Three Things Thursday

1. I hate adjusting to the time change from West to East–getting up early for workouts has been a challenge this week. A challenge I can handle, but a challenge no less. I much prefer going out West and automatically waking up early. I always try to stay on the East Coast schedule while there, but it never happens.

2. I’ve readjusted my Boston training plan to incorporate all the training I’ve had to miss due to my little bumps in the road (Achilles and foot pains). I’ve decided that since I won’t be getting all the miles and speed work in I normally would for a marathon, I’ll take my last 20-plus out to two weeks from race day. And since Boston is on a Monday, it’s actually two weeks and then some, so it’s really not that big of a deal.

3. Favorite moment when I met EMZ the other day: when she asked if I had a treadmill in my house. And then learned that in the more than three months since getting back to running, I’ve used it once. Pretty sure she was aghast at the fact that I give my machine no love. I will avoid it at all costs!

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Only when I must


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  1. I cancelled my gym membership and have no treadmill at home. This way I have no other option than to go outside for a run. I dislike the treadmill very much. It’s getting me nowhere and it’s so boring. Outside there’s always something new to see even if you take the same route everytime.

  2. Emz must have some almost superhuman patience! I’ll use it, but with only with moderate enthusiasm. And never on the West coast! LOL
    Adrienne recently posted..Making Over "Tessa"My Profile

  3. I hate adjusting to time zones when I go back home
    BDD recently posted..Happy Valentines Day – Who Do YOU Love?My Profile

  4. I despise he treadmill but I do use it on occasion. I do nt have my own but I belong to planet fitness and for 10 a month I can justify only using it occasionally!
    Toni recently posted..What’s In My Gym Bag Featuring Emily from Family and Life in Las VegasMy Profile

  5. A 2-week taper will be perfectly fine. Cannot believe how quickly Boston is coming up. Time truly flies!
    Love that Boston shirt!
    Teamarcia recently posted..Calling All Fashion PoliceMy Profile

  6. The time zone adjustment always sucks. I have a treadmill at home. I avoided it all costs last year but have been using it a bit more lately. I found if I keep a good balance of outside an inside runs (often early in the morning on the mill and then lunchtime outside) it is working well!
    abbi recently posted..Soup’s OnMy Profile

  7. I really wish I was a morning person, so I could actually get up and workout without feeling like death. Way to keep at it!
    kari @ Running Ricig recently IS normal for a potato to whistleMy Profile

  8. Sometimes I feel like my body is in a different time zone whether I travel or not. :(
    I have not been on a treadmill in ages. Maybe our unusually dry winter good for something after all.
    Can’t believe Boston is so close. Hope your Achilles behaves.
    Ewa recently posted..Time for an update?My Profile

  9. Glad I’m not the only one that hates the ‘mill. I avoid it at all costs. But will readily admit I appreciate it when the winter weather gets wicked for several days in a row halting my training. Grrrr.
    Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb recently posted..Planks & Burpees Challenge = Video FailMy Profile

  10. Glad to see someone else wears their Boston shirt around! I’m in the same boat as you…I’ve had some hamstring issues so it has caused me to rearrange my long runs. But, I’m feeling ok about it! I’m not running Boston for speed…just for the icing on the cake! I have a treadmill too…and I rarely run on it. Give me heat or cold any day.
    Michelle recently posted..Just keep Swimming!My Profile

  11. Plans are made to be adjusted!! Did you ask emz how many times she’s run outside in the past three months? You could be aghast at that for sure!
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..45 and CountingMy Profile

  12. We used to have a treadmill in our house. We sold it.. I need to get out to run even if it’s in a gym away from the house :)
    Mamarunsbarefoot recently posted..I am a Mental CaseMy Profile

  13. You’re so freaking awesome.
    “only when I must” cracks me up!!!!!
    I. Must. Daily. ;)
    You & your family are simply the freaking best.
    So great how you all hiked daily—serious freaking hikes too.
    You rock Amanda.
    Even though that poor TM needs some love.

  14. Blech, treadmills. I need the sun, the wind, the fresh air and the ever changing scenery.
    Think of the sunrises I would miss, the sunsets, the crazy dog walkers. I could never give that up. :-)
    I do think treadmills are great for doing speed work while avoiding injury so I’m glad they exist.
    Missy recently posted..What’s Ragnar anyway?My Profile

  15. It’s crazy how some people love their mills and other avoid them at all costs. Me, I just wanna stack the deck in my favor for running every day. Mill, road, trail. I know my favorite route but any will do if I get to…(you knew it was coming) put one foot in front of the other. heehee
    shelly recently posted..Thoughts for ThursdayMy Profile

