Do we ever grow out of it? (YMX winner too!)

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thinker 004 150x150 Do we ever grow out of it? (YMX winner too!)

Wondering how old is too old?

When I began running I was about 31. Not a spring chicken, but young enough to think that age groups like 40-45 and on up were pretty darn old. I also remember thinking that by the time I got to those age groups I probably wouldn’t be so competitive; that I’d grow out of it.

Well, I’m 45 now and I’ve got to tell you, I’m still waiting to lose that competitive spirit. I am a more mellow version of that younger self, for sure. I’ve learned that while training is an important part of my life, missing a workout here or there for a legitimate reason isn’t the end of the world.

But I’m still waiting to lose that competitive gene. I mean, sometimes I kind of think it’s all so immature–why does a 45-year old woman really care so much about laying down a good race time?

And maybe it is immature. But. It’s me and I think I’ve come to realize that even at 70, I’m still going to be out there trying to better my times. Well, maybe I’ll understand that bettering my times won’t be happening at that age. But I’ll still care what the clock says as I cross the line.

What about you–do you think you’ll ever outgrow your competitive spirit?


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  1. Not immature…your awesome!

  2. As I get on in years the definition of a ‘good’ race time is changing but darn it, sure I’m still competitive, with myself more than anything else. It’s about reaching a certain level I’ve come to expect from myself. IMO it’s perfectly healthy. ; )
    Teamarcia recently posted..Bark! Plus Burning QuestionsMy Profile

  3. I try to be realistic. I think I surely can improve my times and get some PRs at least through my 50s.

    But when you get to the 60s and 70s I think it’s probably gonna be more about finishing the race! Hardly any one that age is out there. So just completing a race is an accomplishment. :)
    Holly recently posted..Oh, Rosemary!My Profile

  4. Fellow 45 year old and also started around age 31…..

    If this is immature, bring it one (she said in her 10 year old voice :))
    Lisa recently posted..The 6’s have spoken…I’m going to Boston!My Profile

  5. Who wants to be mature? I certainly don’t. Being mature is BORING.
    Ewa recently posted..Lets talk food, for a changeMy Profile

  6. With your times…you’re a competitor overall! You have decades to go before you hit the “old” brackets but you’re fast enough that you’ll probably still scare the 20 year olds.
    Gracie (complicated day) recently posted..Clarence DeMar Marathon: Race RecapMy Profile

  7. Not immature, but youthful! When we were in our 20′s, my BFF and I laughingly said that we would still be racing in “bun huggers” in our 50′s. It seemed so funny at the time as we couldn’t imagine being that “old”. Well, at 52 I’m not exactly wearing bun huggers(close with short spandex shorts :) ), but I’m still out there and proud of it. Embrace your competitive nature! It will keep you healthy and young!

  8. Immature is what they call someone who is willing to put age aside and push the edge. I do not think that I will ever be mature when it comes to some things. I too was/am a late starter — 42.

  9. I’m generally not very competitive about running, mostly because I didn’t think I was any good. Like, yeah, I can run far, but not very fast. But after my 5k, I’m thinking I could be entering dangerous territory.
    kari @ Running Ricig recently guys are missing outMy Profile

  10. i hope not!! :)

    and i never think of you/other mom-running-blog friends as being as “old” as you are. (*i mean that in a good way of course)

    you guys are all so youthful (and speedy!), i forget that you are older than me! i hope to be running just as strong when i hit my 40s and up.
    lindsay recently posted..friday freebie: uprint labelsMy Profile

  11. I hope not!!! We are who we are, and we do what we do
    BDD recently posted..FailureMy Profile

  12. I think….and kind of hope….that my competitive spirit is here to stay. I have had it all my life. I hope to be racing people with the walker when I’m 90!! Hey at least I am a shoo in to win my age group finally!!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Almost Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  13. I am still all about laying down a good (for me) race time, but I have found that I am much less competitive at the end of races. Meaning my final kick isn’t to catch and pass the people in front of me, but is more about me finishing strong and beating the clock.
    Jamoosh recently posted..Speed Work & 10 ThingsMy Profile

  14. I believe your words “competitive gene” are spot on. I think you are either born with it or not. If you are born with it you will die with it. I’ve never been competitive in any area, running and life in general. I do my best always, but that is my best for that day or moment. I don’t really mind if I’ve done better before or wonder if I can do better. All my running PR’s were set in the 1990′s. I will never better any of them, but I do still chase some distance goals at times. My most distance for a year was 1999 when I ran 5334km(3314.5miles). I actually think I will better that still.
    Johann recently posted..Golden Gate, South AfricaMy Profile

  15. I totally have, but I was never that competitive to begin with. For me it’s all about the experience and adventure.
    Kovas recently posted..White Wine Versus Red WineMy Profile

  16. I’m just waiting to get older so I can be out of the freakishly fast 35-39s. Maybe, just maybe I have a chance of placing when I get older. A friend and I crossed a 10k line together. She got second in 30-34, I got 9th in 35-39. Really?
    Lesley @ Racing It Off recently posted..Heels and Hills and Him Half Race Report (Part 2 of 2)My Profile

  17. At 43, I’m still competing with my younger self (and occasionally people who annoy me and I feel I should pass in races). I’m convinced I still have a marathon PR to catch, and I’m hoping for a closer-to-4-hours than nearly-4-1/2-hours at Sparks this year.

