A look a Howard County outdoors (vlog)

Time for vlog number two! Last time I filled you in on all that my area (Columbia, Md) has to offer for the fitness freak. This time around I take you on a tour of some of our fantastic open space. I think you’ll agree, we’ve got it going on here!

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    Looks like you have a very well planned community. I love all the activities for families to get out and spend time together. The state park looks similar to areas around here (Jefferson City and Columbia, Missouri). Lots of pretty streams and woods to run through – with varying terrain from pretty hilly and technical trails to pretty easy, flat (former railroad beds) trails. I’m sure this would look prettier in the spring with flowers or the fall with the leaves changing (and easier to hear without the wind). But we don’t have nearly the number of pools or interconnected trails and village centers. That is neat. How do the gym packages work? Are those run by a government entity and then you pay a monthly fee like a normal gym? Are these tax supported? Property taxes? Sales taxes? What kind of rates? Interesting to learn about how other communities (that in my view are really doing some things RIGHT) accomplish what others can’t seem to. We have a very low cost of living, but we tend to have lower wages comparatively as well. I would love to see more bloggers share videos or pictures of the places in their areas that they love to spend time outdoors.
    Christina recently posted..Climbing those….poles???My Profile

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    Fun fun! It is so brown there…crazy after living in green, rainy Portland for so long. Always takes me back when I go back to Colorado and see how brown it is in the winter. Thanks for taking us around. I love vlogs!

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    What a gem! I too have the same questions as Christina. Curious when the homes and developments were built? Late 80’s? Your very lucky! I love the East coast landscape. Beautiful!
    Becca recently posted..Crack DenMy Profile

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    WOW you are so lucky and was that Conor? you said? what a doll!!!! I LOVE grey hounds. Apparently they are the runner’s dog. They like to giver and then rest so natural calm and submissive. I love them :) and great trails. We have one paved nature trail right near our house and I love it!
    Ali Mc recently posted..Throat pain = sad dayMy Profile

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    I love, love, LOVE that your neighborhoods and village center are connected by a path. That is just such a cool concept. My hometown is actually in the planning stages of doing something similar. They are doing several miles of path to connect a few schools and subdivisions and such. It figures that they would do something cool like that after I move away! :)
    Pam recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

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    I love your dog, he is so cute! Can he have his own vlog too? haha!

    I love seeing other communities. It’s so great that all those trails connect to the village centers (I think that’s what you called them). It’s so well thought out – along with running, I also love walking everywhere so that would be perfect for me. I am impressed with all the options you have!
    Kara recently posted..Weekend FestivitiesMy Profile