently posted..Get Chickin’ Y’all!My Profile

  50. Impressive with the balance!!

    Can’t wait to hear all about the run with JBS – wow!!!!!!
    Marlene recently posted..AfterMy Profile


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