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Thanks (I think) for all of the questions from last week. I’m going to answer most of them and stretch this out into at least two posts ’cause otherwise you’d fall asleep getting through them all in one. So without further ado:

XLMIC asks: Why the name MissZippy?
A: When I was training for my first marathon in 1998, I did the majority of my miles with my friend Mike. He could crush me at track workouts, but when it came to logging the long runs, he would typically start to fade at the end while I would start to pick it up. He would yell “Hey, MissZippy, slow the $%^&@ down!” The name kind of caught on. I don’t think of myself as zippy, but the name is easy to remember and memory makes me laugh.

And yes, XLMIC, I really was a cheerleader in high school (I know…ick) but I don’t have any pics. They are all with my parents and I don’t think they’ll be able to scan and send one to me any time soon, so it will have to wait.

How did I get injured? Well first I had the ITB injury from hell. Got that fixed and started back in with too many miles, a portion of which were too many barefoot miles. Result–a stress reaction in each foot. They are getting much better (just had nice MRI scans to prove it), but I continually slowed the healing process down by cycling, swimming with a push off the wall, certain strength training moves. etc. I hope to say I am running again within about a month.

Coy Martinez asks: Where did you get that cool pic of you running at the top of your blog come from? Is it you?
A: I had that made from a photo of me by Quick, easy process and lots of fun!

Colleen ask: If you weren’t a runner, how would you stay fit?
A: Definitely the bike and swimming. Coming from a triathlon background, these are my stepchildren sports. Even when I’m running big miles, I incorporate both because they are great crosstraining and I enjoy them.

Kenley asks: What is your fastest mile on the track?
A: Honestly, other than running repeats, I’ve never put effort into timing a fast mile. Plus, it’s not my strong suit. I know I’ve done low 6s, but I also know I’ve never broken 6.

What are your thoughts on not taking gels during training and then taking them during a race?
A: I understand the thinking behind it, but here’s the danger, in my opinion: If you don’t try them before race day, you have no idea how your gut will react to them. Do you want GI distress at a race? Probably not, so experiment in training!

Running Ricig asks: Have you ever told your running story?
A: Yes, when my blog was pretty new and no one was reading it. You can read it here.

Kim asks: What is your dream race that you have yet to run?
A: Crazy, but probably Western States. I have no idea if I’m cut out for that, but one day I may try to qualify and find out!

Kate asks: If there’s a Mr. Zippy, then why Miss Zippy?
A: I guess it comes down to the fact that I live below the Mason-Dixon line (as much as I try to deny it) and around here you call people Miss (insert name) or Mr. (insert name), which is probably why my friend used Miss when he’d yell out at me (see first answer)

Jennifer asks: If you had a 3rd arm, where on your body would it be and what would be its purpose?
A: Probably attached to my shoulder next to another so that I could really perfect multi-tasking!

Michelle asks: Why did you start blogging?
A: More than anything, to give me a chance to show potential editors that I can write about running–instant clips!

Favorite pre-race meal?
A waffle with peanut butter.

Margarita, wine, beer or none of the above?
Red wine all the way!

Favorite vacation spot:
A place we go in the Adirondacks with no electricity, no phone connection, no Internet, etc. Real relaxation!

Kovas asks: Why do you think ChrisK didn’t join us on the Top 100 running blogs?
A: Quite simple: It’s not a top 100 manly running blog list!

Adrienne asks: If you could trade places with a famous athlete, who would it be and why?
A: I guess Deena Kastor. She’s amazing, she comes off as humble, and she’s a gourmet cook to boot.

Jamoosh asks: Fast 5k or slow marathon?
A: Even though I dislike them, I’d still take the fast 5k over a slow marathon. Plus, if you can run a fast 5k, you can probably run a decent marathon!

Jason asks: You are at at mile 103 of an Ironman and have to poop. Do you hold out for the last 9 miles or do you find the nearest port-o?
A: Jason! Ok I’ll answer. I’d start looking for that port-o. Not doing so will only spell misery for the run. No thanks!

One race, one time. You finish it and the race never exists again so you can’t re-run it. Name the race.
A: This is tough. I’m going to go back to the allure of Western States on this. How cool to have run that?

