Favorite on the track

Tomorrow is February, which for many people means getting on the track for some speedwork isn’t far off. My friends and I are usually hitting it by March. We vary up the workouts from one week to the next and usually do about three miles worth of speed. One of my favorite track workouts, especially when training for a marathon, is one I learned from […]

A bump in the road

All taped up and no where to go

Just when things were plugging along so beautifully, I have hit a little bump in the road. My Achilles started complaining to me on Thurs. afternoon, post run. When I tried to ride the bike trainer on Friday, it was pretty painful. So I did the smart thing (for once!) and got off after just 15 minutes. I went in to see my massage therapist […]

My 11 randoms

Couldn't do it without them

I’ve been tagged by three fabulous bloggers for the 11 random facts that are making the rounds. My friend Jason, my Ohio girl Holly, and Jersey girl Jen were all nice enough to think that I had 11 interesting, random facts to share. I”m not so sure, but thank you all anyhow! As you know, this tag comes with rules, but I’m going to be […]

Once upon a time…

A three-year old with energy to spare

There was a little Midwestern girl who loved books and long walks. In fact, her non-stop energy and ability to walk for miles perplexed her parents. As she got older, her bookwormish ways evolved and she developed a habit of reading late into the night, sometimes using a flashlight long after “lights out.” Her energy was still there, too, but she channeled it into figure […]

ViewSport review and giveaway

Front of tank

One of the things I love about Twitter is the exposure I get to people and companies I might not otherwise encounter. That was the case with ViewSport, which picked up on a recent tweet I sent out to another blogger. They introduced me to their clothing line and gave me the chance to try it out. ViewSport is a bit different than other clothing […]

Holy hills, batman!

I finally got up the nerve to tackle some hill repeats with my friends this morning. And? Other than sucking wind and sounding like I was ready to keel over from an asthmatic attack, I’d say it went pretty well. I’ve been working to get one of my mid-week runs a bit longer, so today that run totaled out to about 9 1/2. We did […]

The conversations of a long run

When you're out there for hours, you can cover a lot of topics!

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m on a long run with my friends, our conversations run the gamut. I think every topic is fair game out there and we manage to cover some serious territory, both literally and figuratively. Saturday’s long run was no exception, so I thought I’d share some of those topics: Food What Shalane Flanagan said to Kara Goucher […]

A look a Howard County outdoors (vlog)

Time for vlog number two! Last time I filled you in on all that my area (Columbia, Md) has to offer for the fitness freak. This time around I take you on a tour of some of our fantastic open space. I think you’ll agree, we’ve got it going on here! Related Posts:Back to the futureVloggin’ about my ‘hood!The crazy, long hair, white-man preacherBirthday lessonsWho’s […]

The runner’s nod (and a winner)

On my run yesterday, I unexpectedly ran into a fellow board member from my running club. We were passing on the pathway and both broke into big grins and shouted hello to each other. It kept the grin on my face for the next few minutes. A bit later, I passed another runner, a stranger. When I smiled and said “good morning” to her, I […]

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Beautiful sunny skies

What the skies did immediately AFTER my rainy 9-miler yesterday: That’s ok–I like running in the rain. Related Posts:No Related Posts