A rock and a hard place

It’s been a week and a half since I saw my PT and made the decision to back off on activities to get these feet back in line. I’ve seen some decent improvement–no pain at night, no pain when walking, etc. But I still get the occasional ache, especially in the right cuboid bone, which tells me I can’t start my official pain-free countdown yet.

Even worse, today my daughter wanted to do a 3-mile bike ride on the local paths. Now, I’m not supposed to be on a bike until I am pain free for 2-4 weeks, but I figured what harm could come of a short ride at little girl pace? Well, I could feel both feet off and on throughout that ride, which means harm can come from it. This ride not only hurt my feet, but my heart as well; we did it on one of my favorite short running loops.

The not being able to do a very short, easy bike ride with one of my kids, or take a hike with them, or any number of things with them, is probably what has kept me from healing completely.Because nine times out of 10, I do it. Even more than not running, it really sucks the spirit out of me when I can’t be active with my family. But, I’ve got to force myself to step back from these activities; from walking the dog; from spending any real time mobile. It kills me.

Even worse–now I’m trying to figure out if I want to double boot myself. The doctors have always said this was overkill–I am “only” dealing with low-grade stress reactions. But I did some of it over the summer and it seemed to help. But I hate the double boots, and here are the stupid, embarrassing reasons why:

  • People find it incredibly funny to see you this way. I know it looks ridiculous, and I can laugh at myself about it also, most of the time. But you know what, it really sucks to walk around that way.
  • People are incredibly unsympathetic to an injury like this–it’s just a dumb runner who hurt herself. Yep, I brought this injury on myself with my stupidity, but it doesn’t help to have people blatantly convey this. A more “glamorous” injury–a torn muscle, a “real” broken bone–earns lots more sympathy from folks.
  • The boots hurt other parts as well–plantar fasciitis starts to rear its head, other little aches and pains appear from having your feet frozen in place.
  • And ok, a little humor here–but can fracture boots get any further from my minimalist philosophy?
  • I KNOW I shouldn’t care about most of this stuff, but I do.
Double fracture boots, anyone?

So there–I’m really laying out my insecurities to you. I haven’t fully committed to doing this boot thing yet. But I really, really need to get better. I missed Boston last year for my ITBS and I don’t want to miss it this year. Much longer and it becomes a not so unrealistic prospect that I won’t be there again. Even more so, however, I need running and a healthy lifestyle back for my soul.

What would you do–boots or no?

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  1. SupermomE12 says

    UGH!!!! This just makes me sad. I am SORRY you are going through… genuinely.

    I would say that if the boots could help you heal faster and get back to being active faster, then WHO CARES if they are funning looking and if people are rotten and if they are the total opposite of minimal. :)

    It seems like what you are doing now isn't working well, or at least isn't working quickly at all, so maybe it is time to try something more drastic?? I wish I knew for sure though. Hugs!!!

  2. Mamarunsbarefoot says

    Oh I saw that photo on FB and my heart sank.. Your feet are still giving you pain?? No stress fractures but there is stress there?? Gosh, I never was given a boot and didn't use crutches when I should have. If it will help then use them.

  3. Kate says

    I hate the boot! Double boot = Double misery. But it's good for you, so I guess it shouldn't matter how stupid it looks.

    I want you to be able to run again! I am sending so much positive energy right now, it's going to smack you in the face! I need you to run Boston next year…I just do.

    Do whatcha gotta do, girl. Let's hope it works!

  4. BabyWeightMyFatAss says

    I started crying when I saw the pic come up in my dashboard. ugh. I'm so so sorry. And yes the damn boots aggravate every other thing. sigh. I don't have good advice either except maybe bedazzle those things and make them prettier?

  5. Julie says

    I would boot!! For sure! Anything to get this taken care of and be able to walk the damn dog again (does yours go crazy like mine when she doesn't get her daily walk in??) and go on fun bike rides with the kids.

    DO IT!

    …and there's always Boston to think about…

    Yep…DO IT!

  6. *~*~* Tracy says

    My heart dropped when I saw the photo on FB. I am so so sorry to hear this. It just stinks. Darn feet, get better!!

    I agree with the others, the boots suck but if wearing them gets you on the road faster, then do it.

    BWMFA idea to decorate them is great! If you have to be miserable, you may as well add some bling and have some fun with it.

  7. Julie D. says

    That sucks big time!! I would do the boots! Whatever it takes to get you back on the road sooner than later. I totally get the unsympathy thing. I got that when I had to wear one last year. I put it on for a day last week because i wanted to see if it helped some tendonitis i'm having and my neighbor was like, "oh, you hurt yourself again?" Lol. hang in there.

  8. MCM Mama says

    If it will help you heal faster or prevent you from re-hurting yourself from doing too much, absolutely do it. If you really just need to back off on doing things, then step back. Treat the injury with respect (says she who's still playing games with her achilles), and let it heal.

    Huge hugs!!! I totally understand where you are.

  9. Nelly says

    I've said it before – but you and Morgan seem to write posts that take the words out of my mouth.

