Turkey day highs and lows

I’m going to lay it out there–traveling to see family over the holidays may seem idyllic, but the truth of the matter is, is often isn’t. Yes, it’s wonderful to see them. Yes, I am thankful that I got to spend time with loved ones, especially those who are not in good health.

Thankful for fantastic running weather!

But there are inevitable highs and lows to these little getaways. So here we go, off to bullet-point heaven, where I tend to spend quite a bit of time. Let’s start with the lows:

  • Loads of unhealthy foods at my in-laws. As in, no vegetables in sight. Ham. Lots of white stuff on the table. Not a healthy person’s best day(s).
  • Running in rural Ohio. I know lots of you run in rural parts of the country and enjoy it. Me? I’d rather have the comfort of the ‘burbs or the city. Something about long desolate stretches of road, loose big dogs, and fast-driving pick-up trucks that don’t expect to see runners makes me uncomfortable.
  • Screen overload for my kids. I keep screen time of any sort extremely limited for my kids. I just think they’re better off this way. Not so many of my relatives, and so my kids were in front of video games, handhelds, TVs, etc. far more than I like. I’ll admit, I have a hard time biting my tongue in these situations, but bite it I did.
  • Not getting to see everyone I had hoped to see. Schedules don’t always mesh but I’m bummed.

The highs:

  • An awesome meal, full of color and flavor, at my brother and sister-in-law’s house. Her two sisters were there and they are all about healthy living. So nice to find others with this mindset.
  • An almost hour-long run on the Cleveland Metroparks trails. Even better, it was warm enough to do in a running skirt. Rare indeed for this part of the country at this time of year.
  • NOT black Friday shopping but rather walking in the same parks with the kids and dog.

Truly, I am thankful for the chance to spend time with family, and I know that my lows are not true lows, but inconveniences. Perspective. In the grand scheme, I am blessed with lots of good in life.

What worked/didn’t work for you this holiday weekend?

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    I know exactly what you mean about family members not having the same healthy eating mindset. Yesterday I was trying to find something for breakfast and everything wa sugar related I was offered- scones, doughnuts, pies. I asked if there was anything that wasn’t sugar and then was offered bread and a banana (ummm still sugar)— reinforces my own healthy eating habits when I’m in control. Glad there was still some positives for you as well :)
    lisa J recently posted..ConfessionsMy Profile

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    I was glad Hubby and I got to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year (with plenty of healthy goodies like baked squash, and brussel sprouts, and treats like pumpkin pecan cheesecake, and Hubby’s sweet potato pie.. *drool*)
    I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner!

    But I do miss Thanksgiving with my family. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t in the cards for us travel-wise this year.
    Beth (i run like a girl) recently posted..I don’t do Black Friday unless…My Profile

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    I fully agree about running on desolate roads etc. I may not love the smog and car exhaust, but I just feel safer with lots of people around to witness me getting grabbed. :) Yes, it stinks to be a guest somewhere that has no greens…been there, done that! We are truly blessed though and I’m glad you had some positives and enjoyed time with your kiddos. BTW, I did black friday from my sleeping bag…fabulous! Jessica

    Jessica recently posted..Thanksgiving Day {Wrap Up}My Profile

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    Love those bare feet :-)
    I’ve been wondering why it is that we still celebrate holidays with food. Too many thoughts on the subject to put in one short comment.
    And families… gosh, isn’t it just like life, some good, some bad.
    Glad to hear you are running! Now that is the best!
    Ewa recently posted..no gifts for meMy Profile

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    It was great having my sister visit, and the fact that I got to control the menus! Not so good, the aftermath of 5 kids and their toys, and having to make visits to my FIL in the hospital. Glad you got to run!!!
    Molly recently posted..Mixed MoodMy Profile

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    At first I was sad we didn’t have anyone coming or anywhere to go, but it ended up being really fun to celebrate just with our family, and to cook the foods we wanted and how we wanted. Glad there was a lot of “good” to your visits though! You look great!!!
    Erin Henderson recently posted..Perfect dayMy Profile

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    The hour long run in Cleveland was probably why you coped with those inconveniences so well. Holidays can be tough especially holidays where you have little control over food and other stuff but running helps wrest back a bit of autonomy and sanity.
    Char recently posted..Is There Something Wrong With Me?My Profile

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    Interested to know whether your family reads your blog :)

    I have similar feelings about Thanksgiving foods. Everything is just so… beige… My husband made fun of me on Thanksgiving because the only two foods on my plate were stuffing and cauliflower, but at least I’d added purple cauliflower to the roasting pan.
    Abby @ Have Dental Floss, WIll Travel recently posted..Philadelphia Marathon 2011: “The Best Time of Your Life”My Profile

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    An hour run? Wow!! You are cruising along very fast!!

