(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Ok, I KNOW this has been a mild winter. Still, I’m pretty excited to see sure signs of spring around.

IMG 1172 300x224 (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Love seeing these in my neighborhood

Anyone else with me on this?


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  1. TOTALLY! Can’t wait till Spring is finally here.
    Fran recently posted..Monday February 27, 2012: The mishmash editionMy Profile

  2. I’m still enjoying summer, I don’t want winter to come…
    Coach Dion recently posted..RESTING IS OVER !!!My Profile

  3. Yep, same here. I’m loving that spring is around the corner!
    abbi recently posted..Second ChancesMy Profile

  4. SO wish we had flowers out, but sadly we are still getting some snow. MOnday it was 50F here and Friday promises to be the same. I think Spring is close (I hope!)

  5. We are still deep into winter here in Colorado and spring here is just a cruel mistress that brings more snow…and blizzards. But I will be so excited in late May when spring finally comes!!! Enjoy the flowers and the mild winter!!
    Katie@Will Race for Carbs recently posted..I wasn’t expecting 6 inchesMy Profile

  6. We’re supposed to get a winter storm today, so our fake spring might be disappearing :(
    kari @ Running Ricig recently posted..Between the hours of 12 and 1My Profile

  7. Our spring/summer weather seems to have ended this morning. Cold, wind, and rain.
    I’ll just look at the pic you posted. :)
    Ewa recently posted..66 miles and countingMy Profile

  8. we have a storm coming this afternoon. : ( But I did get to run outside yesterday!

  9. there are no signs here. If there were the wind blew them away
    Mamarunsbarefoot recently posted..A Battle of the WindsMy Profile

  10. I know it’s farther south, but there were daffodils all over Williamsburg when we were there last week. I was totally stoked to see them! Come on Spring!!
    Tracy recently posted..My first real trail runMy Profile

  11. Yes! It is the best feeling when those little guys poke their heads through!
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..Freaky Tan LinesMy Profile

  12. our flowers are starting to bloom too, so excited!
    Heather Montgomery recently posted..Jeff Galloway meet upMy Profile

  13. Wow! That is quite early for you guys!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Pics on Facebook?My Profile

  14. That is exciting indeed! Here the morning runs are getting darker and darker and also a little cooler. :(
    Johann recently posted..Some SA Running RulesMy Profile

  15. I can’t get too excited yet….if I do Mama Nature may still hurl winter my way.
    ….and it is currently snowing as I type this. Yikes.
    Laura recently posted..February RecapMy Profile

  16. *Le Sigh* I too have been loving this mild winter! Bring on the Spring! We are all ready!!!
    Morgan recently posted..February Recap/StatsMy Profile

  17. I am NOT excited about pollen. BOO!
    katie recently posted..wordless wednesday: ass and puppyMy Profile

  18. I should show you a picture of what I am looking at out the window right now as I try to pump myself up for a snowy, windy, slushy, blustery run. It doesn’t look like that! Enjoy the signs of spring. It has to show up here sooner or later..
    marlene recently posted..WIAW + Weigh-In WednesdayMy Profile

  19. I’m sad about our lack of snow. I really wanted some snow this winter. I keep saying “NOOOOO, stop being so warm, let it snow!” but now it’s March and it may as well just warm up and be spring already. :(
    Kim recently posted..Quick UpdateMy Profile

  20. Yes! I ran my virtual half yesterday and it smelled like Spring. So awesome! Unfortunately, it’s back to raining, oh scratch that, snowing!
    Hikermom recently posted..And the Winners Are!My Profile

  21. I have started to smell the orange blossoms in the morning. It is a wonderful smell and it means summer is fast approaching.
    Missy recently posted..Italian Tortellini SoupMy Profile

  22. Yay! I’m looking forward to spring too. We’re getting some snow today I think!
    Stephanie Anne recently posted..Sometimes Good intentions lead to Margaritas….My Profile

  23. Except for our upcoming ski trip, so ready…

  24. love, love, LOVE signs of Spring — especially now that I’m in Seattle!! It’s currently SNOWING outside, but I am told the cherry trees will be poppin’ next week! countdown is ON!! =)

  25. I ran past some of those the other day and couldnt believe it! It almost freaks me out. Hope the Mayans aren’t right.
    Coy recently posted..Lance who?My Profile

  26. I am so with you!
    shelly recently posted..L. O. & TsMy Profile

  27. I’m still looking for winter. ;)

    love the photo.

  28. I love it! I have loved running in shorts, heading out without jackets, and now flowers are coming up earlier!!!
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..Running with my pupMy Profile

  29. somebody needs to rake their planting beds.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Brown Rice Waffles from The Feed Zone CookbookMy Profile

  30. I am with you! We have crocuses blooming too! And the apple trees are blossoming! I am waiting for a snow storm which will knock them all out. I don’t want that, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it may happen!
    Kyria recently posted..Then and Now: FebruaryMy Profile

  31. I was born and raised in the wrong climatic zone. I love daffodils and tulips and all those cold climate bulbs that don’t work here in Brisbane. I did once get two tulips to flower after conning their bulbs that they’d been through a very cold winter in my refrigerator. You can put up as many of these photos up as you like and I won’t get sick of them.
    Char recently posted..Adrenalin- PumpersMy Profile

  32. I still have a foot of snow in my backyard!! Bleh!!
    Jill recently posted..Oh right, I have a blog…My Profile

  33. Beautiful!
    The camelias are blooming in northwest Florida. Those make me smile, too.
    Beth (i run like a girl) recently posted..LeapingMy Profile

  34. After today’s snow day – I’m so ready for spring!!
    Penny recently posted..Wordless Wednesday….some added motivation…and a prayer…My Profile

  35. Yikes it’s only February, well almost march I suppose. Seems a bit early for that, wonder what the mild winter will do to other greenery.

  36. Way too early. Tree pollen is already high. I’d much rather see these in another 3-4 weeks when they’re supposed to just start popping out of the ground.
    David H. recently posted..The month that almost wasn’tMy Profile

  37. Yup, those are always the early signs!! Don’t get me excited too early though – we don’t have anything like that in Illinois yet!
    Run with Jess recently posted..WIAW: Smoothies!My Profile

  38. I am excited for spring, too. Unfortunately, we are having a snow storm right now. So there is some winter time still ahead… :(

  39. Oh yes! The daffs, grape hyacinths and snowdrops are in full bloom… rhododendrons, cherries and plums are blossoming. Love living where Spring comes early and winter never really arrives!

    Have a lovely last day of February.
    Elle recently posted..My 7 Mile Training Run – Thanks to You!My Profile

  40. Mine are up and starting to get buds. I’m always excited to see them, but worry they will still see snow. The mild winter has made it easier to bear, but spring is still the best!
    Christina recently posted..I’m Back…My Profile

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