    While I’d love a sub-4, I’m not sure that’s in the cards, but I haven’t given up hope that I’ll continue to get speedier as I work on regaining fitness lost over many years of pregnancy and nursing ups and downs.

  18. Love this!!!
    competitive gene. Ya. I’ve got enough of this for four people.

    I say…….be THAT 70 year old out there kickin it & still caring. And if possible wear just a sports bra & tights. ;)

    Yay to the winner!!
    Wait….are you frustrated you didn’t win?! ;)
    Y. T. B. :)
    Emzwiththebig2ndtoe recently posted.."I’m So Hood" – DJ KhaledMy Profile

  19. I’m not a very competitive person when it comes to running. Sure, I want to improve and set new PRs and do the best I can, but I never get bent out of shape if I get passed (though I don’t necessarily like it). Like one of the other commenters, I like a final kick to feel awesome when I cross the finish, but I’m not really set on passing others.
    Raquelita recently posted..Mad for MozartMy Profile

  20. I started running young, but didn’t worry about my times until my thirties. I will always want “good” times for where I am, regardless of how I stand in absolute terms relative to myself. I think it’s a GOOD attitude (as long, as you say, as it’s not taken too far or takes the fun out of it)–it keeps you young.

    And what did we know about life at 31? I’m going to be 39 in January, and my thirties were so much better than my twenties (and it was all about my own shifts in attitude), that I can’t wait to see what my forties are like!! So far it only gets better.
    Terzah recently posted..A DigressionMy Profile

  21. You just totally made my day!!!! I cant believe I won!!

    I just did a “Mud Run” this past Sunday and let me tell ya my competitive gene was in full gear!! There were 830 teams with 4 people per team and most people were not athletes/runners at all!! I was placed on one of our gyms teams and one of our teammates arrived late and we missed our wave to start so we got bumped back to wave C! There was a 40min wait at the 2nd obstacle (a 20 foot mud wall to climb with ropes) and people were drunk and RUDE!! I was all about the good cause and charity but didnt like the disorganization and lack of port-a-potties! I think I will stck to marathons!

    Once again I love your blog and THANK YOU for the amazing giveaway!

  22. Late starter…36, and I’m definitely competitive with myself and a little on the inside with other people. Mostly, though, like Kovas said, I’m about the experience and pushing the edge of what I think I can do. And that’s the kind of thing that makes me feel younger than I did 10 years ago.
    Kate recently posted..A newbie’s guide to the Berryman Adventure RaceMy Profile

  23. I think thats just about having a bit of spark in your life- a little pep. And at any age it keeps you young and vibrant. If your are competive it means you still believe deep down that you still ‘got it’ which I think is awesome. I hope im 75 and still try to blast past the 68 year old crowd with swagger!
    karen F recently posted..Thunder Thigh loveMy Profile

  24. I’m 58 and I still care about time. I try to tell myself that finishing is enough but that’s a lie.
    Darlene recently posted..My Next RaceMy Profile

  25. I think it’s great to be competitive and set goals, no matter what your age is:)
    Laima recently posted..Tuesday Morsels – onions, coconuts and metabolism boosting treatsMy Profile

  26. I think being competitive and wanting to do your best is a part of who we are, so nope… I bet you won’t “grow out of it” and I doubt I ever will either. We will be the little old ladies at the starting lines of races winning our age groups and loving every minute of it. :)
    Erin Henderson (@SeeMomRunFar) recently posted..Why blog?My Profile

  27. I have a year of running(racing) under my belt and I hope I NEVER stop competing or trying to improve. There is NO WAY you are 45. Wow! looking awesome!!
    Jess @ Blonde Ponytail recently posted..WILL: What I’m Loving LatelyMy Profile

  28. The toughest thing is, the older you get the more competitive the age groups become! In the 50+ group for men, it’s not unheard of to see 35-40 minute 10Ks! Yikes!
    Glenn Jones recently posted..And Another Week….My Profile