    I know the healthy situation and too much screen time is not ideal, but thankfully it is just a day or two and you can get back to regular Zippyness soon :).
    Jill recently posted..Bye Bye, PlanMy Profile

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    I have eaten more portion-wise (and butter and cream wise) over the past few days, but I take some solace in the fact that the Thanksgiving meal that I prepared was also chockfull of vegetables and variety. I missed being able to spend the holiday with family, but I have to say there is something really nice about not traveling and not having a big group to cook for and entertain.
    Raquelita recently posted..Rebuilding the Base and HBBC Log Week 1My Profile

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    I was blessed to do all my meals with the healthy minded people,so food was good, but unfortunately for this minimal drinker, wine was flowing like a river. My weakness I love good wine! But I was good, I ate cheesecake instead! ;o)

    You look great in that skirt!
    Jen recently posted..Lazy Bones!My Profile

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    I think the only healthy food at our table was the corn salad. Lots of white stuff too though. OH! And we did have a bowl of fruit salad which I used as dessert.

    I don’t live far from rural Ohio and you’re right, the weather has been pretty good up until today! I had a pretty warm 14 miler yesterday. Food is officially burned. :)

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    The trails sounds wonderful. As far as running in the country it depends where you are. My stretch is pretty nice but not far from here is one of those stretches with way too many cars/trucks going too fast.

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    Visiting family always has its highs and lows, that is for sure. Sounds like all and all it was an awesome weekend!!

    I have to admit though – what made me giggle a little was the first thing I thought of for a downside of visiting family when I read your title in my reader (before reading your post) was having to run in the burbs with all the cars, houses, and stores around…all the noise…

    Hilarious, right? It is totally all in what we are used to and comfortable with for sure. But I don’t have a lot of trucks running me off the road or loose dogs up here like you had to deal with – that would totally suck and make it not fun at all!
    Mandy recently posted..Wagging Wednesday: Jumping for JoyMy Profile

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    I’ve noticed that holiday parties, any party for that matter, focus mainly on carbohydrates. Not healthy veggies like you confirmed, but the breads, pastas, refined sugars, etc. I have to remind myself that one day won’t hurt and try to get the good-for-me stuff in the body before the festivities begin.

    I avoid Black Friday. Shopping in the malls on normal days turns me off. It seems there were so many aggressive attacks by and on shoppers this year. Freaky and totally not enjoyable.
    Joanne recently posted..CNYEats A Taste of Utica TabouliMy Profile

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    Low: Mother-in-law who now has my daughter waking up at 6 AM (normally, it’s 8)

    High: Also spent Black Friday away from any and all forms of retail. Was recovering from 13.1 on Thanksgiving so all the humans and canines went out for a really long walk together on a gorgeously brisk day.
    Jen recently posted..Turkey Day Half- Race ReportMy Profile

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    I love the holidays but I always eat way tooo much! Its great to see everyone but the food is just so good that I just eat and eat and eat! Getting up and out for a run early definitely helps me to feel better – if I don’t do it first think I never get a run in because either i am stuffed from food or spending time with family!
    J recently posted..The battle of the lamp postMy Profile

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    The thing about holiday travel that gets me is the change to my basic routine–staying up too late and so not being able to get up early for my runs means doing them at times of day (like the afternoon!) that are weird to me. I also get discombobulated by things like not knowing where a track is (I had speedwork last week while we were traveling)–this time I ended up paying $15 so I could use a fancy gym treadmill–it just eased my mind. I once read that any running while traveling is good running–I tried to remember that while we were gone. But I’m VERY glad to be home.
    Terzah recently posted..Giveaway: T-Shirts & Cards from Banana Blossom PressMy Profile

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    Family dinners with people who are not health conscious is HARD. And also kind of sad. I am slowly trying to instill some ideas on my family & in-laws. It can be difficult to do so without being offensive to some.

    I hope the “highs” outweighed the “lows” – sounds like they did!
    marlene recently posted..Weekend Recap & HBBC Week 1My Profile