LARABAR Love (giveaway)

When I was at the Health and Fitness Bloggers Conference last month in Boulder, I got to try lots of goodies and write some reviews about them. One of my favorites, both before and after the conference, was LARABARS.What do I like about them? So many things, but the biggest is the fact that the ingredient list is short and real. According … [Read more...]

Pinch Me!

Easing my way back with the AlterG'Cause I think this running thing's really happening. I started back this week on the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill. Two runs down with no pain during or after. I went into this a bit unsure if this was the time to give it a go or not. My most recent set of MRIs looked pretty good, but I still felt that I … [Read more...]


Pardon me while I shamelessly boast about my son's weekend performance! First there was his swim meet on Saturday: 1st in back stroke; 2nd in IM; 1st in his free relay.Then came Sunday at his kids triathlon. This is the fourth year of this event and it has really taken off in size. The first year the race director limited it to 150 kids. … [Read more...]

He Said/He Said

There are two sides to every story, and recently, when Jeff Galloway spoke out against the minimalist trend in his newsletter, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, minimalist guru and owner of Two Rivers Treads, felt compelled to respond. Mark brought this response to my attention the other day and asked if I'd like to run it, as did I … [Read more...]

Polished or fit?

I have a dear 60-something neighbor who grew up in the South during a time when appearance meant everything. As a consequence, whenever I see her, she is dressed to the nines, perfectly made-up and beautifully coiffed. Sometimes after seeing her I'll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think "Wow--she must think I don't give a … [Read more...]

My answers, part two

More questions, more answers. Thus begins part two:Jeff at Dangle the Carrot asks: Tell the truth--you're lovin' the Twitter, aren't you?A: Uh, yes. I am surprised, actually, by how much I love Twitter! I resisted for ages and now I don't know what I was waiting for!Teamarcia asks: Describe your favorite cupcake. How many would you eat if … [Read more...]

You ask, I tell

Thanks (I think) for all of the questions from last week. I'm going to answer most of them and stretch this out into at least two posts 'cause otherwise you'd fall asleep getting through them all in one. So without further ado:XLMIC asks: Why the name MissZippy?A: When I was training for my first marathon in 1998, I did the majority of my … [Read more...]

Wins, awards, and you ask, I tell!

The win: Joanne at AppleCrumbles, you are the proud new owner to two pairs of Feetures socks thanks to Congrats!The award: just came out with a list of the top 100 running blogs and let me know that I made the grade. Thank you for that! I've displayed their badge in my sidebar.And finally, Kovas at … [Read more...]

I can remember when…

Those blue Nikes! Note the low heel to toe ratio.Running didn't become a part of my life until my early 30s, but since it is such an important part of my life, I sometimes think back on my earliest memories of running. Most of these things were happening off in the periphery of my life, but they were there, maybe quietly embedding … [Read more...]

Marathon training: Free license to eat?

Sadly, a bag of marshmallows won't fuel your next runThink that because you're marathon training you can go hog wild with eating? Think again. While your calorie intake needs will increase with the extra mileage, it doesn't mean you can take your focus off your nutrition. In fact, I'd argue that it's more important than ever to focus on … [Read more...]

By the numbers

Stealing a page from Teamarcia at the Studly Runner, here's a look at my weekend in numbers:Mr. Zippy put in his time at the charity swim5--number of times I was at a pool in a 36-hour period for either my workout or my kids' events2.5--hours spent water running during that time 1--night the kids spent at the pool for their team's charity … [Read more...]

Want to improve your form?

Pick up a jump rope. Might sound crazy, but this simple little piece of equipment can do a ton for your form.I was down at Two Rivers Treads minimalist running shoe store last night where we were launching a fall training program for local runners. Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, store owner, was also teaching runners how to improve their form and … [Read more...]