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When I was offered a chance to review the movie My Run, I decided it would be more fun to share it with friends and get their input as well. So last night, three of my best sweat sisters came by for dinner and a movie.

After some chili, salad, cornbread, and pumpkin ale, we put the DVD in. It begins by laying the foundation for the crazy journey that Terry Hitchcock undertook back in 1996. After losing his wife to breast cancer and raising three kids on his own, he decided to find an epic way of bringing attention to the plight of single parents.

His idea? To run from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Atlanta, arriving there in time for the 1996 summer Olympics. All good and well except that Terry was overweight and completely out of shape. To complete the journey would require him to run about a marathon a day for 75 consecutive days.

He hired a trainer, put a crew into place and made his plans. Before even getting off the ground, however, he had a heart attack. His doctors recommended he abandon ship, but he didn’t.

As you might imagine, Terry’s journey was anything but smooth. Each day took him about eight hours. His list of ailments and mishaps piled up as he moved forward. But he did reach the finish line in time for the Olympics, inspiring people along the way and bringing attention to his cause.

We all agreed that the movie was quite a bit different than the big productions you see today (think Marathon, Hood to Coast). The footage was shot 15 years ago and I’m guessing the idea to make it into a movie came much later. Was it inspiring? Yes, but once again, we all agreed that these days, people undertaking running journeys like this are almost a dime a dozen.

Maybe we are all jaded by the overload of these stories and thus this one lost

Not quite good enough for thumbs up

some of its potential impact. My movie reviewers overall rating? Three thumbs in the middle.

Want to judge for yourself? The people behind the My Run movie are offering one copy each to two MZ followers. To enter:

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I’ll pick a winner via next Thursday, Oct. 6. Good luck!

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  1. says

    Thanks for your review.

    I saw My Run last week with a group of 12 running friends of all different ages and the consensus from the group is that “MY RUN IS A VERY HONEST, REAL AND INSPIRING STORY OF NEVER GIVING UP!”

    To me it’s my favorite running and inspiring film, which includes the other running great running films of Hood to Coast, Spirit of the Marathon and Running Sahara, which I enjoyed all of those films. Though what makes My Run extra special to me is that was an EVERYDAY man (person), not some well-conditioned athlete with a huge promotional machine and big budget behind him. This is a honest story of an everyday man who was so far from being that well-conditioned athlete, though armed with mission and passion and fueled by loss of his wife (soul mate); he trained for years to do something so amazing despite all of the challenges that faced him along the way (heart attack, depression, raising three kids alone).

    When you watch this movie, please leave the cynical baggage and just watch the film for what is… INSPIRING. This is a MUST SEE Documentary.

    Be well,
    Kimberly, A full-time mother, runner and widower.

  2. says

    Hey! I know those cool movie reviewers! I think the tales of running across country to raise funds are becoming more common. At the same time, I feel like it is still inspiring for me to see people do something I could never undertake from a physical perspective. It would be nice to see a running documentary about the “regular runners” in our midst. Those with jobs and kids and without the wealth often thinly veiled in these films.

    Thanks as always for your writing!
    Sarah T. recently posted..Role ReversalMy Profile

  3. says

    What a cool story. It inspired a friend of mine to start training for a marathon. There’s so much in all of us that we never realize until we dig for it. Thanks, too, for your honest review of your take on the movie.
    Kate recently posted..Thursday thingsMy Profile