My answers, part two

More questions, more answers. Thus begins part two:

Jeff at Dangle the Carrot asks: Tell the truth–you’re lovin’ the Twitter, aren’t you?
A: Uh, yes. I am surprised, actually, by how much I love Twitter! I resisted for ages and now I don’t know what I was waiting for!

Teamarcia asks: Describe your favorite cupcake. How many would you eat if no one was asking?
A: White cake/white icing–hard to find! And I know this is no fun, but I probably wouldn’t eat more than one ’cause the guilt would kill me even if no one saw!

Jill asks: What blogger would you like to meet that you haven’t already?
A: I think it would be really fun to sit down for a beer with Kovas, ChrisK and Patrick all together. High entertainment factor!

Would you ever want to do an ultra? Yes, see earlier post about Western States!

Richelle asks: How did you meet Mr. Zippy? Do you have a favorite musician?
A: Boring story–met him in college at a party! Favorite musician–So hard but I guess I’d have to go back to Springsteen; I love his lyrics.

AJH asks: You seem to enjoy your time with your kids a lot. What is one especially fun adventure you have had with them?
A: I have to admit that I selfishly love to have my kids all to myself sometimes. My favorite time like that would have to be Australia last year. Mr. Zippy was there, but working lots, so it was just me and the kids setting off to explore each day.

ChrisK asks: Where did you grow up?
A: Rural Northeast Ohio–no desire to go back!

Have you always been competitive?
A: Yep, it’s in my genes. I like to think I have it under control, but…

Sports in high school or college?
A: Does beer drinking count? (See response about where I grew up)

What are some of your favorite movies?
A: Life is Beautiful, The Full Monty, American Beauty

You and Mr. Zip go to a concert, your choice of a band. Who would you want to see?
A: First off, it would have to be a small venue. Then, that’s so tough! Marvin Gaye if he were alive; the Police if they were together; Bono if he were solo. Yes, I want what I can’t have.

Char: What is your most embarrassing running moment?
A: No doubt, getting caught peeing in the woods by an elderly neighbor couple out taking a walk!

Tri-living together: If you couldn’t be a runner which sport would you choose and why?
A: Probably a swimmer, a really good one. I love swimming but I’m pretty much a one-trick pony with freestyle. I’d love to be good at the other strokes too.

Raquelita asks: What is your favorite pizza topping?
A: Olives!

Chris@Heavy Steps: What advice do you give someone starting off?
Don’t be in a hurry. There’s an obsession with marathons and so many people think they aren’t a runner unless they do one. Slow down, take the time to learn to love running for running’s sake and work your way up sensibly.

Julie: Favorite Yo Mama joke?
A: Julie–I’m such a stick in the mud I don’t have one!

What song do you listen to over and over right now?
A: I’m boring again–I really don’t ever do that–just listen to my public radio station and let them turn me on to all kinds of great music!

Marlene asks: What do you miss most about running?
A: Everything, but I’d say that the hardest part has been traveling. I love running in new places; it just takes the trip to a new level. I’ve had several trips in the time I’ve been sidelined and it really kills me each time.

Black Knight: Have you ever raced in other countries?
Yes–I did a trail race (which was more of a run than race for me) last year in Australia. It about killed me, but it is a memory I will always treasure!

Laima asks: What is your race/distance of choice? Any triathlons/ultras in your future?
A: I really like the 10-mile distance for some reason. Long enough to get into a groove yet something you need some speed for; plus you can recover from it and move on. I actually began as a triathlete, so been there done that on every distance (including IM) and will likely dabble in them here and there moving forward. Ultras–yes, one of these days!

Are you always so optimistic?
A: Thank you for calling me that! I don’t know if I really am or not, but I do believe we all have a bit of a “set point” that we return to. I have a good life and even when down about things (my mom’s health, not running) I find I return to my set point, which is happy.

Cynthia O. asks: What is your strategy for staying out of jail while injured?
A: Believe me, I’ve probably walked that line a few times in the past few months, Cynthia! But like I said above, I believe we all return to our “set point” and mine tends to be happy, even when things are getting me down. While it completely sucks to be injured like this, I do know it’s temporary and that I will be back with a fire in my belly.

Big Daddy Diesel: I can’t answer any of these!

Terzah: How do you keep up with all the blogs you read, plus your own, plus your life? I’m trying to learn how to best balance this.
A: Here’s the deal–I don’t think any of us probably feels like we keep up the way we’d like to. I know I have entire days where I don’t get a chance to comment and then I feel guilty. But when I do get the chance, I try to dedicate some time to really make the rounds and catch up on what’s going on out there. A little bit here and there can go a long way, I hope!

Thanks for playing! I know Jason, Kim and Raquelita all said they’d be interested in taking part, so consider yourselves tagged.

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  1. Emz says

    I love the who you'd want to meet up with list. Patrick-he's one awesome guy. That meet up comes highly recommended. 😉

  2. Marlene says

    Just one cupcake – that is will power!

    Thanks for answering my question. Fingers crossed that you will be traveling to and running in MANY new places soon!!

  3. Jamoosh says

    Many, many, many years ago my friend was bragging about a concert he saw in Hawaii. It featured three obscure musicians and only 14 people showed up to watch. It was the Police. Five years later – who knew!

  4. fancy nancy says

    What's up willpower! One cupcake when no one is watching? I love your advice about slowing down and falling in love with running first!

  5. Raquelita says

    You are a woman after my own heart! I love olives on pizza.

    I can't remember the last time I had a white cupcake with white icing. You are seriously hard core for limiting yourself to one even when no one's watching.

    Thanks for the tag!

  6. Michelle says

    Definitely a woman of willpower on the cupcake front :) And I love your concert choices – if only they were possible!

  7. Teamarcia says

    I love the advice you gave Chris re: new runners!
    My kids would love you for your cupcake choice. Just made some yesterday, except Thing 2 got edgy and we did lemon icing.

  8. Jason says

    So I stalk your blog for over 1 year then we meet in Colorado and now these last two posts have been awesome and all I can say is that I am proud to call you friend.

  9. Chris K says

    Awwwwww I actually met Patrick this year and he's a smart and snarky dude. He's actually how you'd expect. Heck yeah you can hang out with us one day. I hope it happens.

    Good answers Zipster. I, too, love Springsteen lyrics. Bono too.

  10. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says

    Great way to get to know you even better!

    I still haven't given in to Twitter although Biking Sherpa tells me I NEED to.

    I'd love to run/race in another country if that meant I got to go there. I want to travel more! Darn little one just needs to be a bit older.

    And Western States is every ultrarunners dream!

  11. That Pink Girl says

    Loved reading your answers and learning more about you! Fun post! I too love olives on my pizza, the more olives, the yummier! It's a salty thing!