The conversations of a long run

SAM 1067 225x300 The conversations of a long run

When you're out there for hours, you can cover a lot of topics!

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m on a long run with my friends, our conversations run the gamut. I think every topic is fair game out there and we manage to cover some serious territory, both literally and figuratively. Saturday’s long run was no exception, so I thought I’d share some of those topics:

  • Food
  • What Shalane Flanagan said to Kara Goucher at the end of the trials (I thought it was “I’m so mad at you,” but others corrected me that it was “I’m so proud of you.”)
  • Yaktrax vs. other brands (it was icy!)
  • Frozen snot on our sleeves
  • Food
  • Manpris and man purses (or is it capants and satchels, Chris?)
  • Runner’s World vs. Running Times (we definitely have a favorite!)
  • Push-up challenges (there’s rumor one of us does 250 push-ups/day)
  • Food
  • Weekend plans
  • A proposed education series (ahem, Chris)
  • Parenting strategies
  • Yoga
  • Bed bugs and MRSA
  • Food
  • A British guy who, for 8 pounds, will break up with a girl for other men
  • Food

Notice the overriding theme here? If you run with friends, what do you talk about on your long runs?

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  1. Great post!

    When running with me be prepared to talk…… a lot. I will talk your ear off about anything and everything! From food to world problems :) ….. the longer the run, the deeper the conversation…. LOL.
    Jose recently posted..Running for the love of it!!My Profile

  2. I’m really curious which running magazine won out! Most of my long run conversations are with myself, so slightly less interesting…

    PS Thanks for your encouragement on my not so great run, you were so right!
    Jo @ simplehappyhealthy recently posted..Blame the parents.My Profile

  3. love it all your topics are running related pretty much
    and I’m the oddball who loves running solo and in total silence
    Tara Burner recently posted..Motivation Monday: First Day of the Rest of Your LifeMy Profile

  4. Hahahahaaa, brilliant post. I can have a conversation like that in my head on a run, mostly I run alone though.
    Lara recently posted..Magnificent MondayMy Profile

  5. There’s a man that will break up with people for you? I want that job!
    kari @ Running Ricig recently posted..I wanted treatsMy Profile

  6. that is HILARIOUS!!! I just love conversations like that…sometimes they make NO sense, but they are the best!!!

    Guess I need some actual “long” runs to cover so many topics! You better believe I’ll get there soon :)
    marissa recently posted..another goal?My Profile

  7. And when I run alone I just have these conversations in my head.
    Gracie recently posted..A week of how I train!My Profile

  8. great post idea! I did a long run with a friend last night and we talked races, having babies, moving, building a house, selling a house, and injuries. haha!
    Heather Montgomery recently posted..9 Foggy MilesMy Profile

  9. My running buddy and I talk about EVERYTHING under the sun! A lot to do with teaching since we are both teachers, relationships, food, races, and anything in between! Plus there are a lot of swears thrown in the mix….she’s like a truck driver!! Seriously though a few years ago when I began running with her I was going through a very tough time personally. I was coming back from having a baby and a few other major struggles. I looked forward to my Saturday long run and the strength it gave me to take on another week. These runs and my buddy made me realize the strength I had within me!!! I cherish them!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Monday Motivation-One Step at a TimeMy Profile

  10. Somewhere in there should be talk about the woman with two vaginas.Did you hear about that?
    Shut Up and Run recently posted..Best InventionMy Profile

  11. 99% of my runs are solo, but now I want to find a partner!
    Kovas recently posted..Is Organic Wine Better?My Profile

  12. I usually don’t run with anyone, but if I ever did in the past, I don’t remember talking much. But I would like to comment on Runner’s World vs. Running TImes. Dief RUnning TImes. Runner’s World is ok, but after 4 years of subscriptions, besides the news, it’s pretty much the same advise over and over. Running Times I think is better in terms of keeping it simple and not as many advertisements. But that’s my 2 cents for what it’s worth. Take care.
    Kenley Jones recently posted..Accountability (Scale House Friday) My First 5k.My Profile

  13. Most of my runs are solo, but when I do run with a friend there’s talk about our kids, movies, and books in between cursing the hills :)
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Week 6 – Monday MotivationMy Profile

  14. So funny! I ran with two people for my 15 miler yesterday and found out that BOTH of them had lost over 100 pounds apiece. How did I not know that before? Amazing what comes out on a long run!

