The final push

Not possible that this is the last week of marathon training before taper

I can’t even begin to believe that this is the last big mileage week before Boston. How did I get here already? It really feels like I just returned to running, although it has been four months now. It’s surreal that I have just about made it through an entire marathon training cycle.

Friday we all found out that numbers and corral/wave assignments were posted, though, so it looks like this thing is really happening, and happening soon.

Training hasn’t been perfect, it hasn’t been typical, and it hasn’t been without its hiccups. But over the last few weeks, I feel like it has finally fallen into place. I’ve done some speed work, I’ve managed a couple of 55ish mile weeks, and my body is feeling good. I’m recovering from each long run amazingly fast. A decent race feels within reach.

I’m getting SO excited, I have to say. This race represents a victory just by the fact that I will there. Period. Add in the fact that I will be going up with so many friends, and it’s a recipe for a fantastic couple of days.

I’m plunging into this week anticipating running between 55 and 58 miles. Tuesday will include some tempo work and Saturday will be my last 22-miler. I am usually so happy to see the end of a training period and always look forward to the taper. I don’t have that sense at all this time–I have enjoyed these past few months of running perhaps more than ever before. I hate for it all to end. Of course, that’s what keeps us all coming back, over and over again, isn’t it?

Who else headed to Boston is getting excited? 

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    You’re right, it is crazy how soon it is! So glad your training has gone so well, I can’t wait to see how you do!!!

    I think I have the same shirt as you – is it a grey tech tee from the Philly Marathon a few years ago? I miss the Philly races :)

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    Yep, Boston is just around the corner. The hype has already started around these parts. I’ll be out there in the crowd cheering you and the other 20,000 runners!

    Sounds like training has gone real well for you. Enjoy your taper!!
    Jose recently posted..New Bedford Half recapMy Profile

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    I am so excited too! This is my first Boston Marathon, and it does seem so much more real now that there are bibs and corrals. I am doing my last big week, which is almost the same as what I did 2 weeks ago, alternating with big weeks and recovery weeks, for a total of 3 big ones. Whoo hoo! Last big week to go! It is going to be an end of an era for me, since going to Boston has been something that I have been working on for 7 years! Actually, it is probably more like 8 or 9, since it was fall of 2003 when I bought my first training book for it, and then waiting until early summer of 2004 to start training for my first marathon.
    Melissa C recently posted..20 Miler #2 DONE, and It’s Here!My Profile

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    This winter has flown by moreso than previous years. Maybe because we had so much less grey and cold than usual. I’m excited for you and your Boston journey. Can’t wait to read all about it, but it does feel like it has come fast.
    Christina recently posted..Solid Bike RideMy Profile

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    I’m not heading to Boston, but I’m getting so excited to cheer so many of you on! I’m so glad you made it the whole way through this cycle and are feeling strong and ready for the marathon, I’m looking forward to getting a successful marathon cycle in one of these seasons! :)
    Laura recently posted..Purposeful Running- Sarah’s storyMy Profile

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    Yes, it is hard to believe it is almost here. Really good news that you are feeling so strong both mentally and physically. Such a testament to how you approached things with patience, diligence and perserverence.!
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..Running On Clouds?My Profile

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    Good luck in Boston – will this be your first Boston? I’m an Oiselle athelete too… running Boston for the second time this year (also doing Big Sur — what was I thinking???) Do you have a goal time in mind??

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    Im so excited for you Miss Zip! Talk about bouncing back, holy cow you are a running machine. Sadly I’m not going but believe you me i’ll be there in spirt! And dang it, I will be there one day! Enjoy taper.
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..Tempo!My Profile

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    If most of your training cycles are “perfect”, I salute you! I have never had one where something was off. I think you’re going to do fantastic in Boston and I wouldn’t be surprised if you far exceeded your expectations!

    Have a great week!
    Jill recently posted..I’m Coming HomeMy Profile

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    Me!!! This is my last big mileage week too! I’m doing 15 this weekend and then 22 next weekend. I do a 3-week taper in terms of overall mileage but a 2-week taper in terms of my last 22-miler. It’s different but it works for me!
    Kristy recently posted..Weekend UpdatesMy Profile

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    are those shorts purple and orange?!?!? if yes, love them!!!

    50+ miles a week. ahhh i’m jealous :) i can’t believe boston is almost here. i feel so “out of the loop” having been sidelined for so many months.
    lindsay recently pr’sMy Profile

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    this. is. so. exciting.

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! reading how you over came your injury and continued to train….teaching me about pool running and weird contraptions! YAY!!!!! you’re almost ready to race!!!!!
    Ali Mc recently posted..Race Nutrition and PrepMy Profile

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    I am so sad this training cycle is almost over. I can’t wait to wear my Boston jacket but wish I had like 4 more weeks to prepare myself for this race. And I totally agree, running this race is the reward whatever happens on that day. 4 weeks from today!!!!!
    Robin recently posted..Training Run #2 on the Boston CourseMy Profile

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    This race is a triumph for you – of tenacity, of desire and of love of running. Every step you take at Boston is a tribute to your self-determination. And it’s an inspiration to those of us who are injured or ill and can’t do what we want.
    Char recently posted..Amusement and AmazementMy Profile

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    Maybe zipping across a marathon finish line is expecting too much, but I do suspect you’ll finish with flair and success! I, for one, will do my part to support you by not entering, not crowding you, not getting into your corral. When is the walking in scenic nature-a-thon?
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..No Posts Were Found!My Profile

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    Boston! Wow! I would die to run that race some day, but I am not speedy. I’ll keep working at it…and in the meantime, I’ll vicariously live through you. S thanks for keeping us up on your training and thoughts about the race. It’s fun to read!
    Vieve recently posted..Week #11 in ReviewMy Profile

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    I am not going to Boston, but man, I am getting excited for YOU! I know that I had such a hard time sleeping the night before my last marathon! I can just feel the adrenaline and the anticipation of a big race. It’s exciting!

    Good luck! I think the weather gods are on your side. It is in the 70s today in MA!
    Kyria recently posted..WIAW (2) & Food Firsts (1)My Profile