The one (or two) mile rule

One of my running clients has struggled recently with motivation to get out the door. It's something every runner faces at one time or another. We don't really want to get out there every single time. Well, ok, I'd probably sell my first born right now to have the chance to go out every single time, but I digress!Anyhow--I told her to try … [Read more...]

Come on Irene! (and Barney Butter winner)

Hurricane Irene heading up the coast Ok, before I start on my little rant about Irene, let me say all my issues are minor--people died in this storm (I believe 15), people had extensive property damage, and many are still today without power.Beautiful Vermont, in particular, was hit hard. I hope all of you in the path of Irene got off … [Read more...]

The Friday randoms

The local swimming hole at Patapsco State Park Thanks to ALL of you for your many comments on my boot dilemma. Such great comments that shored me up and made me smile. You'll be happy to know that I'm following your advice, sucking it up and wearing the double boots as much as I can stomach. I'm hoping that a couple of weeks in them and … [Read more...]

A rock and a hard place

It's been a week and a half since I saw my PT and made the decision to back off on activities to get these feet back in line. I've seen some decent improvement--no pain at night, no pain when walking, etc. But I still get the occasional ache, especially in the right cuboid bone, which tells me I can't start my official pain-free countdown … [Read more...]

An experiment of one

I've learned a lot over my years of running and I still have a long way to go. But one of my biggest lessons so far has been that we really are all individuals. And as such, we have to train in a way that works for us, not for someone else.For example--I know a guy who on paper should be a walking injury. He goes from one marathon to … [Read more...]

Barney Butter review/giveaway

If you haven't picked up on it before, I eat a LOT of nut butters--I eat peanut butter or almond butter probably at least once a day. Love it for the flavor, the protein punch, and it's go-with-just-about-anything quality.So when Barney Butter contacted me about trying their almond butter, I was pretty darn excited. Here's the deal, … [Read more...]

Faster at 50?

I've told you before that I run with a fabulous group of women. Supportive, non-drama environment where everyone encourages each other with their respective goals. I couldn't ask for a better bunch. Pat tearing it up at 52 Most of us are in our 40s, but there are a couple of "youngsters" in their 30s, and a couple in their early 50s. In … [Read more...]

Three Things Thursday

I have a guest post today on about minimalism on MizFit Online. If you aren't familiar with her site, go check it out--she is the rock star of the fitness blogging world. So excited to have my copy on her page. Leave a comment and show her it was worth it! I know we just returned from a vacation out west and a two-hour time difference, … [Read more...]

Meetup and a Winner

My two plus eight of Erin's--fast friends I'm continuing with my Jill ways this year meeting bloggers everywhere I go. This go around it was Erin of See Mom Run Far, she of the 12, yes 12, children! Erin lives about an hour outside of Jackson Hole and was kind enough to drive up to meet us for dinner, with eight of her kids in tow. Me … [Read more...]

One step forward/10 back

It sure is a lot more fun to write posts about returning to running than returning to water running. But here I am. Again.While on vacation I was cleared to try a little running/walking as long as I wasn't feeling any effects from all the hiking we were doing. I got through the first run ok, but then throwing a four-mile hike on top of it … [Read more...]


Spotting a moose in Grand Teton National Park I truly hate the end of vacation, any vacation. I know--profound. But seriously, the minute I am done with one I am ready to plan the next.One thing I try hard to do on vacation is unplug. Still, I find that if I have Internet access, the computer tends to call to me. I do my very best to … [Read more...]

Stupid things people do at Yellowstone

Not only did I run, but I ran around a this lake. We are having an amazing time here in the Tetons and Yellowstone. Take a look at where lucky me got to run yesterday--around this beautiful alpine lake. I am pretty blown away by the amazing bio-diversity that is Yellowstone, I must say. I am also blown away by the stupidity of some of the … [Read more...]