  15. Love this….I’m always giggling later and trying to remember just HOW we segued from one thing to the next…
    bobbi recently posted..Race Report: Polar Dashing For Team GabMy Profile

  16. Did someone say food? Great, now I’m hungry! Sounds like a good group. Cheers!
    Viper recently posted..Weighing the Good and BadMy Profile

  17. Food is always the most popular post whether we are riding or running, or sitting really. So what mag was the favorite?
    Missy recently posted..A bizarre long run makes me real hungryMy Profile

  18. I rarely remember what we talk about, other than generalities, kids, or races or whatever. With younger runners, it is usually about running or the after run spot or restaurants.

    Love those conversations though. if you want to feel connected to someone, run 10 miles with them.
    NY Wolve recently posted..The NinjaMy Profile

  19. My recent runs with friends have included a wide variety of topics (usually NOT running related oddly enough). But I struggle to run and talk so we walk more if the conversation is good. Need to continue to build my base so we can talk and run more. :)
    Christina recently posted..Crappy…wind, run, mood, etc.My Profile

  20. You’re so lucky to have a group of friends to run with. I run alone. Most of the time it’s nice but there are times when you really need to run with other to push you along and the conversations would be great no matter what the topic. Although if they got too funny, that would screw up the pace.
    Joanne recently posted..The Tortoise Knows Best and A RR Cioppino RecipeMy Profile

  21. man purse = NO NO NO.
    katie recently posted..wordless mondayMy Profile

  22. Yes, but what about food? Nothing better than conversation on a long!!! I believe that us chatty runners must have amazing VO2.
    I was running 20+ with some friends last summer. A fellow caught up with us (trying to hit on the single ladies). We were just clucking along like a bunch of chickens trying to be polite and lose him at the sam time. He asked us how far we had run. When we told him we were at 16 with 4 to go he literally stopped in shock. He didn’t try to keep up after that. :)
    Kathy Reed recently posted..Houston Marathon RecapMy Profile

  23. If I were a restaurant owner I would strategically place a food joint near the ends of running trails and routes!
    Coy recently posted..NFL Sunday, best in pajamasMy Profile

  24. I had a long run which coincidentally ended up being me and a bunch of guys over 50. We had a long conversation about…..colonoscopies!

  25. I think food is definitely one of the most discussed topics on my long runs. Yummy, yummy food.

    Your comment about what Shalene said cracked me up!
    The Green Girl recently posted..Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 恭喜發財My Profile

  26. I run with my sister on Saturdays and when we have a long run, like 15+, then we ban ourselves from talking to each other during the week leading up to the run, so that we have tons to talk about during our run. But we usually talk about running, family drama, television shows, or ya…food.
    Vieve recently posted..Making ExcusesMy Profile

  27. I saw my first manpri wearer last time we were in FL. I’m sorry, but those are NOT OKAY. lol
    Pam recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  28. If it’s with a bunch of girls-it’s usually gravitates towards guys, running with a bunch of guys-it’s all business: race times, goals, pace, blah blah…

    It’s good catching-up time for pretty much anything-and yes, food!

    Btw…nice footstrike! :)

  29. Ha! We always talk about what we’re going to eat after the run. We also talk about celebrities and reality TV, to really take our mind off things : )
    Molly recently posted..I’ve Got MailMy Profile

  30. With my old running partner nothing was off limits when it came to conversations. My new running partner I’m still trying to feel my way around.I dont want to hurt anyones feelings because I said something that my hurt her feelings. Maybe I should give her more credit than that huh. I know for my self I can tend to be alittle sensitive. I am always worrying about hurting someones feeling.

    Loved your variety of conversation.

  31. I love running with friends for the reason of conversation. Usually I work out any issues in my life at the time too :)

  32. I usually run alone, but when I used to run with a friend, it was the same thing! We would talk about everything and yes, especially food! I don’t think we ever solved any life crisis though. Just figured out what we were going to have for dinner.
    Kyria recently posted..The Best Lasagna EverMy Profile

  33. Love long run chats. Random things you learn about each other can be so much fun. I have been really really missing long runs…and the friendship and chit chat is partly why!
    Harmony recently posted..Getting the BootMy Profile

  34. I swore she said “I’m so mad at you” too. :) And I love the conversations I have on my long runs, but some people seem to be easier than others to keep the conversation going.
    Robin recently posted..Boston Marathon Training!My Profile

  35. That is some interesting conversation.

    Maybe I should run with a group so that I can see what this whole conversation thing is. The most I run with is 1 so those conversations can last about 5 minutes before we shut up and run (Beth?)……
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Excuses Are Like A**holes….My Profile

  36. This is awesome.

    Doesn’t it make the time go by quicker too?! Love it!!
    Allison Johnson recently posted..Carlsbad… Forever in My HeartMy Profile

