Five for Friday

Review/giveaway of MOTOACTIV coming your way!

1. A root canal is not nearly as bad as its reputation. Lots of novacaine did the trick to block out any and all pain. Throw in some Valium to calm my nerves and my iPod playing loudly, and I did just fine. Interesting side effect of Valium is that it made me extremely emotional. I might have hugged a strange lady and cried as she was … [Read more...]

I’m a pansy

So my day of reckoning has come--I am getting a root canal. Seriously, this is about as frightened as I get. I think I'm fairly tough with most things, really I do. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, even. But this, this nightmare procedure, shakes me to my core. It all started with a crown last week. I got to use nitrous oxide … [Read more...]

Are ice baths worth the agony?

In the past, after any long run of 18 or more, I'd take a cold water bath (too wimpy to go all the way to ice!). I swore by them for recovery. Only 10 minutes would be enough to make a difference for me. This year, however, I haven't been able to coax myself into the cold water; not sure why, but I can't seem to handle them … [Read more...]

Virtual Run Across America is ON!

A few weeks back I told you about the Rev3/Ulman Cancer Fund Virtual Run Across America. Well, let's make that a virtual and REAL run across America, 'cause several people are doing just that, right now. They are studs for a fantastic cause. From March 26 through April 16, they're making their way from California to D.C. After I posted … [Read more...]

The world conspired against me

The pets didn't support my efforts to nap

I don't know about you guys, but when I run anything 20 miles or longer, I need a little nap at some point afterward. Not a long one--15-20 minutes will do me--but a little downtime to get through the rest of my day with a smile on my face. Saturday I ran 22 with my friends, three of the final four being a local 5k that both my kids … [Read more...]

What’s not to love?

Hanging in the sun after a great spring run

About spring running? Yesterday morning started with a 10-mile run with friends. I'll admit, I was a bit whiny--it was just one of those runs where you're mentally a bit run down. But I got through it and got on with my day. I had planned a 3-mile run for later in the afternoon and all day long, I kind of dreaded it. I was feeling tired, … [Read more...]


I think I should wear this bracelet every day between now and April 16

A simple, seven-letter word that I have such a hard time with. We've all heard it said that running is 90 percent mental. And I concur. Many, many times it was my mental strength that got me through a race or a tough workout. When I have confidence in my ability, I perform at my best. But it's getting to that point of confidence … [Read more...]

Return to FHBC?

Back Camera

If you've been following me since last last year (and I hope you have!) you might recall that I went to Boulder in June to attend the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference. And it was  a blast. I got to meet SUAR, Jason, Jill, and Erin, all of whom I had been reading for some time. I also got to network with new bloggers, get an … [Read more...]

The final push

Not possible that this is the last week of marathon training before taper

I can't even begin to believe that this is the last big mileage week before Boston. How did I get here already? It really feels like I just returned to running, although it has been four months now. It's surreal that I have just about made it through an entire marathon training cycle. Friday we all found out that numbers and … [Read more...]

Call me the skee ball queen

Yesterday I headed down to DC with my friends Pat and Jessica to help out at the Brooks booth during the RocknRoll DC expo. I've never worked an expo before so I thought it would be fun, plus I knew I'd have a chance to meet some fellow bloggers. Mission accomplished on both counts. I got to see two fellow FitFluential … [Read more...]

Modeling debut

Post shoot with my lovely running friends.

We've all heard of plus-size models, and now, apparently, there's a market for old running models. Kidding, of course, but last night, I got to join a few of my friends for a photo shoot for a local magazine--Woman to Woman, Howard County. The magazine is putting together an article on running opportunities for women here in my county. … [Read more...]

Enough already!

Yesterday on Twitter I picked up on the fact that fellow FitFluential ambassador Kristy was getting some grief from folks about her time in a recent 5-miler. Kristy PR'd the course by 1:40, yet some people were telling her that it didn't count because "the course was short." This, of course, according to their Garmins. I know I'm going … [Read more...]