It was THAT run

Feeling great Saturday night after my 16.5

I told you last week that I had some anxiety about Saturday’s planned 16-miler. Turns out that anxiety was completely unfounded, because Saturday’s run was:

  • The one where the miles just flew by
  • The one where you feel efficient
  • The one where that hill you hate wasn’t such a big deal
  • The one where you laugh with friends for more than two hours
  • The one where you have an extra gear in the last mile
  • The one where you feel invincible
  • The one where you know–you are back!

How was your weekend long run?

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    Yay! I’m glad you had such an awesome run! Those are truly THE BEST ones to have!

    “The one where you know–you are back!” <—– That's the run I'm waiting for, but I'm sure it's a few weeks off.
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    I ran 9 yesterday. Oh it was good! Good weather, good book. Legs were strong. The hill was still a hill and an awful one, but I just took it slower. I only stopped twice – once at home to go #2 LOL and once at a train because I had no other choice. :) I’m proud of that run because when I’ve been on the treadmill it’s been SO hard to go more than one mile without walking. :S The last 2 treadmill runs I’ve forced myself to not walk…it plays such a mental game on me.
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    I to had an amazing run. After 4 mile into it my legs just kick in to a great rhythm and it seemed so effortless. I wish all my runs could feel like that. One of my best runs. The weather here this year has been amazing to. I wish we had weather like this all year round. I am loving not having to get on the treadmill much this winter. Thanks also for a great running partner. So happy you are back to doing what you love girl.

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    Hurray! :) Very happy for you.

    I had no run this weekend, which is great training for the 50K in April. Sigh. But what I did have was a FANTASTIC group mountain bike ride/BBQ. Well worth skipping Saturday’s run, even if it had me worn out all day Sunday, too. I did manage to squeeze in 5 miles today, and training officially starts next Monday, so then I”m going to have to lose the excuses and RUN.
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    Yay! Congrats on an awesome run! I love when something that initially seems really daunting turns out to be no big deal, or better, is completely enjoyable.