Want to know what good form looks like?

Look no further than your kids. They make it seem effortless because for them, it is. The perfect lean, the foot landing under the center of gravity, the light landing. It’s all there.

Would that it were so easy for the big people!

Her first 5k!

Finishing a 5k last weekend

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    This is mostly true – especially from a midfoot landing perspective. But evaluating overall form will find flaws just like in adults (for example look at the arms in the picture of the young man). So we need to be careful about what we are trying to say. Also, with respect to smoothness and consistency (not overall form), I would give the edge to a more mature runner (high school and above).

    I do agree with you though and think the question is not just about form, but what contributes to the changes in form as someone grows up. Could it be posture related? Shoe related? Or???
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    so funny . . . .when I saw her form [I think Monday?!] I thought to myself- she has amazing form. Of course she does!! She’s a lil’ Zippy!!

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    I say this all the time. My daughter could be a running model. Her form is beautiful and she uses it to kick her brothers booties at every turn. heehee Well, she doesn’t quite catch them yet but she gets real close, which is amazing since she is 5 and they are 10 &13.
    I love watching the kids run. I might be a little jealous. 😉
    Missy recently posted..LA Marathon Part 1My Profile

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    fabulous form :-)

    yea, my 5 year old runs beautifully if possible! i mean, i could watch him for hours…it looks effortless and so perfect! but my husband has gorgeous running form, so maybe it’s genetic? lol, i sure don’t!!!!
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    You’re right kids do just naturally know what to do for the most part. Although I have cracked up a time or two when I hear someone clopping along down the road, beating up their poor feet and I turn to look and it’s so teen in baggy pants and 3x too big shoes “running”
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