MommaK asks: Since an injury has kept you sidelined from running, what is a day in your life nutrition wise?
A: A banana pre-workout. Breakfast, typically oatmeal with milk, almond butter and some berries. Lunch, typically some broccoli w/ hummus or a salad, along with PB & J on Ezekial bread. Snack: Some Greek yogurt with fruit and some almonds. Dinner: Chicken kabobs w/ brown rice, a salad of Romaine, peaches, almonds and blue cheese (can you tell I love almonds?). I really try to eat very clean and have for years–it truly makes it so that you don’t crave junk. That said, with all the reduced activity right now, I am up a few pounds, so try to eat smaller portions of everything. I really look forward to returning to heavy miles at some point to crank up the metabolism!

Caroline asks: Have you visited other countries?
A: Yes–I’ve been to lots of European countries, the Caribbean, Mexico and Australia. Right now Australia is top on my list, but I have so many others I’d like to visit!

How long were you engaged?
About 9 months.

Where did you go to college?
Kent State in Ohio (sing it with me–“Four dead in Ohio.”)

Who would you like to meet?
So tough because there are so many. It would probably be a strong woman, like Rosa Parks. I admire guts like that!

Ok, I’ll spare you any more in this post. More to come asap!

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  1. BabyWeightMyFatAss says

    Very interesting! I also wondered about your name and what was going on with your feet now too!

  2. Joanne says

    I'm amazed! You'd like to do a 100 mile race? Yikes! I really enjoy reading about Ultras but 26.2 is my limit (ok..well maybe 30).
    Make sure to let me know when you write about your Western States experience. Hope you recover from those stress fractures soon, I don't want to wait too long for the recap. :)

  3. cheryl says

    I grew up in Kent went to Kent State and was there in 1970 and experienced the tragedy and turmoil of my town that year. I never make fun of it- and I hope you weren't either.
    It's where I began running that year. I go back almost every year – and I run. Somewhere.

  4. Big Daddy Diesel says

    Fun to read,

    sooooo ohio schools has this unhealthly obession of spelling out their schools while cheering, Toledo, BGSU, OSU, U of Ohio, does Kent do the same thing? If so, what is it?

  5. fancy nancy says

    This was so fun! I loved learning all of this about you! I'm glad someone asked because I wanted to know where the name came from too! Oh and I would run to the woods….you can't let poo keep you from finishing!

  6. Ana-Maria RunTriLive says

    You went to Kent State! I was there for grad school! Hated Kent initially, loved it toward the end. Those Rockness salads, wow!

  7. Raquelita says

    I love learning about other bloggers! Thanks for sharing so much in the answers! I love a good microbrew, but red wine ftw!

  8. Cynthia O'H says

    I can totally seeing you doing an ultra in the future – something I've also thought about if time ever permits.

  9. Kenley says

    Wow, thanks for answering my question. I think you should make this a weekly forum? Yes? OK, decided yes. Thanks, so much info and fun. Have a good one. And I def agree with practicing race day b4 it happens no surprises, right? lol, or visits from the gingerbread man on mile 7.

  10. ajh says

    I'm totally prepared for a long day at Lake Placid. As is my son I think. (We're all going.) But I am a little worried about my husband. He's not a sitter at all!

  11. Jason says

    This was awesome. Love the look into the life of MissZippy.

    Thanks for the response on the poop question. You and Colleen both say to find the port-o so I am thinking that is the way to go instead of trying to hold it and probably losing speed.

  12. e410 says

    Love this! Thanks for sharing so much about yourself :) I didn't know you went to Kent State… I went to the College of Wooster. Ohio, represent!

  13. Amanda@runninghood says

    Love love love learning more about you Amanda! So much here I'd love to comment on…I'd rather a fast 5k than a super slow marathon I guess too. Cheerleader??? You?? ha! I sooo want a vacay where we can get away to the mountains, turn the phones and computers off and just relax and connect with family! More later…I want to go read your running story!

  14. Raina says

    I really enjoyed reading this!

    Great advice on the gels…and sorry about your injuries.
    Very interesting about the barefoot SFX, though I hope it never happens again.