CIM it is!

So I may or may not have already chosen my next marathon before I even toed the line in Boston. A few of my friends had already decided on NYC for their fall marathon, but others of us were still trying to decide which one we’d run. When my friend Becky came back from the expo with a brochure for California International Marathon (CIM), I didn’t even think twice.

I’ve wanted to run this marathon for quite a while. It has a reputation for being a fast course with perfect temperatures. Um, perfect temperatures? Yeah, that might have its appeal for me right about now.

I’ve had several people ask if I want to do another marathon in the next few weeks to “make up” for Boston. I can understand why people want to do this–the fitness is there, and after months of hard training, it would be tempting to get another try for a good time. I don’t have that burning desire, though. I don’t feel “shorted” in any way by the conditions we were handed. It was something we had no control over. No, I did not get a good time at Boston. But I survived ridiculous conditions and I take no small amount of pride in that. I don’t need a “redemption race.”

That said: I’m pretty excited to get a crack at a PR this fall. I’ve been running marathons for a long time now and I’m not exactly young any more. Being a realist, I know my years for still nailing a PR are numbered, which is why a course like CIM looks pretty darn good right about now. It’s also not until the first weekend in December, which means I’ll have a lot of time between now and then to work on speed before ramping up the miles again in the fall. I really want a marathon where all of the elements are in place for a PR, where whether or not I get one rests squarely on my shoulders, and nothing else. I think CIM fits that bill.

Anyone else running CIM this year? Who has run it before and loved it? 

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    I have no intention doing a marathon but I read a lot about it, since I read a lot of running magazines, articles and blogs. Everywhere, especially here in Holland, I read one shouldn’t run more than 2 marathons in a year because of the impact it has on a body.
    Having said that I think you’re smart not to run a redemption marathon but focus on your next one in December (which sounds pretty cool by the way) and have plenty of time to recover and training. I wouldn’t be surprised if you PR’d on this one.
    Fran recently posted..Monday April 23, 2012: The mishmash editionMy Profile

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    I’m seriously so excited for you! I know you can get that pr!!! You should have gotten two medals for just surviving Boston this year!!! A good friend of mine finished and then collapsed. 4 bags of fluid later he was back on his feet!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Monday MotivationMy Profile

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    I ran CIM in December and PR’d by 23 minutes. Great course and awesome volunteers. The only bad thing about Sac is the CRAZY winds! I would totally run CIM again and almost was contemplating it for this year…again. Instead I think I might run Portland in October. I don’t feel like training through snow this year.
    Tasha @ Healthy Diva recently posted..Girls Weekend!!!!!My Profile

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    I’m sure it is an awesome race. I looked and read about it a bit and it will be perfect for you and I’m sure a PR as well. Someone asked me this weekend if i would run a city marathon over seas or rather trails. I hope I can do both and this is the type of marathon I would go for.
    Johann recently posted..Monday MusingsMy Profile

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    Now that my laptop is working better, I can comment!

    You will love CIM. If the weather is good, this is a fantastic course. Rolling hills but nothing major. Now that is coming from me, a person who does not run as much as you do and for whom CIM was the first and only marathon. I loved it and I want to run it again. For me, of course it will be just for fun again. I am excited that you are running it. I’ll get to meet you!!!
    Ewa recently posted..Hello to all of you from my iPhoneMy Profile

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    I’m thinking about an early December race, too; I ran Baton Rouge beach last year and loved it, so I was thinking about doing it again. I might think about some shorter disstances this summer, since I struggle with 5k or 10k races.
    I have heard good things about CIM from those who ran it, and since it’s popular and has been around for awhile I think it is well run and organized.
    Gracie recently posted..Crazy things that happened to me in Boston.My Profile

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    I havent heard of that one but I’m guessing that California in December would be pretty nice. It sounds really good from where I normally am in December. Plus, I love marathons that time of year, we always seem to be our fittest then!
    Coy recently posted..Age Group Winner!My Profile

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    I had thought about it. See, my desire for another marathon isn’t so much a “redemption” marathon as it is just wanting to be at Boston again so I need to qualify. I really only like to do one marathon a year and I’m not sad about the way Boston turned out but now I need another one (say september) so that I can BQ and be there with my friends again. :) CIM sounds like a good one but obviously too later for a BQ. Working on speed this summer sounds ideal though.

