It was THAT run

114 0011 224x300 It was THAT run

Feeling great Saturday night after my 16.5

I told you last week that I had some anxiety about Saturday’s planned 16-miler. Turns out that anxiety was completely unfounded, because Saturday’s run was:

  • The one where the miles just flew by
  • The one where you feel efficient
  • The one where that hill you hate wasn’t such a big deal
  • The one where you laugh with friends for more than two hours
  • The one where you have an extra gear in the last mile
  • The one where you feel invincible
  • The one where you know–you are back!

How was your weekend long run?

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  1. It’s good to know you are back. I am not sure where you were hiding…
    Jamoosh recently posted..Houston Hates MeMy Profile

  2. I love the smile!

    Sounds like it was one of those runs that make us feel great and is one of the reasons we run. Congrats on tackling those 16 miles.
    Fran recently posted..Friday January 13, 2012: The TGIF editionMy Profile

  3. That sounds fantastic, congrats, and you certainly deserve it.
    scarlett recently posted..Goals 2012My Profile

  4. ahhh those are the best! when everything comes together. I’m glad had a breakthrough you 16 miler, I’m sure that will ease the anxiety about the number going forward!
    Kristy (@KrisRunTri) recently posted..Week 19 Last week of base. And some snow in Cle!My Profile

  5. Yay! I’m glad you had such an awesome run! Those are truly THE BEST ones to have!

    “The one where you know–you are back!” <—– That's the run I'm waiting for, but I'm sure it's a few weeks off.
    RunningMoose recently posted..Running is…My Profile

  6. Nice to hear you know you are back as well after that run!
    abbi recently posted..Consistently InconsistentMy Profile

  7. Yay!!! SO great to hear that, Amanda!! Glad that you ARE BACK =) Hope you had a great rest of the weekend!!!
    Michele @ nycrunningmama recently posted..Envisioning Success on a Long RunMy Profile

  8. makes my heart happy to know you are doing so well!

  9. Fantastic! Runs like those are like icing on the cake! So happy for you!
    Teamarcia recently posted..Who Needs Some Sunglasses? GiveawayMy Profile

  10. I love when you have THAT run… it is what makes you keep coming back for more! Great job!
    Christina recently posted..felt like a gym imposterMy Profile

  11. So, so, good! Strong and joyous is what I see – inspiring!
    Andrea recently posted..Warm Weather and IFMy Profile

  12. YAY!!!!! I knew you would rock it. You are TOTALLY back!! :) Hugs!
    Erin Henderson recently posted..ChallengesMy Profile

  13. Back like you forgot something…but you didn’t! Nice work!

  14. That’s awesome!
    Laura recently posted..A full houseMy Profile

  15. Congrats. That’s a great feeling. Cheers!
    Viper recently posted..Flashback Friday: True Test of WillMy Profile

  16. Boy, how I love THOSE runs! :) Congrats on a kick ass run! :)
    Christel recently posted..Don’t let the bad guys winMy Profile

  17. Sounds wonderful! I know there are more such runs in your future!
    Terzah recently posted..The Olympic Marathon TrialsMy Profile

  18. A to the Awesomeness! Glad you had a very good run from the sounds of it.
    Kenley Jones recently posted..Getting the Ball Rolling AgainMy Profile

  19. Welcome back! I love these runs – sometimes the ones you are dreading turn out to be the best ones ever.
    Kierstan @ Life {and running} in Iowa recently planning:: january 15-21My Profile

  20. Hell yeah! I’m so glad you had a great long run!
    Raquelita recently posted..Running with my Best FriendMy Profile

  21. I ran 9 yesterday. Oh it was good! Good weather, good book. Legs were strong. The hill was still a hill and an awful one, but I just took it slower. I only stopped twice – once at home to go #2 LOL and once at a train because I had no other choice. :) I’m proud of that run because when I’ve been on the treadmill it’s been SO hard to go more than one mile without walking. :S The last 2 treadmill runs I’ve forced myself to not walk…it plays such a mental game on me.
    Randi recently posted..Pinterest craftsMy Profile

  22. Congrats on the good run and welcome back (-:
    Jeff Irvin recently posted..Olympic Trials & Houston MarathonMy Profile

  23. Those runs are the BEST! Glad to hear it went so well for you :)
    Kara recently posted..Active RecoveryMy Profile

  24. Awesome awesome awesome.
    marlene recently posted..Boston Training – Week 2My Profile

  25. I to had an amazing run. After 4 mile into it my legs just kick in to a great rhythm and it seemed so effortless. I wish all my runs could feel like that. One of my best runs. The weather here this year has been amazing to. I wish we had weather like this all year round. I am loving not having to get on the treadmill much this winter. Thanks also for a great running partner. So happy you are back to doing what you love girl.

  26. Awesome to hear about your solid run! Since I’ve never been “there”, I will try to look forward to it.
    Christina recently posted..Back in the saddle again…My Profile

  27. Yay! So happy to read this. I bet that did feel awesome.
    Christy@My Dirt Road Anthem recently posted..Monday Motivation: Peaks to PrairieMy Profile

  28. those are the BEST runs!! I ran 13 on Sunday and felt kind of the same way – long miles, and running solo. Turns out it was a GREAT run, too!!!
    melody recently posted..Athlete Bio {Annie Feldman}My Profile

  29. Yay!! Those are the greatest runs ever! I’m so happy for you! :)
    Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) recently posted..A week in review and other things tooMy Profile

  30. YAY!!! So excited for you!
    Kim recently posted..Walt Disney Marathon Relay 2012My Profile

  31. Just look at that smile!!! All you needed to do was to post that picture, no words needed.
    Happy, happy for you.
    Ewa recently posted..Playing a tag gameMy Profile

  32. She’s Back baby, She’s back!!!!
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Frugal Grocer Week #2My Profile

  33. Ahhh, I’m so happy for you!! You deserve this!! Those kinds of runs are great and so appreciated when the do come along!

