Faster at 50?

I’ve told you before that I run with a fabulous group of women. Supportive, non-drama environment where everyone encourages each other with their respective goals. I couldn’t ask for a better bunch.

 Faster at 50?
Pat tearing it up at 52

Most of us are in our 40s, but there are a couple of “youngsters” in their 30s, and a couple in their early 50s. In fact, this year, several of the ladies will turn 50. And you know what? This is a bunch that isn’t slowing down as they age. I thought I’d highlight a couple of these “aging” dynamos:

Let’s start with Pat. She’s 52, has run the Olympic marathon trials, and is still kicking butt wherever she toes the line. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’s raised her game this year over the past couple of seasons. Consider these stats for 2011: Six 5 K’s, one 10K, and one 10 miler. Best times this year, so far, are 20:06 at the Shamrock 5K, 20:07 at the Bel air town Run 5K, and 1:08:57 at the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. Slightly impressive, no?

DBREM Faster at 50?
Dorothy showing the young ones how it’s done

Then there’s Dorothy. We call her the energizer bunny. At 53 she’s always the one at the front of our pack on long runs. I swear the woman never tires and she consistently knocks out great race-day performances. This year’s numbers include a 5K in  21:26, a 10K in 44:44, a 10M  in 1:13:52, and a marathon 3:37:44. Dorothy rocks.

 Faster at 50?
Robyn winning a 10k in 40:09

And I can’t leave perhaps our speediest member out. Robyn is still in her 40s (47) but has had an incredible year. She outright won our local 10k (Clyde’s) this past April and has taken numbers everywhere she raced this past year. Her recent  stats have included a 64:24 at the ARMY 10 miler last fall and a 19:13 at a local 5k last fall. Love watching someone get faster as she gets older.

So yeah–who says age matters? Not my speedy friends!

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  1. That's not just fast, that's like lightening! Hope for me for the future?

  2. Raquelita says:

    Yep, those ladies have some serious speed! I am more than slightly impressed!

  3. Seriously sub 22's for 5ks? Are you kidding me? That is awesome for a 20 year old.

    Keep on going ladies you are all an inspiration.

  4. Mamarunsbarefoot says:

    I have to say this is timely. I was running this morning and in my head I just kind of gave in to the I'm getting old thing. I just thought well this is as fast as I'm gonna get.

  5. *~*~* Tracy says:

    Love it! I may point my ortho to this post so he'll stop talking about being an 'aging athlete' like it's a terminal disease.

  6. Love this.

    My running coach is 72 (almost 73). He just ran Boston this past year in 3:29. He's also still doing sub 20 5Ks.

    Age is just a number. ;-)

  7. Running Ricig says:

    Geez, these women look and are better than me, that's freaking awesome. Maybe I'll get better with age too :)

  8. Lesley @ says:

    Those are some awesome ladies!

  9. Love it! A fantastic group of ladies that quite frankly, I'm glad aren't in my age group!! I hope the "faster as we age" applies to us too!

  10. Very nice post, makes me feel like there is hope yet!

  11. Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog says:

    I find it so inspiring when I get beat at races by older women especially those in their fifties. Way to go ladies, I love it!

  12. Angie Bee says:

    Awesome! Gives me hope about aging :)

  13. Love this! My times and my overall stamina seem to be increasing with age. Just turned 45 and feel the best I've ever felt.

  14. Adrienne L. says:

    Very inspiring ladies indeed!

    My friend Pam is another example of running killer times at 50, she was a local elite at the Houston Marathon last year, and consistently wins her AG. She's also one of the biggest competitors out there. I always tell her I want to be like her one day!:)

  15. fancy nancy says:

    I love it!!! One of my very best friends and running buddies is turning 50 next year….she totally kicks butt!!!

  16. Di Tri-ing says:

    It's one of the reasons I tell my friends my age and older than me, that it's never too late to get started. I think it's awesome. I hope I'm running/racing/doing triathlon well into my 60's and beyond!

  17. Cynthia O'H says:

    Nice! We have a few over 50's here that blow me away at 5K's – inspirational for a lot of us.

