Three Things Thursday

  • I have a guest post today on about minimalism on MizFit Online. If you aren’t familiar with her site, go check it out–she is the rock star of the fitness blogging world. So excited to have my copy on her page. Leave a comment and show her it was worth it!
  • I know we just returned from a vacation out west and a two-hour time difference, but I am starting to think my kids will never be able to get up in time for school when it resumes in 10 days. We leave the house at 8:15 for the walk there and the earliest these two have managed to get up this week is about 8:30. I am getting them in bed on time too! It will all fall into place, I’m sure.
  • I’m giving myself another day or two to wallow about my injury setback, then I’ve got to dust myself off and get back in the saddle. I despise the idea of pool running again, but I despise the idea of getting totally out of shape even more. It’s just not who I am. 

What’s going on in your world this summer Thursday?

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  1. Running Ricig says

    That's kind of awesome that you can walk to school with your kids.

    Not too much is going on here today. I'm just hoping I don't embarrass myself again today like I did yesterday!

  2. Matty O says

    Great perspective on the injury.

    It's kind of like grieving. Take a couple days to "accept" the reality, then do something about it.

    Keep a positive outlook and remember to be patient!!!


  3. MCM Mama says

    My kids got up at 9 this morning. Sadly, I was still sleeping when they got up. I'm not sure which of us is going to have the harder time getting back to school mornings. At least we are planning to bike this year, so we can leave the house a little later.

  4. Michelle says

    Yeah the whole back-to-school routine is gonna be a little rough going around here too. I've got 2 more weeks to get our acts together.

    Off to check out your guest post!

  5. amy says

    I'm sorry about the injury set back. Want to come down to DC for some pool running? I know it's a shlep, but we'd love to have you!

  6. Rene' says

    we are officially starting our back to school routine next week. i am letting them have this week to sleep and stay up a little late. I am not looking forward to getting them up for that first day.
    i think it's good to wallow a bit and then jump back in. i am hoping you are better soon.

  7. Coy Martinez says

    Mine have had a rough time getting up. They just don't wanna rouse EXCEPT on Sat and Sun when it's time to sleep in, then they're up at the crack of dawn! :)

  8. Adrienne L. says

    Point #3 is a good choice of action. I believe acceptance is both a state of mind and an act.

    …3 things Thursday? Hmmm…meeting with awesome new sports facility contact, clients, and rest!

  9. SupermomE12 says

    We just found out our kids will have to go out the door for school by 7:10am. Besides being super early for them, it sure does mess up my running. 7:10 is a late start for me (especially on longer runs) but to get done and back by 6am will mean starting ridiculous early…. bleck.

    You are not the "wallowing" type, so I know you will prevail. Hang in there. Hugs my friend!

  10. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

    Gonna head over and check out your article. Guessing you featured my new moon boots in the post, right?

  11. Johann says

    Like that you want to dust yourself off. Great attitude! I'm still in winter but spring is somewhere around the corner. Starting some awesome mountain challenges this week. Lots and lots of running ahead!:D

  12. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says

    So great that you can walk the kids to school!

    I did some pool running last weekend. I loved being in the water but it wasn't quite the same "fix" as running on the trail or road.

    Congrats on the guest post. Off to check it out.

  13. ajh says

    KIds are always so sleepy at the start of the school year. We start with a 3 day week, then a 4 day week and then a 5 day week. It is great.

  14. Allison says

    I am SO jealous that your kids SLEEP!!! My youngest are both up by 6 am sharp. Too much like their father…

    In my world, I am desperately trying to AVOID the head personal trainer at the gym who lectures me every time I see him. Today's lecture was about "overuse" and how I am doing "too much" on the Alter G. So annoying.

    Hang in there with your injury. I don't blame you about wallowing for a bit. I did too.

  15. Teamarcia says

    Yay for your guest post! Going to check it out!
    I am making arrangements for a 20-mile pool run this weekend. Just not too hopeful the hip will want to go that far on terra firma. I sound like I'm planning a funeral. Whatever. BTDT. I'll do it again.

  16. Tri-Living says

    Not much excitement here!! I'm thinking of you! You will get through this and be even stronger on the other side.

  17. Char says

    Your kids will be fine once school starts. They know there's no reason to be up early at the moment so why bother? My youngest was on holidays recently and could hardly be up before midday but now he's back at uni it's 6:30 starts again.

  18. lindsay says

    i'm sure we were the same way when we were kids… ? i'm betting that when they "have" to get up, they'll be able to.

  19. Kate says

    Back to school in my world. Getting up early is just as hard on me as on my kids! On Monday, I woke up to the alarm trying to figure out what race I was doing…"Oh, it's just school." This morning, I woke up at 1 a.m., sure I'd heard my alarm and soooo tired…and then so thankful that I had another almost 5 hours to sleep.

  20. Marissa says

    walking them to school…how cool is that? Hopefully they'll get into routine before school starts! Not much going on around here…just taking care of two, wild n crazy boys!!!

  21. Donna Hargis says

    I read too fast and thought at first your kids walk at an 8:30 pace. Dang – I'm training to run that fast. Whew, wake up time.