(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

March Madness

Ok, I KNOW this has been a mild winter. Still, I’m pretty excited to see sure signs of spring around. Anyone else with me on this?   Related Posts:What’s not to love?I missed #snowpocalypse2014Post-run slugI did sign on for thisWardrobe malfunctions

The virtual run everyone should do

Picture 12737 (2)

This past week, I lost my brother-in-law Dale to cancer. He was only 44 years old, and was a husband, father to four kids, brother, son, friend–he was so much to so many people. His loss leaves a hole in my inlaws’ hearts that will never be repaired. Cancer sucks, plain and simple. I know I am not alone in having suffered loss to this […]


This marathon training cycle has been nothing like the norm. I’ve had the Achilles issue, the foot issue, you name it. The only thing that hasn’t happened yet is getting sick. I suppose I shouldn’t say that, because I will surely jinx myself. But anyhow–this week has finally approached a somewhat normal week. Maybe not seven weeks away from a marathon normal, but a normalish […]

Schedules were meant to be broken

I can remember way back when I first started working with a coach for triathlon. If he wrote Thursday’s workout as 3-hr. ride with eight hill repeats, every other one standing, then dammit, I was going to do a 3-hr. ride with eight hill repeats, every other one standing, on Thursday. If I came in at 2:55 on my watch, I was going to do […]

Three Things Thursday

Only when I must

1. I hate adjusting to the time change from West to East–getting up early for workouts has been a challenge this week. A challenge I can handle, but a challenge no less. I much prefer going out West and automatically waking up early. I always try to stay on the East Coast schedule while there, but it never happens. 2. I’ve readjusted my Boston training […]

Better form won’t happen overnight

The shoes are only one piece of the puzzle

I will go down as a staunch believer in the benefits of less/no shoe and mid-foot striking, that is for certain. But I am going to perhaps go against the grain a bit here and say that, while yes, it’s more natural for us to run this way, it doesn’t mean it’s easy, especially if you have been a heel striker for a long time. […]

Running but not racing

Can't find a much better setting for a run

After some debate, I decided to forego my half this weekend in order to give my foot time to continue to improve. And it is improving. I did a 7-mile run yesterday with no pain, followed up by a good hike. I still have some swelling and stiffness going on, but I’m hopeful that it will continue to improve while I try to slowly ramp […]

Westward Ho! Or no?

Your first days running in heat feel like you've been thrown into the desert

Yeah, that’s about as cheesy as one can get with a title, I know. I made myself laugh, though, so there. I’m out here in the beautiful desert for a bit of R and R. I mentioned in my 11 randoms post that I am always at peace when I come out this direction–the beauty of the mountains just speaks to me. One thing I […]

See if you don’t love MizFit, too!

One of the best aspects of being a FitFluential ambassador are all the new blogs I am exposed to–blogs I might not otherwise have found. One of my absolute favorites is MizFit Online, written by rockstar Carla Birnberg. When I say rockstar, people, I mean it. She is an amazing example of fitness and her blog has such widespread reach–well, it’s enough to turn you […]

Brotherly love

If you follow me on Twitter (you do, don’t you?) you saw that last week I got a new toy, namely a MacBook Air. I’m like a kid with this thing–so much to discover! And so much to learn. I’m getting there, in bits and pieces. My brother is the tech junkie in the family and when I saw him this week, he immediately seized […]