  37. I really only get to run with others in races. In Houston, I ran into a guy who was a co-volunteer with me two days before. I couldn’t believe I managed to see him in that immense crowd of people in the race! So we talked about that, and about the course and the weather, and he introduced me to the friend he was running with. He was local, so it was nice to feel connected. :^)
    Terzah recently posted..BirthdayMy Profile

  38. Yumm food and someone probably already mentioned it, but what about the talks of bathroom issues? That comes up a lot, more so on trails I think.
    Julie recently posted..MemoriesMy Profile

  39. My favourite conversation ever was with a new squad member – discussing his 6 day old vasectomy. Support underwear and frozen peas were mentioned. It’s true – nothing is off limits.
    Char recently posted..Walking The DogMy Profile

  40. The BEST way to get to know someone is to go on a long run with them! Our topics are all over the place too… but food is always a good one ;)
    Aron recently posted..Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  41. I find that the subject of running is talked about quite a bit when I’m with friends. Other than that, it depends on who I’m with. A good high school friend of mine and I end up rehashing funny stories from 15-20 years ago.
    David H. recently posted..Ups and downs of feeling badMy Profile

  42. it’s so funny, my one friend has been asking me to blog about what I think about when I run. that’s all he asks me when it pertains to running….doesn’t really care about anything else. just my thoughts. and then I tell him, and he’s like… whoa, that is deep. ha.
    Kristy (@KrisRunTri) recently posted..Week 18 – Shorts then snow trax!?!My Profile

  43. Don’t you guys ever talk about food? :-)

  44. We talk a lot about our MEN! lol
    Run with Jess recently posted..Back up to SpeedMy Profile

  45. I wish you were my neighbor.
    Id run behind you and beg you to chat with me.
    Miz recently posted..**cue confetti shaped like Egg Beaters Whites**My Profile

  46. I love to run with my neighbor in the AM, and we talk about our families and husbands and plans for the day (and a bit about the neighbors as we pass their houses). I also love to run on side by side TM’s with my 11 yo son at the gym, or other friends who may not be a good fit to run with outside for pace reasons.

    If you or any of your running group is interested, I have a $10 off coupon code for Zooma Annapolis. Use ANNCON1 at registration.
    Mara @Big Happy Family recently posted..Zooma Annapolis … to run for fun or race to PR?My Profile

  47. We talk about SO MUCH FOOD on our long runs!
    marlene recently posted..Boston Training – Week 3My Profile

  48. Food. Food. Food.

    And, with a certain group, we talk about “The Bachelor” even though I don’t watch that show.
    Kim recently posted..Stats as of 31 Dec 2011 (Better Late Than Never?)My Profile

  49. We talk about where we’re going to eat afterwards…
    We reminisce about the last time we’ve run this trail/route…
    We lament last night’s drinks :p
    Julie recently posted..Monday Morning $h!t Women Say…My Profile

  50. I don’t typically do long runs with friends, but I find that even when we do our short runs, our conversations have no order or method!! So interesting to see what others talk about…
    And for the record, I’m a RT fan =)
    Michele @ nycrunningmama recently posted..What My Family Ate Last WeekMy Profile

  51. Some of my favorite long run topics:

    Sociology/history (I have two running friends who were going through doctoral programs at the same time I was – lots of dissertation problems sorted out through the miles)
    Top five lists of celebrity crushes.

    Add that last one to your list. Seriously, miles and miles of entertainment.
    Abby @ Have Dental Floss, WIll Travel recently posted..I Coulda Been a ContenderMy Profile

  52. ha! We always say the long run is like Vegas, Baby. What’s said there, stays there. You can imagine my surprise when a newbie started blabbing during our HH about what we talked about on one occasion. Ha, she definitely got a stern talking to on the next run! :) Food is #1 with us as well!
    Dash recently posted..Friday Randoms – Living Like a RunnerMy Profile

  53. Hahaha – I think about food a lot too! :)

    My husband and I run together and it’s where we came up with the idea for our business. We have planned our whole life on runs!

  54. I definitely prefer RT over Runner’s World and loved this month’s issue.

    Food is always a great topic, whether you’re running or not.

    I bet it is so excting for Kara and Shalane that they both made the team. At least I think it would be exciting if I were one of them.
    Kate @ Run with Kate recently posted..SUAR’s Random QuestionsMy Profile

  55. When my friend Shawn and I used to go hiking together, we could always tell how long we had hiked by what % of our conversation was about food. When we’d get to the point that every word described a meal, we knew we were done for the day. :-)
    Beth (i run like a girl) recently posted..Door prizes! (upcoming blogiversary giveaway)My Profile

  56. This is like when me and my bestie run together – all of it. Love the topics!
    Petra recently posted..BHAGs.My Profile

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