Five for Friday

1. A root canal is not nearly as bad as its reputation. Lots of novacaine did the trick to block out any and all pain. Throw in some Valium to calm my nerves and my iPod playing loudly, and I did just fine. Interesting side effect of Valium is that it made me extremely emotional. I might have hugged a strange lady and cried as she was leaving the office and reassuring me it would be no big deal.

2. Tapering has begun in modest this week. I topped off at 58 miles last week, my biggest week for this marathon, and am cutting about nine miles out of that this week. More miles disappear next week. I’m looking forward to getting some extra rest–this week has been far too busy and losing a day to the tooth crunched my productive time even more.

3. My kids are on spring break next week (a big reason for a busy work week this week) and I’m looking forward to a break from the routine, the carpooling, the homework, etc. It will be nice to have time with them without all the distractions.

4. I had considered doing a 10-mile or 1/2 marathon race this weekend, but the weekend schedule is too squeezed to make it happen. I’m at peace with that–I’m going to let my body dictate how I run Boston, with a very flexible plan on pace.

5. I have a really fun new toy to try and review for you all. A giveaway will come along with it, so stay tuned!

Review/giveaway of MOTOACTV coming your way!

What’s on tap for your weekend? 


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    I’m happy to hear your root canal wasn’t too bad! 58? That’s a nice week!!!!!!!!! My kids are on Spring break as well starting after school today. I’m there til Wednesday. The wife and I are heading to Harrisburg for the Capital City 10 Miler! I’ll be helping out instead of racing though (PT is going well- though not as well as I was hoping).

    Enjoy Boston and the taper before it!
    Erik recently posted..Virtual 5k race to beat Cystic FibrosisMy Profile

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    I had a second root canal this mornig, since the pain got worst last night. So, in case it gets better, I am looking for a run this weekend. Haven’t run all week, so it’s about time. I am also looking forward to a little shopping trip with my mom.
    Good luck with tapering and Boston!
    Nina recently posted..Running-HomeMy Profile

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    I have some Spring cleaning to do before it gets so unbearably hot that we can’t open the windows while we clean.
    And I have my last long run. Somehow I got off schedule. I also have a 10k – the last time I ran a 10k years ago I was so thrilled to squeeze in just under 48 minutes, I thought I was a rock star!
    You know what? Your max mileage week is higher than mine for sure! I just can’t seem to get in any miles over 50. I know that hard work is paying off for you. You came back into running just a few months ago, and you’re already cranking out 60 mile weeks. Wow.
    Gracie recently posted..I got my Boston bib number!My Profile

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    Glad you made it through the tooth ordeal. Hope the pain is a distant memory soon.

    Interested to see what you think of the Motoactv. They are pushing those things HARD at my gym … clearly some sort of sponsorship deal. Looks like a pretty good idea if it works as advertised.
    Chris @ Evolving Through Running recently posted..Running on SandMy Profile

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    I’ve been looking at that little gadget. I’ve GOT to get in on that giveaway.
    My weekend looks pretty relaxing. The local Road Runners awards banquet is tonight. Only draw back is there is no fish on the menu. Odd since it’s during Lent?! Oh well, there is an open bar so it’s a trade off 😉
    Sat morning, after enjoying that open bar, I have a run of 16 – 17 miles planned. It’s suppose to snow then rain so the plan is to get out early.
    How’s the weather look for your weekend running?
    Since I don’t have kids to enjoy the weekend with, I’ll bake and eat. That’s my fun :)
    Joanne recently posted..FOFF Taco SaladMy Profile

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    Happy to hear you made it through your root canal OK! I haven’t had one yet but I’m a big wuss when it comes to the dentist so I would have been dreading it!

    58 mile week! GEEE!! Awesome lady.

    Enjoy the kids and the new gadget – I saw that thing at an expo once and was wondering how it was.
    Jen recently posted..Not so clean eating and new toysMy Profile

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    I’m glad your root canal wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. I’m the same way – I get terrified of things like that, and then they usually aren’t half as bad as I thought. Enjoy the time with your kids! I’m at home visiting my family this week too. Always a good feeling to have extra time with your loved ones!
    Kara recently posted..Travel WoesMy Profile

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    Did you say iPod? You are my new hero. I have never even thought to bring my iPod to the dentist office! This would solve so many problems. a) not having to think about what’s going on and b) not having to “talk” to the dentist. You are a super genius! I am glad it went well.
    Kyria recently posted..Diva Dash: Race RecapMy Profile

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    58 miles – that is great!

    Root canal, I am afraid. I had 2 crowns and did not like that experience. It’s nice to hear it wasn’t as bad as all that.

    My weekend had a trip to the spa in it – wonderful!
    Lori recently posted..Spa Day!My Profile

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    Ok a few things…..

    I had a root canal (which was ridiculous, I had never had a cavity before and then I got a monumental cavity. The actual root canal was not as bad as I’d expected, the bad part was making all the return trips to get the crown completed.

    ANNND I may end up running a half marathon up in Maryland next weekend! Just found it online. It’s called the Dorchester Half in Cambridge MD. Heard anything about it? Website says it’s fast and flat.
    Katherine @ Neon Blonde Runner recently posted..Qualifying for the NYC MarathonMy Profile