    "Even more so, however, I need running and a healthy lifestyle back for my soul."

    Sorry to hear about your boot troubles. That would be really tough for me to wear those everywhere, people just probably look at you everywhere you go.

    The worst would be missing out on doing things with your kids, that would be tough. I'm with you that you should probably just do the active things with them, even if it might set back your healing a bit this way.

    I have no idea what to suggest, I guess try to follow the sports doc and PT advice. I just hope you get back to feeling like the normal you again that can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

  10. J says

    Ugg I am so sorry. I know it must be frustrating to not run and to not be able to do things with your family. Hopefully you can find a way to wear the boots maybe at home and not out and about where people will see you??

  11. Di Tri-ing says

    I'm sorry, too. And people are complete jerks – I went through the same experience last fall while in a boot and on crutches. People would see me struggling with doors, etc., and just walk away or worse, cut me off!

    The healing time for &%*)($! stress fractures stinks – but be conservative. You NEED your feet. And you NEED THEM FOR A LONG TIME. Slow down, rehab, and come back stronger later. Don't rush it.

    It pays off in the end, I guarantee it!

  12. Teamarcia says

    Screw the civilians and their nasty comments. If a double boot does your body good, I say go for it. Big hugs!

  13. Raquelita says

    Oh, my heart goes out to you that you are still dealing with this, and that even a short bike ride causes you foot pain! I say go for the boots – if they will help you to heal more quickly and if they will serve as a reminder to not do those things 9 times out of 10 until you are healed. Big hugs!

  14. P says

    The good news is, if you're double booted and resting like you should be, nobody will even see you to make stupid comments. :) So, so sorry it has come to this, but I would definitely boot up and get healed. Big hugs for you!!

  15. Kate says

    I tnk you said it in your last line. You need running and your healthy lifestyle back. And when doing things with your kids keeps you from doing things with your kids…

    Wear the boots, get all your blog friends to send stickers to cover them, and rock them with a proud smile.

  16. Jessica (Pace of Me) says

    oh my goodness, i feel for you. i would say go with the boots, as dreadful as they may be…you WILL get through this! my mom has stress fractures in both of her feet right now and had to wear the boot on our beach vacation last week. after 10 days (mostly) in them she is so much better now and walking without any boots. it seems you have potential to heal faster with them and as a result can resume your active lifestyle much quicker. i am thinking of you!!!

  17. Richelle says

    My heart aches for you! I'm so sorry that you're still dealing with constant injury! If the boots help, I'd wear them!

  18. Allison says

    Oh gosh. This just flat out STINKS. If it helps you get faster though… Keep your eye on the prize.

    Hang in there.

  19. Jill says

    I think the real question here girl is…alcohol or no alcohol?? Holy hell, I cannot believe you haven't become an alcoholic (me, too!).

    I don't know what to say…I feel like there has to be an answer out there to get this thing healing faster.

    I think first, you have to put Boston aside and don't think long term, think get healthy!! Could your doctor put a permanent cast (or two) on your feet? Then you're forced to keep it on until the feet are healed…and maybe they can make the "sole" lower so the PF doesn't bother you as much. Just a thought!!

    Big hugs, girl!!!!

  20. Black Knight says

    Absolutely boots! I am a man who used the wheelchair and the crutches to heal.
    I am very sorry for your injury but you are strong and motivated. I am sure you will solve the problem. Best wishes.

  21. Johann says

    If it would speed up the process of getting better I would definitely go with it. I really hope you get this healed soon. You also reminded me again how grateful I must be to be able to do what I do. All the best, thinking of you!

  22. Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run says

    What a bummer! I can only imagine how much that sucks. I'd go boots if it is what is going to help you heal the fastest!

  23. Marissa says

    oh nooooo! I am SO sorry you have been going through all of this. I am like you, always pushing through but this time I think you MUST hang in there and rest. REST.

    Here's hoping things get MUCH better soon :)

  24. Matty O says

    Sheesh, going the wrong direction AGAIN!

    I don't know. Being the same mind set as you, probably would just so I wouldn't do activities. You can't ride a bike in those boots right 😉

    Seriously, GET BETTER ALREADY!!!!!

  25. Anne says

    I feel for you and I'm really sorry that you're going through all this. How about just giving the boots a try and seeing if it really helps enough to be worth the looks and the hassle? If it helps, then it's totally worth it…hang in there. Hugs ((()))

  26. Running Ricig says

    oh man, that seriously sucks! I totally hear you on the boots. Non-runners are really not sympathetic to running injuries AT ALL. Good luck with your decision!!

  27. Denise says

    oh my gosh, i can't imagine being in 2 boots. one was bad enough! and i'm right there with you; i hated how i was told it was an injury i brought on myself. i wanted to punch those people, most of them were lazy and inactive.

    i never thought about not being able to do things with your kids. that's gotta be rough.

  28. Adrienne L. says

    First of all, I'm with Jill (ok, maybe not on that alcohol part! ;0) as far as keeping your horizon's clear to just focus on healing. Easier said than done, as I know all too well.

