Brotherly love

If you follow me on Twitter (you do, don’t you?) you saw that last week I got a new toy, namely a MacBook Air. I’m like a kid with this thing–so much to discover! And so much to learn. I’m getting there, in bits and pieces.

My brother is the tech junkie in the family and when I saw him this week, he immediately seized my new toy and started playing. (He also helped me figure a few things out that were beyond my extremely limited capabilities). Anyhow, we played with the video recording and thought I’d share this brief video of him poking fun at my love of running. (It’s ok, he’s just jealous ’cause I can whip his a^& at any distance). You can find this video and a couple of others on my new YouTube channel. Subscribe and follow me there, too!

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  1. Cute! Love it!


  2. What is this Twitter Machine you speak of? I can only assume I am not part of the beautiful crowd. Or I am old. Or both!
    Jamoosh recently posted..I Am Loved + 10My Profile

  3. Love it! Brothers and Sisters are the best
    LisaM@RunWiki recently posted..15 Minute Chicken with Agave Balsamic Fig SauceMy Profile

  4. Very cute! I love my MacBook, once you go Mac you never go back!
    Toni recently posted..What’s In My Gym Bag? featuring Rebekah from Bex LifeMy Profile

  5. Love it!! So cute!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Tunes for TuesdayMy Profile

  6. Love it! Too funny!
    Kristen recently posted..Runner’s highMy Profile

  7. ha! Only brothers and sisters! Yesterday I called me sister and when she answered the phone I immediately said, “What the hell is a matter with you …” in an extremely sarcastic voice. ALWAYS poking fun at eachother!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..A Couple Race Reports and PR’s …My Profile

  8. My sister isn’t nearly this funny. Awesome love there. The fake tears were the best!
    Christina recently posted..Friendly SweatingMy Profile

  9. I need a new laptop and I want a MacBook!! I’m pretty bad with the tech stuff though…like reaaaaaaaally bad :)
    Heather@Just a Colorado Gal recently posted..Snowshoe Day!My Profile

  10. That made me laugh. Totally reminds me of how my brother is with me:) Gotta love ‘em!
    Hikermom recently posted..Run Completed!My Profile

  11. any computer you can slide under a door is good with me! i love my MB air!
    katie recently posted..wordless wednesdayMy Profile

  12. I bought my wife a MacBook Air nearly four years ago. And it is awesome. The portability and functionality is incredible. I hope you have many great times with it!
    NY Wolve recently posted..First Long Run in Long TimeMy Profile

  13. HAHAHA! Someone needs an Oscar! :)

  14. Love it!!! very cute. :)

    I got a MacBook Air about six months ago and I adore this thing. :)
    Erin Henderson recently posted..Happy Valentine’s Day!My Profile

  15. Ahahahaha! Oh my gosh. I love the tears at the end.
    Kate @ Run with Kate recently posted..The Times, They Are A-Changin’My Profile

  16. Brotherly love – awesome:)
    Laima recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  17. Yes, love only between a brother and sister. I just got a new MacBook too. Even though I’ve had Macs for years, it’s so much fun to play with. Have fun with it!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Happy Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  18. That is awesome! You’ve gotta love brothers. My brother and I still tease each other relentlessly and I wouldn’t want it any other way!!
    Katie@Will Race for Carbs recently posted..The post where I share way too much…My Profile

  19. My brother is the techie in our family too… it works out well! Although it also keeps me somewhat lazy. :)
    Laura recently posted..Valentine’s day WIAWMy Profile

  20. I just ordered one and it’s supposed to arrive today, I cannot wait to get it! I’m so worried about missing the FedEx guy because it requires a signature :)
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..V-day celebrations and half-marathon winnerMy Profile

  21. We are such a MAC family….it is a bit ridiculous to be honest….
    Laura recently posted..3 Things Wrong with Sunday’s Long RunMy Profile

  22. Nice video. I love that your brother can poke fun of you! Ah sigh, the crazy gene. We’ve all got it but I swear runners more than others. Have fun.
    Fueled by Spite recently posted..A whole lotta nuthinMy Profile

  23. hahaha, sadly this is why I always wanted a brother!!! LOL! Funny :)
    marissa recently posted..NO SHAME and a recipe!My Profile

  24. Hee hee your brother is funny! Checking out your Youtube channel now….
    Racingtales – Alison Gittelman recently posted..A 28-Year Love AffairMy Profile

  25. Hahaha. Brothers are super. Super Dorky. heehee
    Missy recently posted..Weirdness WednesdayMy Profile

  26. mac’s are so cool. the video-ish stuff is fun to play with :) i’m still learning mine and i’ve had it about 2 years.
    lindsay recently posted..boomMy Profile

  27. oh yeah, he’s definitely jealous. Love it!
    ginny recently posted..1st 5k of the season and long run addiction – It’s BAD!My Profile

  28. Enjoy the new toy!!!
    Suzanne recently posted..2-Day Valentine’s CelebrationMy Profile

  29. Brothers are THE BEST:) <3

  30. Congrats on the new toy! Cute video.
    marlene recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  31. Gotta love apple products…have fun with your new toy!

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