My get out of jail free card

I'm cashing in this card

In the latest chapter of the ongoing foot saga--I saw my foot/ankle doctor today. He had me do a new bone scan of both feet last week. Today I got the results: they are both crystal clear. He sees no imminent danger of stress fractures and sees no reason why I shouldn't start back to running. Now let me tell you--I am not pain-free. … [Read more...]

Let’s do 4 states in 7 days, shall we?

I'll be checking in on mom and dad first

Yep, beginning Tuesday, yours truly is hitting the road for a whirlwind tour of four different states (ok, I'm counting a day in Md, here, but..). Tuesday I am heading off to the Midwest to visit my parents for a few days. I'll also get to catch up with old friends, which adds to the fun. Friday, I'm off to NYC to celebrate my … [Read more...]

Marathon advice from the top (guest post)

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella showing perfect form

Since we're smack in the middle of the Fall marathon season, I thought I'd let my friend Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, elite runner, owner of Two Rivers Treads, head honcho of the Natural Running Center, etc., etc., share his advice on how to run Marine Corps or any other marathon. Pay attention, students, this is good stuff! As you enter the … [Read more...]

BTB Sunglasses review

I wear my (BTB) sunglasses at night

Sunglasses are an essential piece of equipment for me, whether I am running or cycling. You'll rarely see me without them. However, I hate to pay top dollar for good sunglasses because I do have a habit of breaking them/losing them. Take for instance, what happened to a pair of my favorites recently: I lost them for about a week, only … [Read more...]

Rules of race day

Read 'em and weep

Jamoosh and I seem to be inspiring each other for post content of late (although he is much wittier than I. Drinks more beer too). Today he posted his Houston 1/2 report and it included a bit of  unhappiness about a large wall of walker/runners at the front of the pack, making it difficult for him to get out there and settle into a … [Read more...]

Boston 2012–the numbers tell the story

After all the buzz on Boston's new qualifying system, and after everyone who qualified had a chance to apply, the dust has settled and the field for the 2012 race is set. What's it look like? Much like recent years, according to organizers. Care to crunch some numbers? A  breakdown of who got in and who didn't: 1,851 runners with … [Read more...]

Good for my soul

MyRun 002

The other night I got together with a huge group of my running friends to celebrate one of the several 50th birthdays among the group this year. Lisa was our guest of honor, which was so nice because she is pretty much the Julie McCoy of the group--always the one making sure we mark everyone else's special day or occasion. And let … [Read more...]

Is two in two too much?

Earlier this week, the New York Times posted an article talking about Meb Keflezighi and the fact that he is one of the few elites who is running a fall marathon (NYC) as well as the Olympic trials in January. The article talked about how for the elites, it's pretty tough to peak for both events. Ryan Hall, Shalane Flanigan, Kara … [Read more...]

Dipping my toes in vegan waters

I know--Skinny Bitch and I could have been separated at birth. ; )

A while back, I talked about watching the CNN show The Last Heart Attack. The show was based on the idea that heart attacks could be completely prevented by diet and exercise and based much of its theory on the research of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn of the Cleveland Clinic. I thought they presented some pretty strong evidence and so … [Read more...]

Speaking of the treadmill…

I think I've made my case for running outside vs. inside on the treadmill. That said, however, I recognize that there are plenty of times when a treadmill can be the only way to get a workout in (this certainly applies to me from time to time). So I wanted to know--is running on a treadmill a good substitute for running outdoors? The … [Read more...]

Recharge drink review and giveaway!

Grumpy Jim likes his Recharge

It used to be that Gatorade was the be all, end all in electrolyte replacement. These days the market is flooded with options and I recently got to try one of the newest. Recharge recently introduced a powdered, all natural, no sugar added electrolyte replacement drink made by R.W. Knudsen. It uses stevia as a sweetener, which is a … [Read more...]