  18. I hope to be like them! I love this…you knew I would ;-)

  19. Inspiration. So I guess I won't right off that 3:25 marathon yet but first, I'd love a 1:40 half.
    Go girls!

  20. Are you sure Robyn's 47? She looks like a teenager! You have some amazingly speedy friends who are defying age. Good on them!

  21. Man I feel like I am sure slowing down lately and want to blame it on my age. But my son thinks I am overtraining and he could certainly be right.

    And no no Ironman for me I need to learn to swim! Maybe a sprint tri at some point but right now that is a stretch.

  22. Love it! I hope to be that awesome as I get older!

  23. Amazing ladies you keep company with!

  24. I LOVE this post.
    One of my favorite in a long time. I started running at the young age of 41..that was 18 mos ago so that makes me 42 now. I like to think that I CAN be faster and better and that a marathon can be in my future even if I started late. Thank you for sharing this!

  25. Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner says:

    This is so inspiring! At a trail half marathon I ran in May the overall female was in her early 50's! I have to admit, I love being beaten by someone that age because it means I can get better too!

  26. This is awesome!!! As someone who started running only a year and a half ago at 45 and is now 47, I do wonder how long I will continue to improve. And from the looks of it, I've got some improvement left in me. Though I only dream of times like those women have – they are awesome — what an inspiration.

    Thanks for this!!

  27. 60 (I am almost 58) is the new 40….or at least I think so! I am getting faster at cycling and swimming-running not so much 'cause I have been running for over 40 years. So have to get the love back for it for racing. But I still race. And was first woman overall in the last swim/run I entered…so there's hope for me yet.

  28. SupermomE12 says:

    Since I am just getting started in my 30's, I am excited to think that I have lots of time to improve. :)

    And I am so jealous you have such a great group to run with. I would love some running buddies!!

  29. Woohoo!!! I hope I'll be right there with them when I get to be their ages!!

  30. Awesome! I run with some "experienced" people and let me tell you, they can show us young'uns how it's done!

  31. Tina @GottaRunNow says:

    I'm 45 and this post was inspiring. Thanks! : )

  32. Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run says:

    Inspiring post! I linked to it in my latest blog post.

  33. Amazing! Thanks for the inspiration. These ladies (and you) rock!

  34. so exciting that it could actually only get better!

  35. ahhhh. since I'm turning 40 in five short months, I needed to read this : )

  36. Nice! So there is still hope for me. 44 and counting.

  37. Jessica (Pace of Me) says:

    so incredible and so inspiring! i want to be like them. i'm 35 and am faster now than i ever have been in all my life. to think that there is a chance i can keep improving my speed a decade from now is just so exciting to me. this is yet another reason why i love the sport of running! go ladies, go!!!

  38. The Green Girl says:

    This post rocked in so many ways. Thank you so much for sharing, Miss Zippy.

    Wow. I am so inspired!

  39. Cory Reese says:

    I'm still considered a youngster and those times kick my butt! Amazing.

  40. So I am going to be faster next year? Or does that only apply to the female sex?

  41. This gives me hope I can get at close to where I left off a year and a half ago…it's so discouraging to see your pathetic times and wonder if this is all you have left in you. I'm inspired by your speedy friends, thanks!!

  42. Very cool. I hope i get faster as I get older, because I still have a long way to go before I consider myself 'fast.'

  43. oh man, there's hope for me yet!!!

  44. Those ladies are amazing. It inspires me to keep on plugging away. I like to use the card I'm getting to old for all of this running. So I need to just SUCK IT UP.

  45. Love it! What an inspiring group of women! Gives me hope :)

  46. Teamarcia says:

    You KNOW how much I love this!

  47. What a great group of women!! I LOVE this post! At a time when I've been dealing with a bunch of injuries, this reminds me that by no means is my running 'career' over. I have a lot of years left to run and if I have to take a break now, it's okay in the long run.

  48. LOVE love this post!! I am 58 and maybe I can get faster???

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