Meetup and a Winner

My two plus eight of Erin’s–fast friends

I’m continuing with my Jill ways this year meeting bloggers everywhere I go. This go around it was Erin of See Mom Run Far, she of the 12, yes 12, children! Erin lives about an hour outside of Jackson Hole and was kind enough to drive up to meet us for dinner, with eight of her kids in tow.

Me with SuperMom Erin

If you don’t know Erin’s story, her dozen children include biological and adopted children from all over the world. It’s a beautiful family and all of the kids are full of joy. She makes it look very easy and I’m sure it’s not. I mean, there are plenty of days when I can’t handle my two, let alone another 10, but she does it with grace.

The kids all hit it off and mine are still talking about hers. It was a really fun way to cap off an awesome week out West.

And now onto the winner of my Oiselle running tee. picked number 191 out of 250 and that’s Christina of Lazy Bones Running. Shoot me an email at with you mailing info and size and Oiselle will send you off a tee. Congrats!

More giveaways in the hopper, so stay tuned.

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  1. Jill says

    So cool you got to meet her, what an incredible story she has!! And I don't know … but I'm thinking you may have me beat in the blogger met-up world this year??? I think I need to enter a race just so I can gain back my #1 status. :)

  2. Michael says

    What a great meetup. I truly can't imagine having 12 children, but some people just have what it takes. Amazing!

  3. Tri-Living says

    How cool!!!!! I've only met jill and Beth..Beth for seconds because of the freak out of the half IM! Jill doesn't live too far from me, but we can't seem to get together!

  4. ModernMom says

    Wow! What an amazing story…not only that you met ANOTHER blogger and runner, but that she is a SuperMom with a house full of kids and love!

  5. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says

    Sounds like Erin is an awesome person! What a great opportunity to meet inspiring people.

  6. Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog says

    I think she is amazing too, i can't imagine having ten more kids in the mix!

  7. SupermomE12 says

    Yay! Love it. :) We had tons of fun with you guys. Josh was bummed he missed it. The kids have asked quite a few times how far away MD is. :) TOO FAR!

  8. Jason says

    12 kids? I just twitched at the thought but let me say that this is why life is grand. There are those like me that can't handle that and those like Erin that welcome it with open arms.

    That is awesome and it is extremely cool that your Year of the Blogger is still going strong.

  9. Regina says

    Wow, she is amazing. I feel like I can't handle my one kid most days and she has 12? God bless her!

    My husband is in Jackson Hole until Saturday, so jealous!