The world conspired against me

I don’t know about you guys, but when I run anything 20 miles or longer, I need a little nap at some point afterward. Not a long one–15-20 minutes will do me–but a little downtime to get through the rest of my day with a smile on my face.

Saturday I ran 22 with my friends, three of the final four being a local 5k that both my kids were doing. Finished up feeling good and happy to have the last long one under my belt for Boston. The kids both did a great job too (my youngest shaved six minutes off her 5k from a week ago!). Went home, showered, ate, and then Mr. Zippy was kind enough to take the kids off to run some errands.

I settled into my favorite chair with the Hunger Games in hand. After just a few pages I started nodding off. And then:

  • Connor had other ideas than supporting my nap

    The phone rang–one of the kids’ friends looking for them. I go back to pursuing sleep.

  • The dog starts whining to go out. Get up, let him out/back in and try to fall back to sleep.
  • My phone starts receiving texts. Try to ignore the constant chime reminding me I haven’t read the messages. Nod off again.
  • The cat starts meowing loudly–she’s been shut in the basement. Let her out, go back to my chair.
  • Finally, some peace and quiet. I get maybe 10 minutes of sleep in, and then the family returns.

Ugh! Some days, as much as the body needs its rest, it’s just not going to happen. For just those few hours, I’d love to be an elite who can arrange his/her entire days/schedules around doing all he/she needs to recover for the next workout. But alas, I am just a human runner with a family and obligations. The good thing is–I still think the trade-off is worth it.

Are naps a regular part of you recovery routine?

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  1. says

    I really can’t nap. Last week after the Publix marathon everyone else wanted a nap and I needed one, too. I got up at 4:30 am on Saturday for a flight and again Sunday for the race, but I just couldn’t sleep. I sleep well at night but I’m wide awake during the day.
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    I WISH I could get some sleep after a hard workout. My body is all full of energy before and after. I don’t sleep well the night before a long run or race. After the long miles, I’m usually on my feet all day fulfilling baking/cooking obligations, but that’s my weekend fun so I guess that counts as relaxation time although my feet would argue.
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  3. says

    I hate it when all I want is a nap and there are just a million other things happening, dogs barking, phone ringing, husband doing something, etc., but I’ve certainly been there. Nice work on the last long run before Boston!
    abbi recently posted..SuccessMy Profile

  4. says

    I don’t know how you only need a 20 minute nap! I spent 2 hours running yesterday and 1.5 hours at AllSports Recovery in Boulder(ice bath, napped for 30 minutes while wearing the normatec compression boots, tiger sticked my legs, 10 minutes on the power plate) and I still needed a 30 minute nap later in the day. I’m glad I was old(son is grown & lives in NYC) when I found running – I don’t think I could do it with little kids. all you Moms with children at home are amazing!
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  5. says

    Oh I agree!! The days when I really feel myself falling asleep, something precludes me from taking that nap…on the days when I have the luxury of an afternoon nap (son is napping, hubby takes son outside, etc), I can’t seem to fall asleep. But I appreciate the quiet time nonetheless!
    Hope your 22 miler was great – congrats to your kids for great races!!
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  6. says

    I’m not a big nap person usually, but I do remember after one 20 miler, I was in a different town and waiting for a friend to get home from work (I didn’t have a key), and I literally parked my car in a parking garage and took a nap in my car, I was sooo tired! Haha!

    Congrats on your last long run before Boston! Woo hoo!
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  7. says

    I had this happen to me on Saturday after my long run. I was sitting on the couch watching tv and nodded off while sitting up. Then I sulked down to where my head was on the arm rest and drooled all over the place. The kids were making fun of me. :)
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  8. says

    I try to put a nap in there if at all possible after a long run. Like you said sometimes it just doesnt happen for some rhyme or reason. Congrats on your 22 miles girl. Boston here comes MissZippy. So excited for you to run Boston again.

  9. says

    I HAVE to have a nap after long workouts like that…and the family knows it. Fortunately I can sleep through anything when I’m that pooped out. After Saturday’s brick, I took my first ice bath of the season and then the kids wrapped me up in blankets they heated up in the dryer for me. Within a few minutes I was down for the count :-)
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  10. says

    Nice going on 22 miles and how nice of your husband to take the kids out so you could nap… sorry it didn’t happen!

