Want to run America’s Toughest Road Marathon? (giveaway)

26.2 miles in these mountains await you

We all know that 26.2 is challenging, whether on a flat course or a hilly one. But the organizers of the Blue Ridge Mountain Marathon take that challenge up a notch. As in way up. This course, which starts in Roanoke, Virginia, and winds through the Blue Ridge Mountains, offers some 7,200 ft. of elevation change. That's three mountains … [Read more...]

The road back so far…

I'm starting off week four of my¬† return to running. I can tell you it's been a joyful road so far and has gone maybe even better than expected. So far I've been sticking to just three runs a week, supplemented with cycling, swimming, and weight/balance training. I want to make a concerted effort to get at least one day of yoga in … [Read more...]

Turkey day highs and lows

Back Camera

I'm going to lay it out there--traveling to see family over the holidays may seem idyllic, but the truth of the matter is, is often isn't. Yes, it's wonderful to see them. Yes, I am thankful that I got to spend time with loved ones, especially those who are not in good health. But there are inevitable highs and lows to these little … [Read more...]

Controlling the urge to take it out too fast

Keep the first mile(s) in check

Jason posted a list of the most common marathoning mistakes the other day and one was, not surprisingly, going out too fast. Not that I'd know anything about that or anything...GUILTY! On more than a few occasions. It's funny, when I used to do triathlons exclusively, I was really good at keeping my early run pace in check, and to … [Read more...]

What I’m loving right now

Still waiting...

Well, running obviously, but maybe some of the things that go with (and not so with) running too. Without further ado, here are a few things I think are really cool this late November week: 1. My Oiselle arm warmers--The weather has been just right for arm warmers lately, and as an Oiselle ambassador, I have two pairs (one navy, … [Read more...]

Are you a weather wimp?

Team "Cold Circle" running a New Year's Eve run in Finland.

The saying goes "don't mess with Texas." But I'm going to have to in this post. Namely, I'm messing with Jeff and Jason, two of my favorite bloggers. Before I start ragging on them, let me add that I think both are total studs. Jeff just completed a stellar 50k with a top 10 overall placement and ran a 1/2 marathon one week later in … [Read more...]

Three on Thursday

November birthday girls

1. For the first time in months, I got to do a birthday cake run with my friends! We have a tradition of running from a bakery on Thursdays, and when it's someone's birthday, we order a cake for afterward. I couldn't do the whole run with them, but swam and then joined them for the last few miles. And yes, ate a piece of amazing chocolate … [Read more...]

Need some sunglasses? (BTB giveaway)

Back Camera

Last month I reviewed the new line of sports sunglasses by BTB and gave it a thumbs up. To remind you again, BTB offers performance sunglasses that they claim are on par with $100 brands, for less than $50. Now BTB wants to share the love with you and offer one winner a pair of BTB sunglasses of their choice (excluding polarized … [Read more...]

The magic behind the fix

The sock doc at work on my feet

You all know I made the trip to North Carolina last week to see Dr. Stephen Gangemi, aka the sock doc. Because I can't completely (or at all) articulate how he worked his magic with my feet, I thought I'd let him take over. It's fascinating stuff, but most importantly, it works! Here it is in his words: Hey there Zippy Gang. Amanda … [Read more...]

My mini me

Nothing beats a run with you kids

All of us who run probably secretly, or not so secretly, would love to see our kids (future kids) become runners someday. I of course would love nothing more than to run alongside my kids as they go through school and on into adulthood. But as much as we all love that idea, we know that we can't push those desires onto our children. My … [Read more...]