  29. I don’t think there is any way I could lose my competitiveness. I remember going to a birthday party when I was maybe 7 or 8 and we played pin the tail on the donkey and afterward the parents mentioned to my parents how competitive I was even then. I don’t think in a bad way. I believe that humans, by nature, are competitive. Survival of the fittest. Even though I may never win a race and times will eventually get slower with age, I’ll always be competing in my age group.
    Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run recently posted..Track TuesdayMy Profile

  30. I definitely don’t see myself outgrowing my competitiveness! While I do think being injured has taught me that I need to reign in how I do things occasionally (ie don’t go all out in soccer), during races I will definitely always go all out as long as my body feels good.
    Nelly recently posted..Football is back!My Profile

  31. I’m just starting running at 43 and while winning (or placing) in a race is a far off dream (fairy tale), I still feel the need to do beat somebody. I originally thought I would have to wait until I was in my 70s but then realized that all the faster runners my age now will probably still be running in their 70s, so there goes that idea. I’ll just have to be satisfied in beating my 60 year old running partner. ;D

  32. I didn’t start running until the ‘old’ age of 45 and I’m all about making PRs and running fast (for me) times. I think if you are competitive, you are competitive no matter how old. I keep looking at race results and noting I’ve got to run until my 60′s (at my current paces!) to finally start winning!
    Tricia Deeter recently posted..He gets his running skills from his mother….My Profile

  33. I know some much older ladies than I who are still totally competitive. One in her mid-50s is still getting PRs. She posts most of her training sessions on Facebook and makes me feel totally inadequate.
    Char recently posted..Gripes and Gratitude.My Profile

  34. It ain’t happening. I’ve been competitive with myself and others since I was a kid. I love competition. My cousin once joked that I will watch any competition on TV or go to it because there are winners and losers. It is definitive….there are no maybes.

    I laughed when she said that and then the next week I was watching double-dutch competition on ESPN… lie.

    I tend to be very black and white. Right and wrong. Competition does that as well. You are either better or your not, and that better can be against yourself or against the field.

    I for one know that I will never lose that competitive spirit.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Breakfast on Race DayMy Profile

  35. I have become one against the clock too many times and it just stressed the hell out of me, and my family because I am no fun to be around pre-race. So I’m trying to take a new approach to this race thing and now want to try to have the tenacity to train strong so that when I do stand on the start line of any race, what I give that race is what I put into it prior to get there. I think the time will be a reflection of my dedication. I hope.
    Jill recently posted..The Bear Chase Trail 1/2 MarathonMy Profile

  36. Not a chance. and it is not just with running it is with everything. I have always been this way, cannot help it. running I compete against myself more than anything because well I am a turtle but I still feel cometitive..I’ll pick a stranger and she’ll be my competition for the day. and I am not a spring chicken either.
    caroline recently posted..Italian deliveryMy Profile

  37. I honestly thought that once I BQd and got into Boston (EEEEEEEEEEEK), I’d be done with the competitive side…. and yet, I feel like I’m just getting started!! The more results you see, that more you want to see what you are capable of – right??
    marlene recently posted..Oakville Half Marathon Race ReportMy Profile

  38. I do have a competitive spirit, big time! Well, at least my heart, mind and left leg are competitive. My right knee, well, not so much. Right now I’m just coasting, hoping to get through October and finish all my races I have planned but I hope after I get my IT Band worked on “officially” that I’ll be back to 8/9 minute miles. Fingers crossed!
    Coy recently posted..There’s Never Enough Mo’ CowbellMy Profile

  39. I’m not super competitive unless you count, competing with myself! But I started “seriously” running last year and I’ve noticed I’ve developed a little competitive way about myself during a race, which is strange because that’s not like me. How funny, because I was 31 last year and that was when I decided to take running a little more seriously! Cool! I love your site…so motivating!! THANK YOU FOR THAT!

  40. OK my wife was a little older when she started running and after running 39:59 for a 10km race when she was 39 thought that was all her body could do…

    Then she met me!!! (some times I like to take the credit) and at age 45/46 she ran all her PR’s with time like 38:25 and 86:15!!! Now 10 years on she won’t line up for a race if she can’t run ‘fast’ (fast does change from year to year) she doesn’t like to be beaten by people she feels she should beat…

    I have a problem with the clock and my averages OK only that half times… I plan to blog about this problem some time before my next half…

    thanks for a good read.
    Coach Dion recently posted..2 x 10kmMy Profile

  41. Well, you ARE in one of the more competitive age groups! ;0) When I hear the race results I wish I was in the 20′s AG because once you hit e 35+ it really really gets competitive and the field gets FAST!
    That’s the great thing about running though – I know I’m competing with my last race, not the winners!
    That Pink Girl recently posted..random friday factsMy Profile

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