    I have never run 22 miles, of course, but after my 8 miler on Saturday I felt like I could nap and that quite surprised me! I have never experienced that before.

    So excited for your Boston marathon coming up.
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  11. says

    I ABSOLUTELY love naps! Fortunately my longer runs are always on Saturdays when my husband can deal with the kids. I make them have “quiet time” still on all the days they are home with me, but they don’t really sleep, so any nap I can snatch on those days is short. I’m looking forward to all-day kindergarten next year, which should mean I can grab a nap on most Thursdays and Fridays too.
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  12. says

    Goodness isn’t this the truth. My husband will do amazing things like that for me and it never seems to work out. Ah life in the fast lane. :-)
    At least we have super supportive husbands that try to make naps happen for us.
    Congrats on your last long run!
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  13. Rachel says

    I can totally relate! Just ran my 22 with my friend on Friday and tried to sneak away for 20 minute nap until my 7 year old found me…then it was bring the kids to school fundraiser, pick kids up from Lacrosse practice, get Dairy Queen treat for all (me too-I deserved it!), and then host a sleepover… Love your blog-hope to run into you in Boston

  14. says

    I always have a very difficult time falling asleep after a long run, my body just twitches and I just can’t do it, despite how much I want to.

    Next time, turn your phone off and open the door for the animals :).
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  15. says

    I started napping at lunch late last year when I was training for my IM. I can’t do it every day but it definitely does help even if it is only 20 minutes (although I would much prefer a couple of hours sometimes!) :)
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  16. says

    Hooray on the final 22!
    And I know what you mean. Thankfully dh and kids know what a bear I can be if I’m over-tired so they usually let me grab a quick nap. And double thankfully I can sleep pretty anywhere in spite of noise or interruptions.
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  17. says

    Kind of reminds me of Ryan Hall talking about how he takes a 2 hour nap and calls it his business meeting! hahaha. I know what you mean. We get the pleasantness of dealing with other things that tend to interrupt, but the things that matter. Take care. I usually just make the dog take a nap too. lol
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  18. says

    congrats on the 22 w/ friends! man, I can’t even imagine running that far, at one time! lol

    as for sleep, some days when i really want/need a little nap, it’s the same thing, it NEVER happens or something is always coming up, to where I just say FORGET it, put a pot of coffee on and drink up!
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  19. says

    Oh yep I hear ya,
    Ps just finished hunger games and saw the movie, Tween culture typically never appeals to me but I’m so glad a few of my friends talked me into the idea.
    Sorry if misspelling I’m on the elliptical as I type Stupid shin

  20. says

    I didn’t nap on Sat, after my last 20 miler, but I did fall asleep on the living room floor while watching TV that evening. I slept a solid 8 hours before I woke up and went upstairs to sleep in bed, for an additional 2 hours! My husband tried to wake me up, and was unsuccessful. I also sacked out for another 2 hours after church on Sunday! I was wiped out! Usually I take a nap on Sundays, but for the past couple weeks missed out, I guess I saved it all up for this past weekend!
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  21. Kristen says

    I would love to regularly nap after long runs, but I don’t think that’s ever happened since I became a running mom! Pre-baby, I always got in a post long run nap. It was glorious. Great job with your 22!!

  22. says

    I love a good nap after a long run. I go take the phone off the hook. Turn my mobile to silent. Then take myself off to the bedroom and shut the door. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many precautions I take. I hope you get a good rest next time.
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  23. says

    I sometimes take a nap at the end of the afternoon after my long run on Saturday. Depends on how I feel. Most of the times I just keep going all day because running gives me energy.

    But I hate being disturbed during a nap too. At least the dog never bothers me because as soon as I lie down on the couch for a nap, she jumps on it and lies next to me.
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  24. choopy says

    Man there mus be a lot of boyfriends/ dads out there on sat and sundays taking care of the brood while tired moms get their naps in….