What’s not to love?

About spring running? Yesterday morning started with a 10-mile run with friends. I’ll admit, I was a bit whiny–it was just one of those runs where you’re mentally a bit run down. But I got through it and got on with my day. I had planned a 3-mile run for later in the afternoon and all day long, I kind of dreaded it. I was feeling tired, unmotivated, etc. Finally, though, out the door I went.

IMG 1274 224x300 Whats not to love?

Hanging in the sun after a great spring run

It was sunny and warm, and you know what? It was a great run. I saw some deer, a bluebird, and could smell fresh mown grass as I made my way along my chosen route. The flowering trees and spring flowers out everywhere were spectacular. And I was doing it all in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. It doesn’t get much better.

As I closed in on about a mile to go, I felt like picking up the pace. My legs felt fresh and I was just enjoying the day. I nailed down a really strong final mile–my 13th of the day, and heck yeah, that felt great.

I know it can be hard to acclimate to the warmer temperatures–and I know I don’t race well in them–but I do love hitting the road when it starts to warm up like this. Give me spring over winter any day, thank you very much.



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  1. Im a determined NONRUNNER–except in the austin spring :)
    Miz recently posted..We love our JumpSport trampoline!My Profile

  2. Sounds awesome!!! I do love running in the Spring!!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  3. Can’t wait for hot, sweaty runs!
    Kovas recently posted..Running NakedMy Profile

  4. I love when we have a great run when least expect it! Great work getting in 13!
    Salty recently posted..5 Lessons From SnookiMy Profile

  5. YES YES YES. I actually preferred running in 115 degree weather in Iraq over running in 20 degree weather back home! Give me the sun and warm air, thank you very much!!

    Awesome job on the two a day! YAY!!!
    Michele @ nycrunningmama recently posted..If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plansMy Profile

  6. I’m with you – spring is my favorite time to run!
    Callie @ The Wannabe Athlete recently posted..Pediatricians and ParadesMy Profile

  7. I’m partial to fall, but it really is hard not to love this weather right now (except, you know, the environmentalist in me who thinks that we’re all doomed…)
    Abby @ Have Dental Floss, WIll Travel recently posted..He Says – 50 Peaks, State 12: North CarolinaMy Profile

  8. I am looking forward to experiencing this spring weather. So far we have only had snow. Yuck!
    Tasha @ Healthy Diva recently posted..I run becauseMy Profile

  9. TOTALLY agree. Loving the weather!
    Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb recently posted..RFF – 3/23/12My Profile

  10. Me too! I am ok with the heat and muggy conditions as long as my run stays around 10 miles or so. It’s very cleansing and refreshing for me. This morning was glorious!
    Jessica Karazsia (@irun 26at8) recently posted..Boston Training: Week 11 SummaryMy Profile

  11. Speaking of which, I need to get more sleeveless running shirts! I only have one for some odd reason!

    I love the smell of freshly mowed grass!!
    Coy recently posted..Coy on a first date with shoes and scuba diversMy Profile

  12. Ahhh fresh mowed grass. Lovely.
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..SpringMy Profile

  13. Good for you! I was going to go out for some extra miles yesterday afternoon as well but just the weather was TOO warm. It was in the 80′s and that’s too hot for me. PLUS I’m just not an afternoon runner/exerciser. I figured not doing the extra miles would leave me stronger for the long haul on Saturday (all be it in the rain – poo! )
    Joanne recently posted..FOFF Lentil and Sausage Soup (Vegetarian Version Offered)My Profile

  14. I believe there’s a law against not enjoying unseasonably nice weather. Glad the run turned out so well for you. Cheers!
    Viper recently posted..Flashback Friday: What Race Jitters?My Profile

  15. Spring here mostly involves rain, but if it is a warm rain then I actually LOVE running in it! Great job on getting all 13 in!
    Tressa recently posted..Three Things Thursday!My Profile

  16. That sounds amazing! It was so warm here yesterday (and today), but I’m sick so it’s so hard to not get out there and run, but hopefully I’ll be back on track next week and the weather will still be nice!
    Chicken recently posted..The HUNGER GAMES!My Profile

  17. Looove the spring!! The birds tweeting, the flowers blooming, the sun shining- it sounds so cliche but its all true! This weather just makes you want to get outside and enjoy it :)
    Josie @ happycorrdora.com recently posted..Springtime, Garmin and Good HabitsMy Profile

