What’s not to love?

About spring running? Yesterday morning started with a 10-mile run with friends. I’ll admit, I was a bit whiny–it was just one of those runs where you’re mentally a bit run down. But I got through it and got on with my day. I had planned a 3-mile run for later in the afternoon and all day long, I kind of dreaded it. I was feeling tired, unmotivated, etc. Finally, though, out the door I went.

Hanging in the sun after a great spring run

It was sunny and warm, and you know what? It was a great run. I saw some deer, a bluebird, and could smell fresh mown grass as I made my way along my chosen route. The flowering trees and spring flowers out everywhere were spectacular. And I was doing it all in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. It doesn’t get much better.

As I closed in on about a mile to go, I felt like picking up the pace. My legs felt fresh and I was just enjoying the day. I nailed down a really strong final mile–my 13th of the day, and heck yeah, that felt great.

I know it can be hard to acclimate to the warmer temperatures–and I know I don’t race well in them–but I do love hitting the road when it starts to warm up like this. Give me spring over winter any day, thank you very much.



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    Good for you! I was going to go out for some extra miles yesterday afternoon as well but just the weather was TOO warm. It was in the 80’s and that’s too hot for me. PLUS I’m just not an afternoon runner/exerciser. I figured not doing the extra miles would leave me stronger for the long haul on Saturday (all be it in the rain – poo! )
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    That sounds amazing! It was so warm here yesterday (and today), but I’m sick so it’s so hard to not get out there and run, but hopefully I’ll be back on track next week and the weather will still be nice!
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    Somehow, it is MUCH easier to get out these in the warmer temps… at least until I get to the end of the street and I’m already dripping in sweat, beat red and huffing and puffing. 😉

    Nice double!
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    It’s no shocker that I don’t run well in the heat, but I actually don’t like winter at all so I’m looking forward to some spring time acclimation (but another downfall of spring is my horrible spring allergies. Desite the gluten-light thing, I’m suffering already – bleh). Good job on the 10. I so need to find a group like that to push my pace a bit.
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