I'm getting there, slowly but surely

This marathon training cycle has been nothing like the norm. I’ve had the Achilles issue, the foot issue, you name it. The only thing that hasn’t happened yet is getting sick. I suppose I shouldn’t say that, because I will surely jinx myself.

But anyhow–this week has finally approached a somewhat normal week. Maybe not seven weeks away from a marathon normal, but a normalish week. For the first time since returning to running, I’ve managed to get my mileage over the 45 mpw mark. Before this week, every time I’d get up over 40, something would hurt. But this week–about 46 miles. Here’s how it broke down:

  • Monday–Ran 10 miles
  • Tuesday–Swam 2,500 yds and did a 70-min. bike trainer/strength workout
  • Wednesday–Ran 6 miles
  • Thursday–Ran 18 miles/strength trained
  • Friday–Did easy hour spin on the bike trainer
  • Saturday–Ran 5 miles
  • Sunday–Ran 7 miles

A few things–I always take a rest day, but didn’t this week for a couple of reasons. One is that I had taken five days off the week prior to rest up my foot. Friday’s workout was a very easy spin just to shake out my legs after my long run. I did no speed work this week; I’m still a bit gun shy for speed because that’s another element that my body just hasn’t seemed to like. I hope to maybe still get some in before the end of this training, but if I can’t do it, I can’t do it. There will be time later.

Today’s a rest day and then back at it. I’m hoping to push closer to 50 miles this week, but like I said about schedules last week, flexibility is key, so we’ll see how it goes. Fingers crossed.

Spring marathoners–how is your training going? 

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    well happy to hear things seem to be looking better for you…and importantly, you didn’t give up. so many would have after being so frustrated with injury issues. can’t wait to hear how this week goes…
    marissa recently posted..frustrated.My Profile

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    That’s a relief. Please do not get sick! I have a cold right now and it is very annoying marathon week!
    It’s good you had no problems with the mileage. After all, that’s probably most important heading into the race! Here’s hoping for a healthy and successful seven weeks!
    Gracie recently posted..PLEASE HOLD!My Profile

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    YAY! so excited you were able to get all these workouts in with no pain or injuries :) this is great news. It’s b/c you’re so smart! I am currently unable to run until I get the ok so reading about your training is very inspiring 😀 thanks
    Ali Mc recently posted..Random Sundays…..My Profile

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    you are getting there!!! i cannot believe boston is so soon. i feel like i just started training! i’m definitely nervous (and excited)…and the monster month is quickly approaching!!!
    Kristy recently posted..Weekend RoutineMy Profile

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    Woohoo 50 miles this week – you got it! The first time I ran over 40 miles my legs were killing me, this time is a little different. Guess it just takes a little getting used to. Plus I do pilates after my shorter long runs and I think that helps. Any advice for fitting in 50 miles in 5 days?
    J recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

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    Congrats! That is some solid miles!

    I tend to think rest days are overrated, especially in base stages of training. If you need a day – take it. If you feel good – run! I much prefer doing easy 4-5mi recovery paced runs or an easy spin (like you did) than sitting on the couch!
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Pics on Facebook?My Profile

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    I’ve been told by trainers so many times that it’s not the quantity of miles you log it’s the QUALITY miles that count. It sounds like you pay attention to your body and only run when you can get that quality workout. That’s the way to do it. You’re training is going so well. Keep it up.
    Joanne recently posted..What Happened and My First Green SmoothieMy Profile

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    I just finished a week with no rest day – still haven’t – it’s coming Wednesday – after a week of resting my foot. I seem to be doing okay. Two of the days were just swimming so not all running.
    It must feel great to have a pretty normal week.

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    I’m so happy that you were able to get in so many miles this week! Fantastic! I got in 50 but that was simply because I did 1 long run on Monday and then another on Saturday. I don’t know how people fit in 45+ miles on an average week. I need to figure that out. I hope this increase in mileage causes you ZERO problems and you can carry on.

    Good luck!
    Kate @ Run with Kate recently posted..Vegas, Natural Childbirth & 18 Miles on a TreadmillMy Profile

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    I feel the same way. Nothing about this training has been “normal” or has gone “right” in my mind. I feel glad and relieved (is that weird?) that I already qualified for Boston and now I just “get” to go run it! I don’t feel nearly as much pressure! Here’s to a solid 7 weeks of training! I go in for an xray tomorrow to be sure my pelvis doesn’t have a fracture. Then it is game on…just gonna run through the muscle pain.
    Michelle recently posted..Tri-Cities Half Marathon…My Profile


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