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    Well CIM is just great:

    incredible volunteers, point to point course, no half marathoners, almost always good weather, more port-a-loos at the start per capita than any other race in the USA. Rolling downhill course..every gentle uphill followed by two downhills! what’s not to like?

    Warning: Not huge spectating..but those that are out are noisy! Not big-sur level scenery but pleasant enough.

    ” I know my years for still nailing a PR are numbered,”

    Speak for yourself. There is something called age grading: AGPRS!
    Paul recently posted..5 days to Eugene!My Profile

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    Awesome! I have heard good things about this race too. I don’t know if I would be excited to jump right back into a marathon if my first one was bad. I am just hoping I enjoy 75% of the experience. I think the last few miles will be a bit miserable no matter what!
    J recently posted..Where’s Spring?My Profile

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    Sooooo many ppl I know are doing CIM. Good luck, i have high hopes for you to DESTROY and DEMOLISH your PR time. I ran it in 2009 and set a PR. Very cold that year…

    That same weekend I’ll be running a 50 miler in the Matin Headlands… looks like we’ll both be testing our limits that weekend.
    PavementRunner recently posted..An Easy 10 with… Courtney and LucasMy Profile

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    I’ve heard great things about that race. And I love the feeling you get when you take the plunge and sign up!! (I also love that you don’t feel the need for a redemption marathon. That Boston was a baptism of blood and sweat–sounds like old school redemption to me. :^) )
    Terzah recently posted..Injury Loves CompanyMy Profile

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    I think this is a GREAT idea! How cool to be running a marathon in California! I think December is also a great time because your high mileage will be when it’s cooling off here. I dread fall marathons because it means long runs in August/September when it’s stinking hot. Good luck!
    Alison Gittelman recently posted..Running in EnglandMy Profile

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    Ha! I’m from mid town Sacramento right where the race has its final miles and although I have not run it yet (was actually thinking about doing it this year as well-see old friends, PR, etc;)) running and finishing through the Capitol is great and I remember the weather being perfect the few times I was a spectator. Great cant wait to follow. Also maybe as it gets closer I have a few local resturaunt tips (I just happen to be in that buisness;))
    Yay!! What is your current PR for the marathon anyway?
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..FollowerMy Profile

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    i’ve only heard good things about CIM! woo hoo!

    i am leary about the idea of “making up” a marathon after one like boston (or any race where something impeded your normal opportunity to race). the heat could have affected one’s body in ways they may not know – and trying to re-ramp it up for another marathon a few weeks later could only make things worse! i am just a little paranoid now about the effects of hard-/long-running or other stress has on the body (mostly internally – not in an injury sense). anyway – i don’t think i’m putting it into words well either, but i’m glad you’re gonna just take it easy and gear up for CIM in the fall!
    lindsay recently posted..ali asnameMy Profile

  16. Mick says

    Have fun! I’ve always been interested in CIM too. Today, I just received the email confirmation that I’m in for the NYC Marathon. So, my fall marathon is set.

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    Awesome! The cool weather would have won me over, too. I’m checking out some fall marathon options but am not sure yet what the fall will hold. That will be a great race for another shot at a pr!
    Laura recently posted..Track dateMy Profile

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    I ran it last year, for my first marathon. It was great. The weather at the beginning was in the high 30s / low 40s and it warmed up to maybe the 50s during the day. The course is flattish (it goes up and down a little) and goes through the majority of Sacramento, ending downtown, which is beautiful.

    FYI if you have any friends spectating, DON’T have them waiting at the hand off for the relay or you will never find them. Tell them to go downtown and have a beer and wait there. :)
    Kyria recently posted..Food Firsts (2)My Profile

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    First week of December is a good time to race. You know with almost certainty it will be cool and that always helps.

    My only issue was that I have a packed schedule for the year that by the time that first week of Dec rolls around I am usually shot especially now with the HIM and IM being a part of my life.

    You are much smarter than I and probably not packing 12-15 races into a year so you’ll be golden.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Cookie MonsterMy Profile