  18. Glad you had a great run! Jealous of your beautiful weather:) So nice.
    Hikermom recently posted..Free Rant FridayMy Profile

  19. We’ve had crazy warm weather here this past week, but it is suppose to slid back down to normal temperatures soon. Hopefully it’ll hold for the weekend!!
    Laurel recently posted..Finally FridayMy Profile

  20. It is gorgeous here the week, too… all the fair-weather runners are out! It really is the perfect time to run, I’m trying to make the most of it before it gets too hot.
    Laura recently posted..Nathan handhelds review and giveawayMy Profile

  21. Somehow, it is MUCH easier to get out these in the warmer temps… at least until I get to the end of the street and I’m already dripping in sweat, beat red and huffing and puffing. ;)

    Nice double!
    marlene recently posted..Foto FridayMy Profile

  22. I feel the same about Autumn running. When the air cools just a little and it starts to get dark out. It just lifts me. It’s so cool that you got to see a deer. That’s something I’ll never see on a run here.
    Char recently posted..If You’re Awesome And You Know It Clap Your Hands.My Profile

  23. I love to see all wildlife on my runs..especially when I am alone… I still prefer winter running..I have been known to be a summer complainer. PS. you look gorgeous!
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..I did what?!My Profile

  24. It’s no shocker that I don’t run well in the heat, but I actually don’t like winter at all so I’m looking forward to some spring time acclimation (but another downfall of spring is my horrible spring allergies. Desite the gluten-light thing, I’m suffering already – bleh). Good job on the 10. I so need to find a group like that to push my pace a bit.
    Jill recently posted..The 50k That Wasn’t RRMy Profile

  25. Totally agree! It is beautiful outside and although I have tons of work to do, I’m itching to get out there :)
    Heather@Just a Colorado Gal recently posted..Lair o’ the Bear!My Profile

  26. Looks like you are beeming from that spring run! Glad you got out and enjoyed it….
    Ed recently posted..The not quite spring run…My Profile

  27. I’m much more partial to fall weather for running, but it is hard to complain when the days are this nice!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..This and that….My Profile

  28. Nice job! Sounds like you’re more than ready for taper happiness :)
    Lisa recently posted..I ran at lunchtime!My Profile

  29. So glad you got out and enjoyed a nice spring run!

    I actually really enjoy winter running. Maybe it’s the crazy Wisconsinite in me, lol. But I’m excited for spring running, I’ve been in a running slump lately and I’m hoping the nicer temps will help running and I get along better :)
    Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom recently posted..2012 Fitness and Health Bloggers ConferenceMy Profile

  30. LOVE training in warm weather–I think it makes us tougher. My 2nd marathon was a flop and I partially blame the heat, but I still won’t complain about warm temps ever!

    Love this picture of you–glowing!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..Do You Run for a Reason?My Profile

  31. We had snow again this week! Sheesh. I’m ready for some spring weather and it’s supposed to get up to 60 degrees today for my brick. I’m so excited!

    Great pic!
    Julie recently posted..I’m Not Complaining…REALLY!My Profile

  32. I prefer autumn because in spring I suffer of allergy. However the spring colors and the warm weather are amazing.
    Black Knight recently posted..The Running DoctorMy Profile

  33. YAY Spring! Except I hate it here. In like a LION!
    Mamarunsbarefoot recently posted..Tell me this is normalMy Profile

  34. ACHOO!!!!! lol
    Pam recently posted..Runner Math FailMy Profile

  35. I’ve been loving the relatively cool mornings for my runs, and the warm afternoons for playing outside. Love running past all the pretty blooms, too.
    Mara @Big Happy Family recently posted..The Greatest Seats on EarthMy Profile

  36. Sounds like a great run, I love the warmer weather!!!
    Toni Church recently posted..Friday Favorites 3/23/12My Profile

  37. We actually had the most perfectly spring-like winter…and now it’s raining like crazy! Sound like you got to have a wonderful run :)
    XLMIC recently posted..Racing on a wing and a prayerMy Profile

  38. Oh it sounds almost “Disney-esque”!
    SassyModernMom recently posted..OversharingMy Profile

  39. yay for spring!!
    Stephanie Anne recently posted..Rock N Roll DC Race Report!My Profile

  40. Can’t beat running in the spring – anything goes. I’m a better cold runner – faster at 9 degrees compared to 90. But, OH, how wonderful to feel the sun!
    Kathy R recently posted..One False Start, Followed By My Best 20 Miler … Ever!My Profile

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