The Friday randoms

The local swimming hole at Patapsco State Park
  • Thanks to ALL of you for your many comments on my boot dilemma. Such great comments that shored me up and made me smile. You’ll be happy to know that I’m following your advice, sucking it up and wearing the double boots as much as I can stomach. I’m hoping that a couple of weeks in them and I’ll feel a big difference. 
  • I’m taking the kids and the dog, along with some friends, to a local swimming hole today for one last blast of summer. It comes complete with an old rope swing for them to jump from.
  • While this should be the last weekday before school starts, with Irene heading our way, I’m not entirely sure the kids will be going to school on Monday for their first day. Crazy, isn’t it?
  • An earthquake and a hurricane all in one week–I’m thinking locusts are next.
  • Mr. Zippy has a colleague in Mexico who was here recently. We had him over for dinner and I told him about the book, Born to Run. He happened to have pictures of the Copper Canyon on his phone, which were beautiful. Mr. Zippy made a trip to Mexico to work with this guy earlier this week and look what our Mexican friend sent back for me–chia seeds! Pretty excited to try them out.
  • I’ve been threatening to migrate to WordPress for some time now and guess what? It’s about that time. Look for a new MissZippy in the coming week or so. Will be seamless to you all but will hopefully be a much nicer package.
Chia seeds straight from Mexico
Have you tried chia seeds? How do you use them?
Do you have a local swimming hole?

Have a great weekend–to all my East Coast neighbors, I hope you ride out the storm safely!

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  1. Ewa says

    I love chia seeds. I soak them overnight, add some lemon or lime juice (just a little), maybe some walnuts and that's it. Oh, they are pretty good with yogurt too.

    I've been playing with WordPress for a while but for some reason have not made a full transition. Maybe it's time.

  2. Rene' says

    can you believe the weather/craziness? it looks like we might get hit by directly early Monday morning. Yikes!
    I have not tried Chia seeds…I don't know if I would know what to do with them. I will have to do some research.

  3. Adrienne L. says

    I just recently got introduced to chias and have already ordered a second bag. Hooked? perhaps-I imagine you'll love them too!:)

  4. LB says

    yay for WP move! do you have someone helping you or are you going it alone?

    i put chia seeds in my oatmeal. they are pretty good, i like the little funky texture they add.

  5. runsingteach says

    I moved from blogger to wordpress several years ago and have been very happy!

    I put Chia seeds in smoothies, oatmeal, tuna salad, and have added them to my homemade "lara" bars. You can also make homemade "gu" with them but I'm not quite sure how to flavor it without changing the consistency. They thicken easily.

    Have a great Irene-weekend!

  6. Kovas says

    We put chia seeds into our baked goods, such as scones or pancakes, adds a nice nutty flavor and crunch.

    I've tried WP but don't see benefits to moving – Google hass so many interrelated apps that I use.

  7. Big Daddy Diesel says

    I have Alum Creek, though they are no fun, cant do much in it besides swim, no toys or floating devices or ropes to swing from

  8. cheryl says

    Chia seeds are to put on your chia pet so they grow hair. Kinda like growing your own sprout seeds I imagine.
    It's mother nature getting revenge. We deserve it.

  9. Anne says

    That water hole looks great! Good luck with WP and I hope you enjoy the Chia seeds. So far, I've not tried either yet. Here's hoping hurricane Irene dies down before it reaches you!

  10. Silly Girl Running says

    Looking forward to the new blog! :)

    As for the chia seeds: will google that and find out how I can try those in Europe!

  11. Pat says

    Chia seeds are yummy, but I don't remember to eat them often enough. BTW, you're not going to make poor Connor go swimming again, are you :) ?

  12. TriMOEngr says

    Never had chia seeds, but keep reading about others eating them so might have to give them a try.

    Some friends have a great place on the Osage River just upstream of the Missouri River confluence – I've done some "open water swimming" there this year. In lower level years (non-flooding), there are some great gravel/sand bars to hang out on.

    Only recently entered the blogging world and have no idea what wordpress even really is.

  13. Richelle says

    I don't think I've ever eaten chia seeds before. Maybe you could do a post about its benefits!

    I hope you and your family will be safe considering Irene's imminent arrival!

  14. Marlene says

    I eat chia seeds every day in my oatmeal! They actually make for a really neat consistency.

    Have fun today and be safe in the storm!

  15. Kim says

    A few weeks ago on my long run, the locusts were so loud that we could barely hear each other… the end of the world is coming! The Mayans were right!

  16. Jason says

    I love chia seeds. I put them on my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if I don't have flax seeds. I put them in my oatmeal as well as in my overnight oats.

    That swim looks like a ton of fun and I hope y'all are having a great time together.

    See you on the WP side.

  17. Michelle says

    I so hear you on the locust coming next! Crazy weather!

    I've been using Chia seeds in my smoothies and yogurt — need to find more uses for them.

    I've been thinking about the WP switch but am totally intimidated – are you doing it on your own?

  18. Bryanna Johnson says

    I sprinkle chia seeds on EVERYTHING. We eat them sprinkled on top of pizza, burritos, oatmeal, salad, whatever we're eatin'.

  19. Jill says

    The local swimming hole is my pool at the gym and I've been throwing Chia Seeds in my protein smoothie daily for about a year. Our XC coach is a firm believer in them and had all us try it. I'm not sure I notice a huge difference, but I keep using them.

  20. Kat says

    YAY! Glad you're taking care of that injury!

    I tried WP but I couldn't get the hang of it. I guess I'm just too used to Blogger, warts and all.

    P.S. I haven't shaved yet 😉

  21. Anabela (Bela) Neves says

    Stay safe with this crazy weather!
    I love chia seeds, put them onto of my oatmeal and yogurt and in my protein shakes!

  22. P says

    I think I am wearing that exact same shirt right this minute while reading your blog – 9 bucks from Target, right?? Gotta love a cute shirt that happens to be cheap. :)
    Good luck with the boots. And the hurricane. And WordPress – I've tried it and tried it and it drives me batty.
    I put chia seeds in my protein shake because you can't taste them and they rarely get stuck in my teeth that way.

  23. Terzah says

    I have tried energy bars with chia seeds in them, but haven't gotten more creative than that. If you come up with any good recipes, let us know!

    Thanks for your nice comment on my relay announcement. I thought of you (and the Tarahumara Indians actually–funny since you mention Born to Run) when my teammates and I ran across the finish line together because I was wearing "minimalist footwear" (read: flip-flops). Didn't feel too bad! :^)

  24. Colleen says

    Hope you had a great weekend and didn't get too much destruction with Irene!

    We tried Chia seeds a while back, but I don't think we gave them a fair chance. They made us bloated. Anxious to hear your thoughts on them!

  25. RoseRunner says

    I also am considering the move to wordpress. And I would love to see those pics of Copper Canyon…or to see it in person. In the middle of the book and loving it….

    Chia seeds? not for me.

  26. coach dion says

    Wouldn' know how to move to WP!!! and I don't really blog enough or spend enough time on the PC…

    Would love to try Chia seeds, but haven't seen them here in Cape Town.

    Swimming would be great, can't wait for summer then I'll go up to the dams on the mountain…