    Maybe double-booting would be helpful for short spurts during the day, at times where you may usually be moving about the house and such-more like a reminder or something. Full time? I wouldn't go that far.

    Also, feel free to shoot me an email at any time, as I have my fair share of injury experience and work the sports psychology angle. Just in case.

    In the meantime, positive thoughts for you girl!

  29. C2Iowa says

    I feel for you. As for what others think (its hard) but who gives a @@#$.

    The bottom line has always been for you – get fixed and run again.

    Sending well wishes your way.

  30. Velma says

    I feel your pain. Do what works for you – who cares about everyone else. I would at least wear the boots at home. I am sending you healing vibes!!!!

  31. Runblondie26 says

    Argh, I'm so sorry. I'm sure it hurts your heart more than anything to say no to your family.

    I totally understand about the boot.
    I had a stress fracture a few years ago and the doctor originally put me in a plaster cast for the first 4 weeks (I still have no idea why, didn't realize that wasn't the norm until much later).

    That got all sorts of sympathy. The boot on an otherwise healthy looking person, not so much.

    A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do though. Screw what everyone else thinks abut the boots though. You know your body best.

  32. amy says

    I'm all about function – if it'll help you get better faster, go for it. I'm sorry it's even on the table though!

  33. Jason says

    If it helped you previously then double boot it.

    I would just walk as if I were on the moon. Real slow and almost look like I'm bouncing when those insensitive people ask why you are double booted you can tell them your training for your moon walk before the space program closes.

  34. Katie says

    well, i am TOTALLY sympathetic to "dumb running injuries." and I'm sure that I would choose double boot, sadly.

  35. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says

    man this is seriously tough…not being able to just enjoy your normal life would make any injury much worse.

    being a person who wants to heal quickly i would probably find myself trying the boots if it seemed to help in the past

  36. Dash says

    I don't know enough about this type injury to comment on one v the other. My initial thought is to sleep in the boots, as it always seems to me that a crazy stretch can sometimes knock stuff out. (I sleep in my night splints often.)

    I do hate that you are still struggling and really hope you find a real fix soon! I'm thinking of you!

  37. Ewa says

    I wish I could tell you those boots were fashionable but I thought that as your friend I should not be a liar. They suck big time, they are ugly and the sooner you heal the better.
    I am sending you lots and lots of hugs and good vibes.

  38. Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner says

    I hate that this is still troubling you so much. If the boots can help, and the resulting pains (like PF) are minimal, I say go for it. Let people think what they want!

  39. Kat says

    Okay, here's the deal: I'm dealing with what started as an Achilles injury but has become a nightmare of an infection of an allergic reaction to adhesive on the athletic tape used by my podiatrist…long story.

    Anyway, bottom line is, I've been homebound for two weeks to heal and prevent a secondary infection and I haven't been able to shave my legs in TWO WEEKS! Add that to, from the knees down I look like I have the worst case of eczema in the world and you've got a real winner.

    I have now been cleared by my doc to get on with life, but here's the kicker – I still have a LOT of raw skin going on and am not allowed to shave my legs, no matter how much I'm tempted to.

    Let's make a deal, even though we don't know each other: you do WHATEVER is necessary to heal yourself, even if it means people look at you funny if you are wearing two ski boots, and I'll be a good girl and still go out in public with unshaved legs, looking like Sasquatch's wife, until I'm cleared to shave.


    (Seriously – you gotta let yourself heal. Who cares what others think?)

  40. Char says

    I just don't think I could do the double boot thing in Summer. Could you have a talk with your kids and explain the situation and get them to be your activities monitors? Kids love to have control over their parents and if they know you need to not be involved they can be your conscience and boss you around a bit.

  41. Jeff - DangleTheCarrot says

    This really sucks Amanda. Feel so bad as you do not deserve this.

    Now in all seriousness, I know e joke but check out my moon boots. I am not talking about running in them but just for walking around day-to-day. They are like padded slippers except your feet do not move at all in them!

  42. coach dion says

    I cry for you I feel your pain, and boots all the way, My mom fell in the river and broke her foot, so she is in a boot for 8 weeks!!!

    The only person who can treat you is you… so wear the boots and do the right things and you will be back on the road soonest.

    In the mean time we will run for you.

    PS make up a story to tell people about what is wrong with you, make it sound exciting.

  43. Joanne says

    How frustrating for you. I would try anything at all to get rid of the pain and resume activities. It wouldn't matter how ridiculous it looked.

  44. Regina says

    In all seriousness, you are scaring me. I feel like I am walking (or running) down the same path as you. Like you I turned to BF running to cure ITB, which it totally did. I took it nice and slow, 5 minutes at a time, etc. Gently easing my way up to an hour over a couple of months or more. All the while doing eccentric calf dips, Achilles stretching, etc. Only to start waking with horribly painful feet in the morning, which I could walk off after a bit. Then soreness at the backs of my heels (Achilles insertion point?) and then occasionally (more recently) soreness under my left heel. I had to shorten a run this week and skip my long run altogether. Is this about the same thing, or similar experience for you? Maybe I’m just too damn old…running is giving me the ‘boot’?