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I’m going to don my Howard Cosell hat (anyone old enough to remember him?) and play Wide World of Sports for a minute here, ’cause there was some amazing stuff going on this weekend:

  • Top of the list, of course, is Patrick Makau’s amazing 2:03:38 Berlin world record. He took 21 seconds off of Haile Gebraselassie’s old record, which is a heck of a lot. I’m convinced sub-2:00 is not a matter of when, but if.
  • Sixty-two year old Diana Nyad‘s incredible effort at swimming from Cuba to Key West. She was on attempt number

    The amazing Diana Nyad

    two to make this journey without a shark cage. She made it over 40 hours in the water and had to stop because she had been stung multiple times by Portuguese man-o-wars. What an incredible athlete she is. I have no doubt she has it in her to make this crossing and hate that something so out of her control stopped her. Diana, you are an inspiration!

  • In my corner of the world–my Run for Chocolate teammates decimated the competition at the Ragnar Relay DC. They not only won the female division but did it with four hours over the second place team. And, they were the seventh team overall out of 275. I’m not going to lie–it was really, really hard for me to miss this opportunity, but I am so happy for my girls!
  • Finally, my youngest made her cross-country debut this weekend, running a 2k race with the Howard County Jr. Striders.Loved watching her put the effort in and finishing with a smile on her face!

    My little one finishing her first cross-country race

Do you think the 2:00-hr. mark will be broken?

Have you run a long-distance relay?

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  1. says

    I think 2:00 will be broken.

    Look at the olympic records in running and other sports even? Like figure skating — what they did back in 1970 vs today. Crazy amazing! Or if you look at swimming and those suits that are super fast — but that’s technology giving the edge.

    I think with the marathon it’s all going to be the runner, the course, the weather.
    Holly recently posted..The Best Laid PlansMy Profile

  2. says

    Oh yes, all amazing stuff! I think sub 2:00 will come but not for a very long time. It will be seconds each time I think. I’ve done some crazy relays, but here in SA most relays have the option of individual entries as well and then I always go for that. Have a good week!
    Johann recently posted..Thanks & Throwback ThursdayMy Profile

  3. says

    Great post. Loved the recap, actually just read about the Marathon PR.

    Yes, it will be broken. It’s just a matter of time for the “perfect storm” to come. A person who was raised properly, proper coaching and diet and drive.

    I hope it’s in my lifetime :) I can totally respect that achievement.

    Never done a relay… never did well in team sports, I don’t like relying on other people if I am competing. If I am doing something for fun though… then I am game and willing to do a relay!
    Matt Oravec recently posted..So, you want to be an IRONMAN?My Profile

  4. says

    The marathon record amazes me and I am trying not to feel too bad that a ran a half marathon a couple minutes slower than that. But the Diana Nyad really amazes me. Running is tough but at least you won’t get eaten by a shark. My husband and I were trying to figure out how you swim in a shark cage. Does a boat pull it?
    Katie recently posted..Better late than never??My Profile

  5. says

    i didn’t know about the 2 performances, now I am too busy to follow the Rugby World Cup (speaking of sport). I don’t think that the 2 hours will be broken because nobody will stress the body for a record when it is possible to win the marathon in 2h 5′.
    Your “youngest” looks very fast in the picture.
    Black Knight recently posted..60 years of rugbyMy Profile

  6. says

    All of these items are truly inspirational… each and every one! Yes, I think the 2 hr barrier will be broken… but what sort of bogus rules will the IAAF pull out of their butts to mess with it?

    Distance relay? Why, yes :) Did I ever mention that I ran in the Hood to Coast Relay? LOL
    XLMIC recently posted..Water + Ice + Naked = AWESOME!My Profile

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    Did that runner that went 2:03 do it only in a mens only race? If he didnt, does it still count? Just saying, being fair is being fair, sorry still a little mad at the latest dumb ruling on races
    BDD recently posted..FailureMy Profile

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    Congrats to your daughter on her race. She did awesome. Run for Choc did dominated that race. That is so cool.
    I do believe it is possible for a sub 2. I believe in miracles.

  9. says

    How did Portuguese Man-O-Wars end up in the Atlantic between Cuba and Miami? Did somebody plant them there? That is just not right.

    Seriously though, she will do it and for that I have no doubt.

    Congrats to your daughter. Taking in mom’s shoed footsteps before the barefooted foot steps?

    And I am slightly jealous of your trip to NYC. I miss home more and more these days probably b/c I have not been back in some time.
    Jason @ Cook Train Eat Race recently posted..Girls Just Want To Have FunMy Profile

  10. says

    It was a pretty amazing weekend! I’m glad your Ragnar team did so well. Those are the funnest races to participate in. I’m sorry you had to miss out this year! And I love the team name! I think the 2 hour mark will be broken at some point. Whenever there’s a boundary set, it seems like someone will reset it.

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    Every time I come here, I love your blog layout even more. I hope my kids like running. My oldest daughter is obviously gifted with running so far but just to spite me, she says how much she hates it and how she is NOT a runner. I just bite my tongue and try not to let her know that I want her to like it. If I didn’t like it then she would love it. Congrats to your little one! And a 2:00 marathon…yes, it will happen, I’m sure. But man, I can’t even begin to imagine that.

  12. says

    I think the 2 hour mark will be broken, but the question is, HOW? I mean, how does that even happen? Granted, it’s hard for me to get it because I can’t even break 5 hours…

    I want to run Ragnar next year, but we’ll see where life takes me between now and then. I was really hyped up about getting a Ragnar team together about 2 months ago, and then I’ve lost a little bit of interest. I think it’s just my marathon training making me not very motivated, so hopefully the motivation will come! I think I can definitely find enough people.
    Kim recently posted..10-Second Book ReviewsMy Profile

  13. says

    Sub 2-hour marathon is definitely going to happen. Although it pains me to admit it, most likely not by me. The numbers are close enough now that someone will make it happen. I’m guessing within the next 10 years.

    Love the picture of your daughter running her race. I hope to be able to watch one of my kids cross a finish line one day. Not looking likely for my son, but there’s still hope for my little girl. You’ve clearly set a great example.
    Chris @ Evolving Through Running recently posted..Still Plugging AwayMy Profile