  16. Gotta love the fact that you’ve been able to make your comeback without having to use the treadmill. If this winter has anything to do with global warming, then I’m becoming a global warming fan. Love early morning 50 degree runs in February.
    Chris @ Evolving Through Running recently posted..An Unexpected Blog ReaderMy Profile

  17. i don’t use the treadmill at my house but i’m all about the one at the gym. i’d rather use that then run outside at 5am when it’s still dark. i’m so scared of tripping and hurting myself!
    Denise recently posted..I Need To RelaxMy Profile

  18. Is that your workout room?! Awesome. I agree about the treadmill. When I first started running, it was all I used since I had little ones and couldn’t go anywhere without them. Now, just the thought of treadmill running makes me nauseous.
    Hikermom recently posted..The Big ClimbMy Profile

  19. Love your cute little Boston shirt. I think I have that one! :)
    Jill recently posted..Post-Carlsbad mindless chatterMy Profile

  20. Treadmill Shcmedmill……I’m with you…..only if I must and for me since I have to go to the gym for it I might as well just run outside.

    The best adjustment and worst adjustment was when I went to Hawaii. Getting up in Hawaii was super easy and then on Sunday having football at 6am was phenomenal……coming home not so much.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Aspaeris Pivot Shorts Product ReviewMy Profile

  21. Positive sounding post! Except the belittlement of the TM. :)
    Kovas recently posted..Wildfire Restaurant Oakbrook ReviewMy Profile

  22. Right there with you on the treadmill! We just got ours in the fall and I think I can count the number of times I have used it on one hand. Hubs makes up for that, though!
    marlene recently posted..MIAMy Profile

  23. I hate the West-East adjustment too–I always feel jet-lagged! And it’s only two hours! At least for me it’s the going home leg that is easier.
    Terzah recently posted..Book Review: What I Talk About When I Talk About RunningMy Profile

  24. The West-to-East adjustment is hard – always takes me a couple of days to get my act together!

    Too funny about the ‘mill and EMZ. I keep saying I want one in my house, but truthfully I doubt I’d use it much at all.
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Thursday thoughts – School vacation, workouts & meditationMy Profile

  25. I ALWAYS go the the end lane for swimming because I figure then I will have at most one person to share with. We don’t have physical lane barriers, just the line on the bottom of the pool.

  26. I think two weeks of taper is fine…works for me. 3 weeks too much.

    Yah, west to east sucks…
    Paul recently posted..Analysis of pacing variation in the Eugene Marathon, Part IIMy Profile

  27. Time zone adjustment is always rough. Hope it gets better!
    Suzanne recently posted..Weighing In on My ShowsMy Profile

  28. I think you two might have to agree to disagree on the whole issue of the treadmill. They are great when you don’t have another option though! And adjusting to time changes does stink!
    Katie@Will Race for Carbs recently posted..I wasn’t expecting 6 inchesMy Profile

  29. I hate west to east, but I love going west for races. so easy to wake up at 5am on race day!
    katie recently posted..three things thursdayMy Profile

  30. I avoid the treadmill too but when we get lots of snow and ice I just have to be inside. Its more about not getting hit by a car than anything else. It sucks but its safe.
    J recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  31. Oh No!! You’re a treadmill failure. That’ll be the last time you get to have a meet up with Emz for sure.
    Char recently posted..In The Wee Small HoursMy Profile

  32. I love your shirt!
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..I love my therapistMy Profile

  33. i have a TM in my basement and used it 3x this winter! yeah for mild winters!
    Kristy@RunTheLongRoad recently posted..Vortex of DoubtMy Profile

  34. we have a treadmill and i just used it for the first time in a LONG time…..i will use that at the gym but i rarely use the one at home, but i think i will be doing it more now….
    feener recently posted..Vacation detoxMy Profile

  35. I think I’ve used my treadmill twice in the past 6 weeks?? That’s the best thing of this mild winter, outdoor running!!!
    Molly recently posted..My week so far.My Profile

  36. With this mild winter, who (besides EMZ) would get on a treadmill? Thanks for the heads up for the end of next week. I go to Vegas on Sunday and back on Thur – just long enough to fight the minor time zone change.
    Christina recently posted..Warm Temps = WINDMy Profile

  37. I am no fan of the treadmill either. But it does get the job done in a pinch. I’ve been diligently avoiding it lately though!
    TriGirl recently posted..When Good Yoga Goes BadMy Profile

  38. The treadmill was a good help during my rehabilitation, now is only the “dreadmill”.
    Black Knight recently posted..The Italian HopeMy Profile

  39. I have access to a treadmill at my gym…since joining in Nov…I have used it twice for training runs.
    Ask me again when the weather turns craptacular as it has been great this winter.

  40. Adjusting to time zones is just a nightmare.. I am doing that for more than 5 years but still cant get used to it :s
    Sara recently posted..3D Models ArtMy Profile

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