Looks like I made it

Last day of the year--in a skirt--yes!

Eight weeks back to running–the final eight weeks of the year.  And I made my childish goal of not wearing full-length tights until 2012. I’m pretty darn excited, I have to say!

Coldest run in nothing more than capri’s–one early morning down around 24 degrees. It really wasn’t bad, though. I’ve discovered through this little experiment that as long as my knees are covered, I’m pretty much good to go.

The weather has definitely worked in my favor throughout this. Today it was already in the 40s when we started, for instance. Next week, however, is finally bringing us some really cold temps–early mornings are predicted to be in the high teens, so I think I”ll finally cave and break out those tights. Good thing I have a new pair from my field trip to Athleta in DC yesterday, as well as a pair from Lucy that I need to review (and yes, there will be a givewaway, so stay tuned).

I can also say I’ve made it back to running some fairly decent mileage. Today I tackled 13 on a truly hillacious course. It was tough, but I did it. Next week my total mileage will be around 30, so I’m getting there.

The last piece of the puzzle will be getting my speed back. I still feel slow compared to my friends, which sometimes gets me down. But I have to keep it in perspective–I was on the DL for the better part of a year. Today I am running, and running respectable distances. That’s a good enough reason for a glass of champagne tonight if you ask me.

Happy New Year!

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    Great job getting back to 13 so quickly, and 30 next week. In 8 weeks, that is definitely something to be proud of. I’m struggling to maintain that balance too, and hold myself back enough to ensure full healing, but not completely avoid challenging myself either. Enjoy your champagne!
    Laura recently posted..2011 Year in ReviewMy Profile

  2. says

    Definitely a good glass is half full (of champagne) perspective. Yea for a successful return to running, meeting even silly goals, and looking forward to a great 2012. Happy New Year!
    Kate recently posted..2011 recapMy Profile

  3. says

    If I had a cute outfit like that I would run 13mi hills too. :)
    So glad to hear things are going well for you. Soon you will be zipping :) passed other runners. I think you have earned even two glasses of champagne.
    Ewa recently posted..My New Year ResolutionMy Profile

  4. says

    It boggles my mind that someone can be sidelined for a year and then come back and within a few short weeks be where you’re at! I always feel like I’m starting from scratch when I take just a few days off! You’re a rock star, lady! Here’s to a happy, healthy, INJURY-FREE 2012!!!! :)
    Pam recently posted..The Obligatory Year-In Post – 2011 EditionMy Profile

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    Woot! You’re making me cold just thinking about it! I was wearing thermals under my tights on my last sub 20 run (and had NO sensation in my thighs afterwards). Hmm, maybe I wasn’t running hard enough …
    Way to get those miles up!!! Go, girl, GO!
    Kathy Reed recently posted..2011 Running RecapMy Profile

  6. says

    I hate full-length tights too, but I’ve definitely had to resort to them a couple of times. You’re right, though, that capris will do it in all but the coldest weather.

    Your speed will come back…and I can’t wait to read about it when it does.
    Terzah recently posted..2011 Goes Out Like a LionMy Profile

  7. says

    I have got to admit, this warm weather is creeping me out!

    You are doing amazing haven been on theDL for a year. The speed will come back. Just don’t push it! Caratunk girls orders! :)
    Mandy recently posted..Welcome 2012!My Profile