  34. Awesome! You’ve got it from here on out!
    Vieve recently posted..Week #2 in ReviewMy Profile

  35. Yay! Congrats on a great run!
    Hikermom recently posted..Decisions, DecisionsMy Profile

  36. Congrats! Good to hear you had such a wonderful run.
    Jo @ simplehappyhealthy recently posted..Natural Long Run FuelMy Profile

  37. Elizabeth says:

    Yay! Congratulations!

  38. That’s awesome your LR went so great! I don’t think I’ve ever had a LR feel that way yet. But I have had some shorter ones that were just perfect :)

  39. ahhhhhh, I love runs like that! very happy for you that it went so well!
    Molly recently posted..Many Firsts, the Disney EditionMy Profile

  40. So glad the run went well – wish my 12 miler has been like that! WE got pounded with snow Friday morning and the roads were still not totally clear but Saturday morning so it was a bit slushy, but we made it.
    j recently posted..Whole Living Cleanse: Week 2My Profile

  41. So happy for you!!
    Laura recently posted..The Laundry of a Cold Long RunMy Profile

  42. Awesome job! Those confidence boosters are so crucial in training. Your training cycle is well under way!
    Laura recently posted..Houston Half Race RecapMy Profile

  43. Glad to hear it went great for you!
    Jill recently posted..Let’s take a look into 2012My Profile

  44. thats awesome, way to go!
    I am coming back from a stress fracture and I am hoping “that run” happens soon for me!
    Heather Montgomery recently posted..Altra runningMy Profile

  45. Yay!! So glad you had a great one! Very happy for you :)
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Week 5 – Time to Step BackMy Profile

  46. So glad to hear your 16-miler was great!
    David H. recently posted..Early hiccupsMy Profile

  47. awesome
    feener recently posted..spin – please respect your instructorMy Profile

  48. so, so happy for you!!! You deserve it!!! Waiting for mine…I know it’s around the corner. Must keep pressing on.
    Julie D. recently posted..The Cardinal Sin (almost)My Profile

  49. So glad your 16 miles turned out to be cake.
    My long run wasn’t so fun. The weather turned nasty and the challenge of running in the slushy, uneven snow, with wind to boot forced me home after 9 miles to finish on the treadmill. Oh well – there’s always next week. :)
    Joanne recently posted..Don’t sit and Chickpea Mix Salad with Yogurt Ranch Style DressingMy Profile

  50. Heck yeah!
    gracie recently posted..Louisiana Marathon: Race RecapMy Profile

  51. Awesome! Glad you had a great run! My 15 miler was the opposite of that but it is done and I’m sure this weeks 16 will be amazing. :-)
    Great Job!
    Missy recently posted..15 miles and cheering on marathonersMy Profile

  52. Woohoo! You’re back, baby! :)
    Pam recently posted..Almond Milk – A "How-To" PostMy Profile

  53. Congrats on getting it done…and with such success! I’m so jealous, those are the best kinds of runs that you just described :)
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..Altra WINNER!My Profile

  54. Awesome!!! So glad it went well.
    Allison Johnson recently posted..Last Long Run… 7 days to go!My Profile

  55. Hurray! :) Very happy for you.

    I had no run this weekend, which is great training for the 50K in April. Sigh. But what I did have was a FANTASTIC group mountain bike ride/BBQ. Well worth skipping Saturday’s run, even if it had me worn out all day Sunday, too. I did manage to squeeze in 5 miles today, and training officially starts next Monday, so then I”m going to have to lose the excuses and RUN.
    Kate recently posted..If you plan it, they will ride.My Profile

  56. Those are all such wonderful things! Yeah for a great run!

  57. yayyayay! awesome! :)
    Jen @ floundering in flip flops recently posted..This week in training is brought to you by…My Profile

  58. Yeah you!!!!
    SassyModernMom recently posted..It Even Impressed My Husband…My Profile

  59. That’s just awesome. The best news!!

  60. So so so wonderful Amanda!!

  61. Yeah!!! So happy for you! Nothing better than a successful long run :)
    Christine recently posted..Sunday RandomnessMy Profile

  62. That’s my favorite kind of long runs!
    Abby @ Have Dental Floss, WIll Travel recently posted..Getting My Ski OnMy Profile

    Miz recently posted..The marriage of mind & muscle**My Profile

  64. It’s the most wonderful feeling when ‘all things work together for good’ and you feel you’re floating on air. So glad YOU’RE BACK!!!
    Runningfox recently posted..FrostMy Profile

  65. Yay! Congrats on an awesome run! I love when something that initially seems really daunting turns out to be no big deal, or better, is completely enjoyable.

  66. WHOOPPPP! love hearing this, welcome BACK!
    katie recently posted..three things thursday on tuesdayMy Profile

  67. Those are the best runs! So glad you are *there* again!!!
    That Pink Girl recently posted..Olympic Time Trials – HoustonMy Profile

  68. Great to hear your run went so well. Mine was a short 5 miler and my legs felt like lead. It was a grin-and-try-to-bear-it kind of run.

    ellie recently posted..Prevent Anxiety AttacksMy Profile

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