My get out of jail free card

I'm cashing in this card

In the latest chapter of the ongoing foot saga–I saw my foot/ankle doctor today. He had me do a new bone scan of both feet last week. Today I got the results: they are both crystal clear. He sees no imminent danger of stress fractures and sees no reason why I shouldn’t start back to running.

Now let me tell you–I am not pain-free. This rather freaks me out. I feel like there is still something going on there. He does too, but he doesn’t think it’s anything that should prevent me from trying to run. Obviously, I could have kissed the man!

So here’s the plan: After talking with my PT about all this, we have set up an appointment to resume training next week on the AlterG. Now am I tempted to run in Central Park this weekend (on my birthday no less!)? Of course, but Josh says no, so what’s a few more days?

In the meantime, I will still see the sock doc next Monday. I’m hoping he’ll figure out the source of the pain and knock it out. Then, maybe, I can wrap my brain around the idea that after 10 1/2 months of virtually no running, I can resume training.

And Boston? I haven’t given up on that yet–I think I can pull out a very slow run on Patriot’s Day with the help of the AlterG.


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    That is great news!! YAY!! Not sure about the whole still feeling pain thing but I do know that sometimes I do have ghost pains and/or random pains in places where I have had injuries – hip flexor, ankle, knee, etc. Hopefully you can figure thing out AND get back to running!
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    That’s great news!

    Honestly I’d be a bit freaked to run if I’m still in pain. But if the docs give the OK, then go for it, right?

    I didn’t realize you haven’t been running for 10 1/2 months! I’m creeping up on 5 months of no running (my fault/choice since becoming pregnant!) and hoping to get a routine going after baby is here and my doc gives me the OK.
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    Running again is very exciting news for sure! Good luck with it.

    And this bay swim that you keep mentioning to me. Isn’t it long? You do realize I am barely making it up and down the pool with sides right next to me?????

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    Awwww Yeeeeaaaahhhh! Awesome news! I know the “could kiss the doc” feeling myself:)

    FWIW- for the feet still hurting, I have a friend who is a sports med/ortho specialist, and she says that some pain in the areas affected by stress rx/fx’s may still be present even after it heals up. Don’t know why-but likely a blood flow thing Something to inquire about, but I believe her. Hope that helps.

    Have a good trip to NYC!

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    Wow, has it been that long? Seems impossible that you haven’t run in so long. I don’t know how you do it. I guess when you LOVE something that much you’ll do just about anything to get it back. Kudos to you, I would be seriously bonkers by now! HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY TOO!
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