Barney Butter review/giveaway

If you haven’t picked up on it before, I eat a LOT of nut butters–I eat peanut butter or almond butter probably at least once a day. Love it for the flavor, the protein punch, and it’s go-with-just-about-anything quality.

So when Barney Butter contacted me about trying their almond butter, I was pretty darn excited. Here’s the deal, though: I am really partial to a particular brand of almond butter, that being Trader Joe’s almond butter with roasted flaxseed. I really, really love it and it would take a lot to dethrone it in my opinion.

But there’s one thing my favorite brand doesn’t have that Barney’s does–handy snack packs. I love this concept. Each pack is about 90 calories and is perfect for on the go. You can take it along for post-workout snacking, post-race, when traveling, you name it. I took some in my carry-on when we went to Wyoming so that I could add it to fruit or a whole-grain bagel if we ran into travel delays.

Did the taste compare to my favorite? Not quite, but it IS good and you can’t beat the convenience. Want to try some? Barney’s is offering one MissZippy follower a case of its snack packs. How to enter:

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  • Like Barney’s on Facebook (required)
  • Spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, or your blog (bonus)
  • will select a winner on Monday, Aug. 29. Good luck!

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