Five For Friday

1. Today the plan was to head to Annapolis to do some kayaking on the Severn River, but the pouring rain is making that unlikely. I’ll run in the rain any day of the week, but kayak? Not so much.

Hoping to kayak here on the Severn River

2. My friends are running Ragnar DC today. I was supposed to be part of this team, so a few tears have been shed as the day got closer. That said, I’m excited to see how they do. I’m betting on them taking the top spot for female teams. And yes, they’re all master’s. Bad ass.

3. I’d be lying if I said I’m not hoping the rain cancels the kids back-to-school picnic tonight. A bonus free night? I’ll take it!

4. Just made plans to hit Arizona in February, where I’ll finally get to meet up with the fabulous EMZ. She has even promised she’ll leave the treadmill to run trails with me. Yes!

5. After three rounds of tryouts, my son has been waiting for almost a week to see if he made a travel lacrosse team. I have such mixed feelings about this–I want him to make it because it’s what he wants, but I don’t know what I think of travel teams for kids.

What’s on tap for your weekend?

Has the weather gotten in your way lately?

What do you think of travel sports teams for kids?

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  1. says

    I was part of a point to point relay team once and had to drop out because of injury. On the one hand, tracking them was fun. On the other hand reading their blog entries after the fact depressed me because I missed it. But, that’s the life of a runner. Get better soon and by all means get that kayaking in!
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  2. cheryl says

    Long bike today and tomorrow to get ready for 92 miler the first weekend of Oct.
    Running on Sunday along with a swim…
    just for fun.

    When my daughter chose her passion, I followed her (it wasn’t running, and I am glad she followed her own heart).

    You and EMZ should run the Grand Canyon. It’s on every runner’s wish list…isn’t it?
    A rim to rim to rim is one of my fondest running memories.

  3. says

    Too bad the rain is boycotting the kayaking.

    Have to run 11 miles tomorrow. Sunday home alone and plans to go to the forest for a walk with Bella.

    Weather is awesome here at the moment: perfect Autumn weather: chilly in the morning and evening, dry and sunny during the day. This is why I love Autumn so much.

  4. says

    You must be special if she is leaving the ‘mill for you……but then again I know how awesome you are and I’d leave my kitchen to run trails with you.

    The weather here is a bit like Cybill. We got 105* then it dropped down to 80s and back up and the past two days have been very cool but it is going to heat up again……it is playing tricks with my head b/c I want to go sleeveless wetsuit next weekend but simultaneously don’t want to freeze and may need arm sleeves.
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  5. says

    I won’t talk about the weather here b/c it has been flawless. CO in Sept is the best month of the year.

    I know it stung to not join your girls for the relay and I am sorry. I am glad you have Feb in AZ to look forward to with emz. Keep your eye on THAT prize!!

    Not a big fan of travel sports for younger kids. I just think we start kids in things so much earlier these days and it doesn’t leave enough time to just be kids. That said, it is tough to not do it when that is the social climate. I don’t know what I’d do if we were faced with that choice.
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  6. says

    Good call not kayaking in the rain!

    I did my best EMZ impression on Monday because of weather and hit the treadmill. Travel teams for kids? That depends on what percentage of time they travel, the quality of the coach and organization, and if they still have time to still be kids…methinks anyhow, but I don’t have kids! :)
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  7. says

    I think travel teams are good based on how much travel and the age of the kids. I always wanted to be on a travel team when I was younger, but it was always too expensive. I think its a fun way for kids to see new places and play a variety of different teams. Plus, I know people who got recruited by college teams because they were on a travel team. They went to small, unknown high schools and probably wouldn’t have been noticed had they done high school sports only. Obviously, if he’s not looking to play college lacrosse, that’s less of an issue.
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  8. says

    Surprisingly, the weather has not gotten in my way yet here in Portland. The rains will come soon enough, though. We usually have a pretty decent Sept/Oct around here. My plans this weekend are to get in either a trail run or hike with the pooch and then hit up two parties on Saturday afternoon, cheer on my football team, and top it off with some Sunday tire flipping, archery, and keg tossing practice for next week’s event.
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  9. Rene' Whiteley says

    I agree with the rain. I will run in the rain any day of the week, but kayaking probably not.

    I am sorry about Ragnar. I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be your year!

    Travel teams for young kids are such a struggle. My boys both play football in the fall which is time consuming and travel all over NH. Our travel lacrosse is the summer and I didn’t let them try out this year because I felt like it was going to take over their summer. There has to be a balance. At the same time all of their friends’ do it so it is hard to say no. Good luck!

  10. says

    I hope the rain holds off in our area, so the kids can get their soccer games done this weekend.
    We have the kids on “recreational” sports teams, and year round swimming. They seem to enjoy it all. I like the swimming because with five kids it seems to best accommodate all ages and boys/girls in one place.
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  11. says

    I don’t know how old your son is but it seems like kids get very invested in sports young. Some of the fun has gone out of it. And I feel for the kids who can’t do it because of money or their families just don’t want to put the time in. It’s a tough one.

  12. says

    I’m iffy about travel teams. I teach second grade and kids in my class are already on travel teams. Some hate it and are told to do it by parents others love every minute of it. But, it’s up to us as parents to make the decision based on what’s right for our kids. I agree with what was mentioned above about skipping lacrosse travel team over the summer since it would dominate it.

    The weather here has sucked. I love running in the rain and the rain in general, but it’s really been a downer (not to mention how often I have to mow the amazon like lawn which I hate to do).
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