Worldless Wednesday

cheerleader4 Worldless Wednesday
Yes, XLMIC, I really was a cheerleader in high school. And I’m pretty mortified that I’m putting it out there!

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  1. No need to be mortified, unless you're stil lwearing your uniform (well, unless Mr zippy likes it). :)

  2. Tri-Living says:

    haha I love it!! You were quite the good looking cheerleader!

  3. Teamarcia says:

    awww I love it! So cute!

  4. it's all about pace says:

    Go Eagles!

  5. Margs @ Faster Bunny says:

    omg adorable!

  6. Michelle says:

    You look so cute – love it!

  7. Running Ricig says:

    that picture is awesome! Do you still have the uniform…I'm thinking halloween costume

  8. Raquelita says:

    This is awesome!

  9. Coy Martinez says:

    Is that an eagle flexing his muscles?? Love it!

  10. YES!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah

  11. Really great!

  12. NY Wolve says:

    I haven't broken out high school pics in a long, long time. I honestly don't know what I would look like. But that is some serious cheerleading!

  13. Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog says:

    I love it! i was a cheerleader too!

  14. Lesley @ says:

    Now *she* looks zippy!!!

  15. Angie Bee says:


  16. Very cute!

  17. Yay or putting it out there.

  18. You're so cute! I was a cheerleader too : )

  19. ShutUpandRun says:

    So damn cute. You should have brought that with you to Boulder. You could have worn it whilel No Bacon wore his headband.

  20. by wordless did you mean that the post was wordless or that we would be speechless?

    You got some major cajones and I love it!

  21. This is great! You rock Ms.Z!!

  22. Nothing wrong with being a cheerleader. I never got the chance, but my mom did and had a uniform very similar to that one!

  23. Um – go team?

  24. Jennifer says:

    Ha ha that's a great picture!

  25. wouldn't it be great if hs cheerleading skirts were this 'long' again? :)

    you look so cute! i was a dork in high school, cheerleaders by default are not dorky!

  26. Not fair! You had the haircut that I wanted at that age. BUT straight fine hair doesn't work like that even if you have a perm.

  27. Michael says:

    Love it! No need to be embarrassed at all. I love old pics from high school. I posted my old dance pics just last week ;)

  28. That Pink Girl says:

    Love it!

  29. I won't say anything about cheerleading (eh em), but damn! I remember that hairstyle too well!

  30. Marissa says:

    AWESOME :) love the pic!!

  31. Caratunk Girl says:

    That is freaking hilarious

  32. Very cute!

  33. OK, that just made my morning. I love the innocent uniform and your cute hair style!!

  34. Marlene says:

    Was your school mascot an angry chicken???

  35. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail says:

    Yes!!! A throwback pic!! You are adorable!

  36. ashleys says:

    Love it!!!

  37. Fair Weather Runner says:

    that. is. awesome.

  38. Sporty Girl Jewelry says:

    So cute!

  39. So cute! :)

  40. Colleen says:

    That is fantastic! :)

  41. I'm mortified by Kovas' new profile pic.

  42. Candice @ I Have Run says:

    LOVE IT!!

    And I never would have guessed =)

  43. Love the hair…I think I had the same hairstylist. :)

  44. Bethany + Ryan says:

    Nice!!! :-)

  45. Baaaahaha this is AWESOME. Good for you! I love old school photos. And you, a cheerleader? No way! :)

  46. Glenn Jones says:

    Ha ha ha! The things we do when total strangers are around…..

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